Saturday, May 16, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 1

Happy day everyone!

I am lacking sleep for the one whole week but I am still grinning from ear to ear. What's not to be happy about if you converse about make-up and do hands-on makeup each and every night?

I am slow with my reporting but here's my first day of make-up school. I chose Basement Academy because of so many reasons.
  • I've researched about their syllabus and I love their course outline!
  • I've met with the people who works there and they are warm and friendly.
  • The academy has night classes from 6pm-10pm which is great for someone like me who's got a full time job.
  • Live models are included in the tuition fee, no need to worry about models on my part!
  • Classes are maximum of 9 students only
  • And wouldn't you be impressed with the look of their workstation?

Here's me organizing my stuff on my workstation!

First day of school is great because I've further enhanced my knowledge on identifying face shapes, eye shapes, chins, jaws etc... Make-up application does not require me to just put on make-up wherever I want. Identifying the face of the person if very important to enhance the beauty of each individual.

Here's my work
on first day of class

No make-up look

Here's a before and after shot

of my dear model!

(thanks Kim for the before photo
and the program)

Yes, camwhorers on
first day of class!

(L-R Me, The teacher Cheryl Cabanos
Kim and Shen)

We have another classmate
You'll see her photo with us
on my next report! :)

A week has already passed!
I'm sure at this early stage, I will miss the people
I see each and every night!
Make-up school is something I've wanted for long!
There's always new to learn no matter how much you think you know about make-up!
See you around for another Report!
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. That's just great! I'm glad you're enjoying the classes!

  2. Hi Nikki! It's good to see you having so much fun in makeup class. You did a good job on your model. =)

  3. Wow, show us how you did the no make-up look. I love how natural it looks. :)

  4. 4 days left and I'll sure miss the school and you girls :-(

  5. I always wanted to go on a make up classes too.

  6. Thanks for sharing! You're living one of my life dreams! It's cool that the classes are small so that you can focus better :)Looking forward to more reports!

  7. That's a nice work station and you did a great job on the model! :)

  8. hehe glad you finally got your wish.
    i wanna learn too.
    but. aih.
    haha till that day comes.
    hopefully ;P

  9. Tamara , thanks, I do enjoy the class so much :)

    Jen, thanks!!! I think this is the feeling of doing something you are passionate about, no matter how tired we are, with only 3 hours of sleep everyday, it's worth it :)

    Shopn'Chomp, I may soon! :)

  10. Kim, I know! Time flies super fast!!! Will definitely miss you all!!! But hey, we'll still see each other no!

    Nehs, it's not too late to dream and save up! :) You can pursue your dreams in the future :)

    Connie, yes, I love it that the class is small too, we get to know more of each other then learn really well! :)

  11. Ahleessa, thank yoU! I will definitely miss the work station too!!!! And thanks for the compliment on the model :)

  12. wow this is really nice, i wish i could go to makeup class toooo.

  13. Wow!! I hope someday I'll be able to take makeup class, too. :)

  14. the classroom is impressive, they look really pro :D you must share many the tips and trick then!?lolz..i'll be expecting alot of that (but your blog is always informative anyway :D)

  15. yay i'm happy for you! congrats on starting makeup school! it must be really fun and exciting!!!

  16. This is so great!! I've always wanted to take up a professional makeup course but it's really expensive over here! :(

    You're done a wonderful job on the model! :D She looks so fresh and polished! :D

    And oh, the makeup stations look so nice too!! :D

  17. Congrats, sis! To be able to do something after work noawadays is EXCELLENT. You inspired me to pursue grad school again :) Good luck with makeup school Nikki [as well as Kim and Shen].I know you will rock! :D

  18. wow.. so envious that u can join the academy.. always thinking to enroll for the course but not enough time for me...

  19. That's great! I'm glad you'├Čre enjoying it! You did a great job on the model!

  20. Oh awesome!! i'm so glad that you've started makeup school it sounds like so much fun! :D :D :D Beautiful work today. :D

  21. wow that's nice Nikki! I always want to go makeup school but its so expensive..

  22. this looks like a lot of fun!

    you did a great job!

  23. Certainly something great to learn about :). So exciting!

  24. I'm happy for you, it looks like you're really enjoying make-up school!^_^

  25. I love that "no makeup look" you did. Its sooo natural and fresh.

  26. i love how you understand how each and everyone's make up should be according to their face shape etc. i think that is key. looking forward to more from you!

  27. wow...doin great Nikki! :) am just a buzz away if u need a model! hehe... been dying for a makeover! lol :) goodluck on your way to becoming a full-pledged MUA! woot woot

  28. What fun! and you did a fabulous job of making your model's skin tone look very even in a natural looking way!

  29. Yay!!! So more tips and tricks coming soon? since you will be learning more and more from the class hehehehe

  30. ohh it looks like so much fun :)

  31. PinkyKathy, yes you can! Just keep the dream alive! I've been wanting to attend makeup school for years!!! But what's stopping me is the budget, and time!!!

    Chrissy, you will!!1!! You're still young!!!! You have a lot of time to explore!

    H.A.N.A.chan, I know what you mean, I also got impressed with the school!!! That's what made me decided to join this school!

  32. Lily, it is something really fun and exciting!!!

    Jenn, it is, but if you really plan to study, start saving up ..little by little...NOW :)

    teeyah, awwww thank you!!! Basta..a tip from your big sis! Try to study something that you are really passionate about! As studying something after work is NO JOKE!!! it tires the hell of me but it is something I really want, so I move forward! :) goodluck sis!! Let's pursue our dreams!!! go go go!

  33. Syn@3sTh3sI@ , you can start thinking about fixing your schedule! :) some schools have weekend classes :)

    gio, thank you! thank you for always making me smile with your comments Gio :)

    Anastacia , thanks sweetie!

  34. Catherine, it is fun but super tiring I may say!!! :) but I put myself into this, and this is what I want :) And I'm loving it! Minus the tiredness!

    Khymm, you can always start saving up, you can always study next year or 2 years after :)

    M, thank you!

  35. Cris, I know, everyday is exciting and something new! well most of the things i learn are new!~!!

    Soapaholic, yes! i am~!!!!! I'm glad I took the plunge!

    iambeautiful20, thank you! glad you liked it!

  36. Jo, yes :) I'm looking forward for more tips to share too!

    bhing aka blair waldorf, awww that is so sweet of you girl!!!! The school supplies models! that's why it's something stress free for me as it is quite difficult to look for someone like you, who's open to model :) thanks so much for the offer! :)

    Jamilla Camel , thank you!!!

  37. Twin, hahahhaha more tips and tricks? Ahhhmm..we'll see...we'll see if I remember! hahhaha of course I will share! :)

    Vonnie,yes , it's fun!! even with just the 4 of us, we're very noisy! LOL

  38. You look so cute in the plaid top :3 I need to invest in more plaid tops, I only have one that I bought 2 years ago :x, plaid tops have become insanely popular everywhere I go. You did an awesome job on your first model, can I be your guinea pig? xD

  39. great job on the no makeup look. she really doesn't look like she's wearing makeup.


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