Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: President's Tea House Express


Hello everyone! How's weekend? I slept for hours and hours! LOL

Don't you hate it when you're sleep so soundly, with great dreams? Then your mobile phone is ringing because a sales guy is trying to sell you something???? GRRRRRR!!!! That's what happened to me!!! And I'm the type of person when woken up in the middle of sleep will have a hard time going back to sleep! Talk about rest! I should just turn off my mobile phone in the future right? hahaha But it is funny!!! I think that's the first time in my life I've said "NO" with conviction!!!

"Want to purchase this?"
"Do you have time to meet up with us?"
"Can you give me another time that you are free?"

LOL Oh well, I'm going to stop about the disturbing my sleep!!! Let me go on with something happy to talk about!!! FOOD!!!!

I remembered those days when the hubby and I are still boyfriends and girlfriends, we were both busy for our wedding preparation and we would go to Glorietta mall to meet up our wedding suppliers. Those were the days you really have to save up for the wedding so we wouldn't be eating places that are too expensive but we wouldn't want to eat crappy food right?

That's where the Glorietta 4 food court comes in! I love Glorietta food court because you got a lot of food choices at an affordable price and the quality is still there!

When I'm itching for Chinese food! I'll go for President's Tea House Express. An authentic Chinese Fast Food! I love variations and our favorite would be their Lauriat!

Take a look

You have a choice of 2 dishes
included are fried rice, soup and chips!

Photo below:
Tofu and Fish
Shanghai Rolls

Next variation:
Sweet and Sour Pork
Spicy Squid

Keith and I love to share our food, so I have 4 food choices in one sitting! Now that's what we call GOURMET! :P The price isn't expensive, each plate costs Php199.00 (approx $4.00) and you're full! :) That's what I call... "A Happy Meal"!


2 weeks ago, I ordered from the Makeup Mix Shop again when I learned that the free shipping for $20.00 international orders will be over by May 11th. I just wanted to take advantage of that offer, though the new shipping rate isn't bad at all!

At the same time, I've always wanted a liner pen to line my falsies! I gave in and ordered some stuffs and surprisingly, I got it early this time!!! :)

Here's my mini haul! :)
everything costs a little bit
more than $20.00! :)
(not bad for the number of products I got)

Want to know what I bought?

1. The Brush Guard $5.25
2. Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pen in Henna $2.49
Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pen in Black $2.99
3. Eye Lashes: Style A-10 $2.00
4. Andrea Mod Lash #70 $3.00 each
5. NYX Round Lipstick in Chloe $2.00
6. Discount coupon and Free
MM Mineral e/s in Sangeeta

The hauls came in perfect timing!
I will use them for my make-up classes!
And I can't wait to guard my brushes with the
Famous Brush Guards! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Stay Full!


  1. mm the food looks so delicious!

  2. I love eating at the President's too! =) It's affordable and yummy!

    Great buys from the Makeup Mix Shop!

  3. arrhh that's really irritating hehe. That happened to me already so I put my phone in silent mode when I'm sleeping hehe.

    I love President's Nikki :) Sad when they closed the branch in Megamall...I haven't tried it for so long. Cyah later

  4. Hi Nikki! funny story. i can almost hear you saying "NO". LOL.

    oh, and nice haul you got there. i also got myself a few great finds (mostly nyx and ecotools) at MM shop before the change in shipping rates. Toma has nice e/s, doesnt she?

  5. Made me go hungry :( Looks YUM!!!! And lovely hauls. Can't wait to read more about make up school :)

  6. I have a hard time getting back to sleep after been woken up too!!! we're definitely twin!!! lol

    The food are ridiculously cheap and look yummy too!!!! I can't hardly find anything comparable over here with that price!!! :(

  7. Oh my, I love Chinese food!! Now I'm hungry. Haha.

  8. yep,happened to me before except that the person rang the doorbell and I opened the door without thinking because I was still in a daze -_-""" anyways..what is the brush guard for?

  9. oooo I love spring rolls & crackers...

  10. Great haul! The food looks delicious!

  11. I know what you mean about annoying bank and phone company have a tendency to ring during customer meetings!

    Love the food porn and your cute mini-haul!

  12. Jenn, while replying, I am hungry again!!!! I can still taste the food! YUM

    * Jen *, I know, it's like real Chinese food at an affordable price and fast!!!!

    Kim, I should put my phone on silent mode too! But I don't know why I am a bit paranoid, I want to make sure I accept emergency calls! :) Really? It has been ages since I last visited Megamall, I don't even know it's closed there!

  13. ning * star , thanks

    kittenpaws215, I want to get more NYX! I feel bad for not getting more!!1 I am so scared to order a lot as I don't want the Customs down here to think I'm selling them!

    teeyah, your wish is my command, definitely more makeup school stories soon! :)

  14. EbeautyBlog, we are definitely twin born from different part of the world!!! :) Come down here and you can eat whatever you want, my treat!

    Soapaholic, me too! I am hungry and its 10:34pm!

    H.A.N.A.chan , oh no! that is dangerous!!! DO NOT Ever open the door half asleep!!! The brush guards? its meant to protect your brush bristles when you travel or during dry time, will do a review on it soon :)

  15. Vonnie, me too!!! I love spring rolls!!!!

    gio , I wish food blogs can make you taste the food photos!!!

    Jamilla Camel, :) glad a lot of you feel the same, i felt a bit annoyed for losing sleep because of these! :P

  16. I'll be WAITING for the eyeliner pen review! i wanted to get that. Now that I have some $$ in my Pay Pal I can start shopping at Makeup Masala. I missed the free shipping duration though :(

  17. OMG, all that food looks so yummy! :) & I love the haul! <3

  18. great haul! those brush guards are a really good investment. and omg, my tummy just rumbled looking at your food porn! :P

  19. nice! mine has reached too :D but it has reached my home add as reg with paypal. so, i am waiting for my mom to send it to me now. cant wait to use the guard! :D

  20. Connie, hold your horses dearie, before you purchase it!!! First try, I am not too happy, so we'll wait and see! :)

    Teeyah, :) *hugs*

    Dana Yoshimizu, we all love food don't we?

  21. Pawssies, I think they live to what I expect, looks like it really helps maintain your brushes, especially the more expensive ones :)

    A. Rose, aawww, your son is enjoying the food photos too! :)

    prettybeautiful, so you ordered brush guards too? are we like sisters??? hahahah

  22. just a little over $20? not bad at all!

  23. How did I missed this post? I always enjoy reading your entries, a lot alot, cos somehow it always makes me smile :) Thank you, Nikki, for always having a good attitude even when you're grumpy haha xD

  24. M, yes, its not bad! I love shopping at her online store! the prices are good!

    Innerchild, awww, thanks for saying so, I'm glad to put up a smile to my readers' faces :D

  25. Hi, Nikki hon! Hope you don't mind me calling you this. I love your food trippings and i'm totally drooling over your nice cozy meals... I do agree with you about salesmen, they're annoying... One woman was really persistent taht she'd called me at least 10 times a day; she's a fraud, she was trying to get my private info! Once I was awoke due to someone crazy enough to do a raspy sound on the other line at 2 AM and I was scarred for teh night. There was no sound... From then on, I close my cellphone at night. i'm not taking any chances!

  26. gosh your weekend food trips make me so hungry! i love your haul. mini but a goodie. those are the best kinds.


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