Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 4 (Part 1)

Hey everyone!!!
How's the morning treating you? I hope everything's well. On my side, there are a lot of things I want to do after make-up class.

Definitely need a haircut! I am still opting for a long 'do or shorten it a bit! This is the time, I want change!!! Well don't take my word for it, I may change my mind in a day or 2! :P

That's just something I've been wanting because the hair isn't doing well the last couple of days, due to late nights and stress, I think my skin is taking a toil too! So yeah, the ugly duckling in me reared it's head! :D

Anyways, another series to share for my makeup class. Day 4 is really fun because I've done looks I've never done in the past! Let's start with

Men's Makeup

Yes, heterosexual men do wear make-up! Well not daily! But on special occasions or those models for print ads or magazines or even on TV! (calling Brad Pitt for model!) lol

What do we do for Men's Makeup?

  • determine the skin tone, lip shade, eye shape
  • use 2-3 shades darker foundation, blend well
  • apply concealer or correctors if needed
  • dab loose powder
  • shade (for that macho look)
My male model is so funny. He was super embarrassed to have make-up on! If you're doing a male make-up who's a first timer, one important factor that I learned is to make the person feel comfortable!!! How?

Chat with him, ask him questions, keep him busy! We ended up talking like we're best friend while "tightlining" his eyes! LOL Yes, he cried, he was in tears, but at least, he didn't punch me on the face! hahaha

Here's my handsome model

An electrical engineering student
working part time in a bookstore

anyone wants him? lol

Now now, he's getting warmed up!

Not as shy as the first few shots

Products used ---


The Face Shop's Dark Cocoa
DollFace Concealer (used as foundation to lighten up his skin)
DollFace Concealer to highlight and contour
MAC shadester all over face

MUFE Aqua Eyes in Brown to tightline

Kiehl's no. 1 lipbalm to moisturize lips
CS Lipstick palette in nude color for lips


My male model's skin is acidic after applying the right colored foundation the foundation turned super dark on him after a couple of minutes, make sure to always step back and check and do adjustments!

A before and after shot

Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes...
Please line up!
Have you done makeup for men ?
Significant others???
What's your experience?

Bring on the stories!
It'll be fun to read!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. love his makeup! so natural! galing mo talaga nikki! =)

  2. Khymm, thanks for complimenting me, for giving me the energy! :)

  3. so handsome!!!!!! there are some guys here in my office building who wear falsies to work everyday...

  4. Guys I know stop at having a full range of skincare though I might be a little freaked out to meet men who put on makeup regularly. That said, you did a great job keeping him looking natural and un made up. :D

  5. you did a fab job! he looks great! very handsome ;) I like putting makeup on men. they're little reactions are too cute! and it's a challenge to make them look as natural as possible

  6. nice ms nikki, you made him flawless and neat!!

  7. Interesting!! I never seen a man wear make up before.. Well except for edward cullen! ahahah :)

  8. he is handsome. great job. his skin looks better than mine.

  9. nikki i am loving these updates on your beauty school. you've shown how versatile you are. i love it! keep em coming!

  10. Hey, Nikki! It's kinda hard to do man make-up! i also tried on my hubby but he looks like a gay LOL:
    And one more question to you ... Are you doing contouring face for a clients? Is it really need part? Cause I saw some Korean artists works and they just don't ... Lil' bit confused...

  11. first time i heard of men wanting a makeover.

    no fair! if he can have one from you, why can't i? (hehe, ive never had a salon makeover... only my mom touches my face)

  12. So natural! I wouldn't even think he had any makeup on. =)

  13. Makeup for men, what a surprise! Your model has great skin for a guy, the finish look is so natural, nice work! :) I haven't done makeup on a guy, but I did do my bf's nails cos I forced him to! He as like "See how much I love you?" lol It was a vibrant glittery shade too, very distracting and noticeable :D He had to withstand a little bit of humiliation just because I was bored. Aaah I love him! xD

  14. prettybeautiful , oh wow! NO JOKE?? they are real men???? wearing falsies??? WHY????

    PB, I know, finding a guy who uses complete skincare is hard enough! Talk about makeup! But I do know some metrosexuals who uses foundation!!! To cover their breakouts! That freaks me out too!

    Connie,yes, you are right, their reactions are super funny indeed!

  15. chulalouise, well his skin is ok to start with, I am lucky!

    Iyah, hahaha well usually, models are actors are the ones who should be "made up" i wish I can do that someday and drool on them! LOL

    Jensmakeupbag, hahahah no way! Your skin is good!

