Thursday, April 30, 2009

Askmewhats Report: L'oreal Luxury Beaute Groupe Event

(Note from author: Thanks to Shen for the holler about this event!!! I had fun!!!)

Good day everyone!
I am looking forward to finish up work today as tomorrow is Labor Day!!! Meaning, no work! Yupeee!!!

Let me share to you my dear readers a wonderful event I recently attended.

The L'oreal Luxury Beaute Group Event
The event started with a welcome talk from
L'oreal's Luxury Products Division
Group Brand Manager
Ms. Kristine Marie Coronel-Dy

Ms. Jannie Villacorte

Sr. Product Manager
for Fragrances
gave us a short chat
about learning our fragrance type

It was a short introduction
we were then each given a cute box
with a nice ribbon
(I kept the ribbon as is!)

And we will play
the L'oreal Luxe Pass game

We race to the Kiehl's station
to have the chance to try on their products
and enjoy some hand massage time

Here's Bambi and Shen
at the Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar

Roanne having a brow trimming session
from John Pagaduan,
the Shu Uemura Makeup Artist

It was fun to also learn
which luxury fragrance
suits me the best!
We've got personalized fragrance consultation

My fragrance type is : FRESH FLORAL

Roanne and Phoebe posing for the cam :)
Check out the hot guys behind them
too bad they're just photos!
I think if they're really standing behind them
the ladies won't even be posing for the cam

The new fragrance
from Giorgio Armani

Attitude Extreme!

Smells oh so manly!!!

We also got to try
the drinks of the gods
from Kiehl's


Ms. Allison Salvadors
introduced us on
what's new
from Lancome Skincare!

I am so excited about it!
Hint: It's a serum!

I also saw Kim *waves* "hi KIM!!!!"
and Jamie *waves more* "hi Jamie sweetie!!!"
It was a fun beauty bloggers unite day!
With everything that's happening, I didn't have a chance to take a shot of myself!
So Shen!!! I know they're in your camera! :P

Keep smilin!
Stay Happy!


  1. You are so lucky that you can go to these types of events! looks like so much fun and I love those freebies!!

  2. It was so nice to see you after more than two months! :) :) :)

    Try the shu uemura Ace ß-G products! I got so addicted to these babies when I was in senior year college. I bet they will work well for you because you have absolutely no signs of aging yet (lucky!). I graduated from this line about a year and a half using the Phyto Black Lift line. :) Do fridge them for a cool, melting sensation!

  3. ooo how FUN!! You scored so many freebies! Yep, I agree with Jamilla, so lucky you get to go to these events!

  4. Looks like fun! I wish we had events like that around here!

  5. I am so jealous! I bet you had a blast, too. What's the green in the cup?
    BTW, Did L'Oreal mention any new duos?

  6. Jamilla, you're right! I'm lucky to be part of those who are invited to attend such event! I'm lucky as well that big companies like this give importance to beauty bloggers like us :)

    Phoebs! So true, I am so happy when Shen told me you're here :) Nice to see you and I want to see more of you!!! Oh yeah, thanks for the reco an thanks for sharing the B in Ace ß-G (I cannot type it because I don't even know where to locate it) lol

    Audrie the most freebies ever! LOL So more reviews! Weeee

  7. Catherine, they will! Slowly..I think they are now getting to understand the importance of us in the blogosphere :)

    Dwana, it's a drink I don't know :( lol sorry, I just took a could be pee i wouldn't KNOW LOL!!!!

    Iambeautiful20, yes :) had a wonderful time :)

  8. wow. such a nice event.
    wish i could go too.
    envies :P

    glad you had fun :)

  9. aww such a fun event! wish i cud also come to those kinds of gatherings! :) glad u enjoyed niks!


  10. Awe! So great!
    Looks like you had great time!

  11. Wow I'm jealous, looks like too much fun!

  12. Wow I'm jealous, looks like too much fun!

  13. i am so envious.. huhu i was not able to attend.. :C it looked really fun!!

  14. looks like u had a great day out nikki. yeayyyy for freeeebies! <3

  15. ooh how fun! a personalized fragrance? that's kinda cool. i don't normally wear perfume but it would be kinda nice to have mine personalized.

  16. LyNn, thanks! I'm sure there are some events there! :) I hope!

    Paula, thanks! How have you been sis?

    Anastacia, we obviously had a great time and met a couple of new faces!

  17. Fuz, awww yeah! It's fun! BUt I'm also jealous of your bloggers meet up :)

    Donnarence, yeah, I wish you could have attended, so we will get the chance to know each other

    Prettybeautiful, yes! YAY For freebies, that's the best way to try on new products without making my wallet angry!

