Monday, May 18, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 2

Good day everyone! How's your weekend? Mine is super busy I can hardly breathe! LOL
Another school report to share! :)

Day 2 is another exciting school day because I learned more on...

  • forehead
  • face
  • jaws
  • chin
  • lips
  • nose
Blending is very important as well so whatever is highlighted and contoured won't come out too obvious!

What's more exciting? Eye makeup! We were taught to do 3 colors to enhance the eyes.

1st color (applied all over lids) : beige,gold,vanilla,off white,peach, etc...
2nd color (to be deposited outer corner of the eyes): brown, maroon, blue, green, gray etc..
3rd color (to be deposited on the outer v to deepen the crease) : black, etc...

Here's my model
(My model have virgin eyebrows,
never been touched and shaved all her life,
since she is still 16yrs young,
I just shaved a bit to have a clean look)

We were asked to do
our version of evening look

Smokey look done is a subtle

Doesn't she look prettier
when she smiles?
Love her dimples

Note: did not change her skin tone
the one was taken in yellow light no flash
and the after shot is with flash :)

I will walk you through day 3 soon :)
It gets more and more exciting each day!
Thanks for being part of my adventure!

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. love how she transformed beautifully nikki :)

  2. awwww...your model is adorable. You did a great job :)

  3. beautiful dimples indeed :)

  4. oohh.. your model's face brightened up after you put one her makeup.. pretty.. :D

  5. i love her smile too :)
    you did a good job

  6. virgin eyebrows!!now, thats rare :D nice work, she looks pretty but not over ^^

  7. she looks pretty! i hope you'll have a tut on how to contour nose. :DD

  8. she looks so fab n sweet! i always have a thing for dimple too..heheh

  9. i love dimples!
    but mine are shallow.
    can never see them when i smile.
    only when i press my lips together!
    my sis and bro have deeper ones. grrr

    btw i love this post.
    informative :D

  10. Catherine, thank you!

    Kim, awwww just like how much I'm amazed with your work sis!

    Iambeautiful20, she is funny, I thought she's very serious but she kept on laughing and smiling!

  11. Female_intuition, i wish I have dimples!!!

    donnarence , thank you sis!!! Thank you for appreciating this!

    yumyumsushi, thanks!

  12. Acutelife, hahahah it is difficult coz she moves everytime I shave her brows, and it's quite thick and difficult!!! I'm glad she permitted me to touch her brows! I heven had to trim it!

    Nehs, sure, soon! :) After classes this coming wednesday, I'll have more time for requests :)

  13. prettybeautiful, *high five* sistah!

    LyNn, guess we're all dimples lover too!!! you are lucky to even have a bit of dimples!

  14. you should give me a make over!

    its been awhile!!! miss blogging and i miss droppin by urs!!!! hope all is well xoxo


  15. Very pretty! I'm glad you are enjoying all your classes :)

  16. Awe! You always doing pretty works! Love it!

  17. She looks great :D Nice job! It must be so exciting! xD

  18. Wow, you are learning a lot! I'm so uncomfortable with the "outer V". I don't think it works for me because my crease is very shallow like many east Asians.

    Your model is so cute! I think your look makes her look beautiful without overpowering her natural youthfullness! (is that a word...? you know what I mean, right????)

  19. LipStick Staiin, wow, it'll be my pleasure to give you a makeover though you don't even need it!

    Crystal Gale, Yes, it's great to be a student again! but I don't miss the tiredness it goes along ! hhaha

    Anastacia, thank you! Thank you for your appreciation!

  20. Khymm, thanks sis!

    e.motion in motion, thanks, I wish I took clearer pictures though, but it's better than none :)

    K, I know what you mean about the outer v, it is quite difficult to pull off for smaller eyes like most asians have! Yes, Youthfulness is the right word :)


  21. Very natural look! Can't wait to see you wear it!

  22. I love her smile too. She looks so pretty, you did a great job!

  23. Wow, neat, the eyeshadow seemed to have made her eyes more almond-shaped! Good work, Nikki, looking forward to more beauty-school stuff you're willing to share :D

  24. Lucky model :D! She gets a make-over from you :-P :)...
    Lip contouring sounds interesting ;).

  25. i am so glad to hear u are having fun!

  26. She's so cute! I love her smile. =D

    You did beautifully Nikki. Keep up the good work!

  27. thanks for the tips Nikki! :D
    You really enjoy the make up school :D

  28. Wow, so young :D Your model did look prettier when she smiled and her make up is FAB. Thanks to YOU :D

  29. this is so interesting! i have been so buys that i missed your first post. i am going to catch up with the reading now. thanks for sharing.

  30. Jamilla Camel , oh yeah, it has been days since I last did my own makeup, I've been so tired everyday, I've been breaking out due to stress, lol maybe after!

    Gio, :) Thanks!

    Innerchild,wow..thanks for seeing the difference on the before and after shos :)

  31. Cris,awwww, I'm glad they trusted me their faces! hahaah yes, Lip Contouring is something new and interesting but it's easy :)

    Yumeko san!I am super having fun, thanks!

    Jen, I know, she's a kid! Thanks, I will definitely strive to improve more!!

  32. Shuu, you are always welcome!

    Teeyah, awww..thanks for giving these sweet encouraging words!

    Jojoba, awww, no worries, Having you read my post is something wonderful! thanks for taking the time to read!

  33. awesome job in enhancing her features!!

  34. thats really pretty yet subtle. great job again!


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