Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something New: Sustainable Youth Total Immune Performance

This post for the day is definitely SUPER New to a lot of us!

What are these and how does it help our skin? I am lucky to have the chance to try this product and show you the results for the coming months!

The before and after shots
intrigues me and excites me!
(please click to enlarge)


Total Immune
Performance Regimen!

Sustainable Youth introduces three powerful new treatments formulated to sustain youth, beauty and vitality through immune performance. Each of the three products have been developed using state-of-the-art, organic, natural and green practices and ingredients, and contains Alasta™, Sustainable Youth's patent-pending and ground-breaking anti-aging compound. Alasta™ helps to improve the skin's elasticity and firmness through its ability to boost machrophage activation, the immune system's first line of defense. A stronger, more efficient immune system is better able to reduce overall inflammation in the body and combat free radial damage and collagen and elastin cross linking. Orally and topically, Alasta™ has been clinically proven to help increase skin elasticity and firmness.

Sustainable Youth products offer consumers a simple, "inside-out" beauty regimen that produces visible results in as little as 4 weeks of use. With proven results in independent clinical trials and consumer case studies, no other product line formulated with 100% natural organic and green ingredients offers our benefits.

Here are the 3 products

Immune Performance
Elastifirm Supplement

With Alasta

(60 capsules)

Immune Performance

Revitalizing Serum
with Alasta

Immune Performance
Elasticity Cream

with Alasta

Well, do check back soon for a review on this!
I will try the topical product first
and see
if these products live up to what they say! and will update 'ya all k?
Keep Smilin!
Stay Happy!


  1. YAY!!!! Can't wait for the review sissy. The packaging remind me of Vichy.

  2. I can't wait for the review.
    But I don't think there will be much imoprovement as you look flawless anyways! You have no wrinkles!! what do you need this for silly! :P

  3. oooh how interesting, looking forward to your review :)

  4. I don't saw that products before but the sounds sooo good!

  5. Twin, really? I've never tried any Vichy product so I hope it works as great! :D

    Fuz, it really does eh?

    Kasumi, awww sweetie! aren't you a sweetheart for saying so? I will try to look for fine lines..actually LAUGH lines coz I laugh too much! :)

    Audrie, thanks!

    Anastacia, it really looks interesting and the photos look too good ! So need to test this out :) Wish me luck! :D

  6. Curious to see, ow it works out for you.. but you still have such a pretty and young skin!

    So, the result would never be so striking as shown on the leaflet, hehe... :p

  7. you are such a wrong person to test these products as your skin sooooooooo gooooood!!!

    but i love your reviews and will be waiting!

  8. Hmmm... I am usually very skeptical when I see this kind of marketing. I can't wait to see your reviews. I don't know if it'll make much of a noticeable difference for you though - your skin is so nice already!

  9. Jess , thanks for saying so, but yeah, I'm sure it won't be as obvious as those using it on their 60s, I plan to test it on my mom! hahahha I'm not sure if she's willing though :)

    Prettybeautiful, will sure do!

  10. Jojoba, awwww...thanks for saying so, don't worry I will try to look for someone who needs it more to test the rest of the products

    Catherine, me too, I'd rather see it right in front of me :)

    LipStick Staiin , i do wish I don't have allergies on them :) Wish me luck!

  11. Hi Nikki! I agree with Kasumi. I don't think you need it. you look so young pa and you have gorgeous healthy skin =D *wink wink* But I can't wait for your review. =D

  12. I second the comments here. Your skin is too good. You don't need this! Hee...

  13. Oooh this looks really good! Anything with "Youth" in it always catches my eye these days ;) Can't wait to see the results!!! Btw, thankyou so much for your comment! You are the gorgeous one :) :)

  14. Kim nah!!! It's always nice to do some extra step to still do something for your current skin condition :) Can't wait to see you sis!

    Sesame, thanks for saying so! Up close, it's not that good :P

    Sarah, hey pretty girl! thanks for the sweet comment, I really meant what I said :) And yeah, you'll see a review on this after I finished using this product :)

  15. wow!! this stuff looks amazing!! i hope it works on ya! can't wait for the review :)))

  16. Miracle, I hope it works for me too! so I'll report good news rather than bad news :D


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