  16. Catherine, thanks

    Jo, I am glad you love my updates, I am scared to bore you gals

    my_makeup_mania, you are lucky your hubby lets you touch his face! hahaha About contouring, if you are doing photographic make-up, contouring is very important so the person on photo won't look "Flat", for regular party makeup, it really depends, if the client has good face structure, you can skip the contouring! :)

  17. herroyalbleakness, nah, he didn't like the makeover, he was very surprised he's getting himself into these situation! LOL

    * Jen *, *wipes forehead* WHEW! I'm glad it doesn't look obvious on him :)

  18. Wow nice finish! Looks so smooth hehe. The bf let me put eyeshadow on him once... I thought it was pretty funny hehe xD

  19. WOW very natural lookin and glowing!


  20. great job with male makeup! Atleast he endured it!

  21. When my boyfriend was asleep, I did "aqua" eyes on one of his eyelids. hahahaha~

    This post kinda reminds me of that. Although I know that doesn't count as doing an ACTUAL male makeup, lol.

    You did a great job, Nikki. The makeup class sounds really fun!

  22. never tried makeup for guys before, and not sure how to did great, he looks like he doesn't has makeup on..very natural

  23. You did a great job! Very natural looking and flawless!

  24. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
    thank you

  25. this is great! i'd love to see u do more male makeup! maybe a more stage version!

  26. You made him look so natural and photogenic!! You're right about men needing makeup for print and TV!! I heard that even Gordon Brown (UK PM) uses Guerlain Bronzer!!

    You are such a talented MUA!

  27. LOL!!! Good job, his skin looks smooth!

  28. i think more and more men are wearing makeup these days... in japan its really normal to get primped here! i saw a guy in a nail salon the other week, getting his nails done haha. they shaved brows too which is UBER weird LOL

    you did a great job i cant even tell hes got makeup on :P

  29. i leave for a while and i come back to find you starting you MU classes already! yey for you! i wish i could too.

  30. err REAL man is yet to be

  31. oh male makeup is my absolute absolute favorite! it's quick yet there's a challenge to make the makeup not look like makeup.

    i've had the experience of putting eyeshadow on the eyes of the guy to make his eyes look more deep-set and fierce to get that pierce-right-through the skull look.

    another fave is smoky eyes on guys. :)

    have fun in makeup school! you're lucky the school provides the models. :)

  32. i'll be at MAC tomorrow pala Nikki. :)

  33. Oh wow,men can wear make up yes of course otherwise those male models wouldn't look so flawless :) thanks for sharing nikki!

  34. Innerchild, yes, he's got great bronzey skin to start with :D LOL on doing your BF's nails, I've done my hubby's nails to practice nail art but not makeup! LOL He really loves you!

    e.motion in motion, wow..e/s on your bf? How does it look like?

    LipStick Staiin , thanks!

  35. Melissa , he did, imagine? Enduring tightlining? LOL He's eyes got all red!

    Fifi, lol on aqua eyes on bf! You should have posted it in your blog!

    Vonnie , thanks! Do try them, but you have to look for someone who's intrigued to try too!

  36. Gio, thank you!

    Té la mà Maria , hey Reus! That is so nice of you to drop by! thank you so much!!!!!

    Yumeko,hahahaha I hope I can look more males to let me do their makeup!!!

  37. Jamilla Camel , thank you!!!! Wow bronzers for men I think are acceptable! Hugs Jamilla for those sweet words!

    Fuz, thank you!

    NicNic,I can't imagine guys down here start to wear makeup, seldom do we see guys with makeup actually never see one on street, or maybe, I just can't tell? hahaha I do see a lot of guys having their nails done too!

  38. Teeyah, thank you sis!

    Crystal, hahahahah this class is so quick and it's over too sooN! I'm getting sad!!!! I am missing this!


  39. Bambi,I know you love male makeup!!! :) Yes, I'm lucky I don't have to bribe men to let me do their makeup!

    acutelife , no worries, my pleasure to share!

  40. hep! hep! nobody touched dingdong but me! lol! :) i miss you already.. this guy is ready to "maneuver" na! LOL!

  41. Very appreciate your answer to me! Thanx, Nikki!

  42. wow! you did great on the male model! Still looks so natural but improved or polished his appearance

  43. Shen, don't worry, when Dingdong Lined up, I'll give you a call for sure!!!

    My makeup mania, no worries, it's my pleasure!

    Nikkiz, thank you!!! :)

  44. very natural looking! you can barely tell but it looks great!


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