    Jensmakeupbag,oh not really personalize fragrance meaning making you your own, personalize fragrance they did is to advise you what fragrance suits you based on personality.

  18. LOL...who was it that said we had so many events in KL? guys have even more!

    Love the way the Kiehl's samples were packaged - so cute!! (sigh...I'm such a sucker for nice packaging..)

  19. Amazing freebies! :D

    As a person in advertising, I have to agree that brands are getting more and more into the bloggers. In fact, we're holding a blogger event later for one of our accounts! :D

  20. hey nikkidear! is it okay if you send me up that pic of me and shen? dayum you look good pa rin heeheeheehe.

    and yeah. i got too addicted with the drinks :)

    the freebies are luv! and yeah, sayang the hot models didn't come with the bag

  21. Bee, I know I know! I am biting my tongue, well..the events just started recently so you gals have more events since last year LOL :) I am not complaining, but yeah! I know what you mean!!! :) Aaww, I love cute packaging too!

    Gingerbee, :)yeah, you're working in an advertising firm nga! :) Yes, blogs are the way to advertise na nowadays :)

    Bambi! It was nice to see you after CAS! And it was nice chat! :) I'll send you the photos when I'm home, I don't have the file on my office computer :D

  22. how cool a loreal event?? lucky!!


  23. Hi Nikki! I only have a few shots in my cam. We don't have a pic together :-( Next time hehe. I really had so much fun in that event.

  24. Jesmakeup, yes its a wonderful event :) Had fun playing!

    Kim!!! You are NOT supposed to be forgetful because you're still young! We have a photo together noh!!! At Shen's Cam!!!!

  25. OOoohhh fun event twin!!! Look at all the goodies you got. I'm especially interest to know what's new from Lancome!!!

  26. the event look so fun!!
    and you got so many gifts!! *jealous*
    hahas! great you have a fun day!:D

    happy labor day a.k.a no work day!! :p

  27. hahaha. your reaction was so funny. Yup of course I remember that =D I meant we don't have a pic in my cam sorry ^_^

  28. Looks like fun! And you got some great gifts!

  29. Twin, it's actually a new Serum that deals with the genes, not the exterior side of the skin only. I have a feeling it's already available in the US. I will research more and will talk about it as it's not available here yet, I think around May :)

    miRaCLe, yes, i had super fun! and yes on no work day!!!

    URY, hahaha I know! I'm just teasing you!!!! :)can't wait to see our first photo together! You'll look like a younger sibling of mine for sure!

    Gio thanks!!! :)

  30. Those freebies rock, lady! What a cute and chic little event.

  31. YM-ed you my Email address. :)

  32. what an awesome event, so much freebies! hehe

  33. Nikki, you lead such a eventful life! I love reading your entries! I would love to find out what my true fragrance type is. What fun!

  34. ooo~ looks like it was a fun event :)
    and those goodies~ always a plus^^

  35. that seriously look like a very fun event!!! I need to try more kiehls stuff

  36. B, sweetie! yes, events are wonderful ways to know "what's new" for beauty :)

    Bambi, sent you the photo na :)

    NicNic, yes! :) Happy holiday! I know you've got long holiday in Japan :)

  37. T, hmm..are you an indoor or outdoor person? LOL I believe if you're more of an indoor type, you go for Fresh Floral scent, if you're an outdoorsy person, you go for those stronger, "woody" scent :)

    Rasilla, yes, to be honest, the event is already wonderful enough to meet up new people and old faces! The goodies are extras :)

    Connie, me too! I am into Kiehl's no. 1 lip balm, and that's it! But now, I'm more exposed with more products to try :)

  38. wow, looks like FUN!!

    ooh, if you like fresh floral scents, try "flora" by gucci! or "chloe" by chloe.these two are my fave right nwo and they smell great!

    what's kiehl's creme de corp for? just curious..teehee.

  39. Aquaracer, oh I've sniffed on "flora" by gucci! you are right! I love that scent!!! I have yet to sniff on Chloe. Thanks!!!

  40. Girl, I'm too envious of you so many goodies hehehe. I love ya anyways!

    Looks like the event turned out to be a blast!

  41. Kasumi, yeah! don't hate me for the goodies ! I'm glad you still love me! I love ya too!!! thanks for being such a sweetheart! as always

  42. Hi Nikki! Of course, I have your pic. Can't update yet coz I'm really swamped with work. Might as well give you an e-mail for the pic. :-)


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