Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 3

Day 3, I hope you gals are not hating my makeup school post! LOL I've been super busy lately but rest assure! Regular blogging will continue after Wednesday! Yes, last day of my class is this coming Wednesday!

Things we discussed today:

Blush Effects

I'm glad it was the same tricks and tips I talked about on my previous post, do smile and click here.

Lip Effects

darker lipcolor - makes the lips smaller
lighter lipcolor (shimmery, frosted, glossy) - makes the lips bigger and fuller

So, are you into masking your lips like me? Or want fuller lips like Angelina Jolie? :D

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping is also discussed as this is one important key to enhance one's look. Everybody has our own version of a perfect brow, drawing a brow shape in a blank canvass is hard I tell ya! I will definitely share some tips on how I do my brows soon!

Makeup Look ---
ONE TONE Smokey Eyes

This is one of the harder class for me because I've always thought the lesser color used for eye makeup makes it easier for application. I did say I'm not always right, right?

What is a One Tone Smokey Eye?

One tone means using a single color e/s to create dimension of colors. The way to apply this is using "vertical" motion to achieve a "smoked" effect. It sounds easy, but needs a lot of patience!

Here's my model
for the night

Ms. Mariel

Here's a one tone
smokey black look

Applied with falsies

I am so proud of myself for this shot!
it does look like there's smoke right?
Smoke for Smokey Eyes
(I am totally corny! Blame lack of sleep)

A before and after shot :)

Haggard ladies

posing again for the cam!

Haggard lady
and our dear mentor
Ms. Cheryl Cabanas

Have you tried one tone makeup?
Do give it a try!

It's a nice challenge and change!
Tell me how it goes ok?
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. beautiful look, that smoky eye looks so good!

  2. I love how you share what you do and learn at the makeup school. I really like that one one tone smokey eye. I bet it requires a lot of blending to get smokey effect. You did such a good job with your model.

  3. Fab smokey eye!! And one tone too wow... I usually can't help but mix other colors in lol. Great work!

  4. looks awesome for a night out.
    mysterious smokey look :)

  5. Pawssies, :) thanks

    Iambeautiful20, it does require so much blending, but gosh! that is something I've never thought of :)

    Catherine, me too! I love mixing colors!

    LyNn, hahah thanks for saying so!!!!

  6. damn women u did an amazin job.. u worked your magic!! my turn!! lol


  7. Nikki and nice ng shot mo don sa third pic :) Mariel looked pretty and fresh after the makeover :)

  8. wow! love her smokey eyes w/ nude lips! this look is so hot! great Nikki!

  9. Great work as well! Love her eye lashes! And really hard to do something with only one color, you did great job!
    Alo I like your little tricks, very easy and soo helpful!

  10. i love the last pic you look like you've done something 'naughty' nikki haha

    you did a great job on your model. you've sexyfied her hehe

  11. Great job Nikki!! Its beautiful! I must try this one color technique out... i think i'll fail miserably!! hehehe!!

    thanks so much for sharing what you learnt in class with us!! i appreciate it so much!! :D

  12. out of 3 models, i l0ove this the best! she is smoking hot!!! nikki i would really like to to have u painting my face one day, i totally love to be your model!!!

  13. Wow, I love how you made her eyes POP! So pretty :)

  14. Wooow veryyy nice! I love the effect... never tried using just one color before :O

  15. LipStick Staiin , LOL *hugs* you are a sweetheart, you don't need any makeover from anyone coz you do your makeup so good!

    Kim, it was actually a shot that I didn't expect to come out nice hahaha thanks sis!

    Nehs, thank you! :) Nude lips on smokey eyes really is the best!

  16. Fabuless Beauty, thank you!

    my_makeup_mania, I really can't believe how long it took for me to achieve this look, but it's worth it, I'm glad you find the li'l tricks helpful!

    Jo, hahahah something naughty? oh no! hahahah I've created a sex kitten! :P

  17. Jenn,give it a try! it's fun!!!I'm glad you like the sharing I'm doing for you gals! :) That's the least I can do !

    prettybeautiful, I would love to meet up with you and chat endlessly, no need for me to do your makeup! LOL

    Shopn'Chomp, thank you!

    e.motion in motion , there's always time to try! I want to see yours! :)

  18. I love your makeup school posts! =D

    You did great, as usual. Her eyelashes look amazing!

  19. The one-toned smokey eye looks awesome! thanks for posting this.

  20. Hey~ the smokey photo looks like the one for MAC from the Smokey Collection :D Cool job, Nikki! I never heard of this technique before, neato! xD

  21. And oh, I forgot to mention, I like to use light, bubbly colors on my lips cos I've got thin lips. But I personally wouldn't want a pout like Angelina Jolie, that's a little too much for me hehe

  22. I love it that you share what you learnt in makeup classes. This look is beautiful. You did a great job, as always.

  23. Jen, aww thanks for liking my school post :)

    Jenn, no problem, it's my pleasure!

    Innerchild, aww, really? hahha awow..from MAC Smokey COllection ha? hahaha that is so cool!

  24. innerchild, hahahaha I'll go for small lips! My lips are a bit thick so I can't wear all those glossy textured gloss, need to wipe it a bit with napkin! :)

    Gio, thanks, I'm happy and enjoying the fact that I can shaer :)

    Jamilla Camel, thanks dear!

  25. wow! you did a great job ms. nikki! she looks beautiful!! GOOD JOB!

  26. Very pretty!

    Your blush tutorial, or more specifically your cheek contour tutorial, really helped me so much!!!!

  27. beautiful work! i would love to goto makeup school!

  28. Wow you did an amazing job on her!!!

  29. looks like a ton of fun! love the look!

  30. oooh, fab! great job, nikki! amazing ha, one tone lang? im so proud of ya. and still a diligent blogger despite of all this busy-ness! =D

  31. chulalouise, awww, thanks! I really appreciate your sweet words!

    K, thanks, I am glad you liked the blushing and contouring tutorial!

    nicNic, it can be something you can try :)

  32. Fuz, thanks!

    Paint me Gorgeous, it's definitely tons of fun and of course effort to be able to attend this with full time job, but I'm glad I did :)

    Aquaracer, I know! I am surprised myself on how diligent I am, I sleep 3-3.5 hours for 2 weeks! And I'm still surviving!!! But my skin is breaking out due to stress and lack of sleep! LOL

  33. You did an awesome job on her and great picture taking skills too! :)

  34. this is my favorite so far. i love smokey eyes so much! great job.

  35. what a beautiful smokey eye! i love that you're posting these btw :)


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