Friday, May 22, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 5 Fantasy Look

Hello everyone!
Happy Friday! :)

Wow, time flies super fast when you're busy and having a great time.
Last Sunday, we moved our class on that day because the teacher wants us to graduate a day earlier to the hair cutting class, because we have one classmate, Stephanie, who's studying both make-up and hair cutting class so she can't do her finals on the same day!

So anyways, me waking up on a Sunday is not a good idea, but I really don't mind waking up early if we're talking about make-up right?

We were asked to do a research on Fantasy make-up and do a look on it! I've done researches and when you talk about "Fantasy", Fairy make-up always comes to my mind. I wanted something different. And one make-up that I searched caught my eye!

I just saw the photo on Google images and I've researched on who's done this look to thank her for such wonderful inspiration.

This look is done by

Ms. Anabel Vargas

Very pretty, I got inspired
by this look and do some changes
on the eye makeup

Here's my version

I want to thank my model BLUE lol yes her name is Blue and she's color Blue!

Products used ---

For the Face
  • Thevi Foundation mixed with CG Light
  • MAC Shadester to contour
  • P&J Protective Dual Powder Foundation
  • Dollface Concealer
  • PAC blue e/s all over the forehead, side of cheeks, and neck
For the Eyes
  • MAC coquette to fill in brows
  • CS 78 palette black e/s
  • CS 78 palette gold e/s
  • NYX gold pigment
  • MUFE Aqua Liner in black
  • CS Gel Liner in Black
  • falsies from Landmark
For the Lips
  • Lancome lipstick in Rose
  • mixed with ELF liquid concealer

Close up I've changed the eye makeup
I've used some nail art rhinestones

The Queen of the Sea
My hubby calls her "Mystic"
from X-men lol

After taking a look at some shots
Teacher asked me to continue
the blue down the neck
You can see I am having fun

Now Mystic ain't happyhahaha

I really enjoyed this!
Everyone knows I'm always on the safe, neutral side
Now I am starting to love colors! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. omgosh this is awesome you did a great job!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! omg nikki im photoshoot inspired now, love!

  3. Omg, that is incredible, Nikki! I would never have thought of a look like this, if you mention "Fantasy" I would think ethereal and Spring-y, but wow, you definitely need to think outside of the box when you're an artist! :) I'm proud of you!

  4. wow you did that? OMG!! veryy nice!!!!!!!! like a mermaid!!!!!!


  5. Read the previous post, congratulations on graduation! :) YAAAAY!

    Love it! I wish I can do something like that. LOL! And it does look like mystic from xmen!

  6. wow so cool.
    this is my second favourite so far :P

  7. So fantastic!
    Love creative make-up!

  8. ohhhh!
    you inspired me now on my disney contest entry!

    i love what you did

  9. wow!! this is definitely something new from you and i love it!! the colors come out so well. i thought she was a super hero or something.. queen of the sea pala.. hehe btw, your model is really beautiful.

  10. wow! so fierce! my first time to see you do this kind of look, and it's great! love it Nikki!!!

  11. I love this one!:D Great job though I think it might have been nice eto colour the rest of her face blue too hehe...

  12. Wow...

    I always wonder how long does it take to remove those dramatic makeup...

    I think my whole face would be clogged if I wear this on myself...

  13. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did an amazing job!!!!!

  14. Whoaaa that's so cool :D Looks great!

  15. WOW, Nikki!! GORGEOUS JOB!! First for finding such a beautiful inspiration pic and then for re-interpreting it in such a beautiful, beautiful way that really works for your model's face shape and eye shape. I am just blown away! O_O;

  16. this is one of my fav looks you've done at the school Nikki :) Ang galing!

  17. wow nikki u r awesome!!! i really love this stage/movie look. btw, how to make rhinestones stick to the face?

  18. She's so blue! And gorgeous! Terrific job :D I love the blending on her skin. the blue looks so seamless

  19. OMg this is really cool. Your model looks great thanks to you.

  20. this is pretty yet somewhat scary heheh.galing mo!

  21. OMG this is really amazing!!! you did such a great job!!! i love it!! :D

    The last picture is so cute!! hehe!! :D

  22. DarlingV, hey nice to see you here, thanks!

    Jaimie , wow, I would love to see your version! :)

    Vanessa M. , thanks! I'm glad you like it!

  23. Innerchild, you know what? I have this personality to look for something really different because I have always been on the safe side, thanks for being proud of me!

    LipStick Staiin, funny, the model has been called so many names due to her makeup, and mermaid is one of them! :)

    mszcheysser , thank yoU!!!! And yes, I've always brushed off looks like this cause I always think I won't' be able to make it, but if the time comes you really want to try it, you can!

  24. LyNn,awwww, picking on favorites eh? lol thanks!

    my_makeup_mania , thanks for the comment

    Thiamere, wow disney contest? I'd love to see entries!

  25. Donnarence, Blue is super pretty and beautiful and cool too!!!!! And yeah, she looks like Li'l mermaid too right? gosh, what is she now? hahaha

    Nehs, thank you! First time for me to do creative looks anyways! :)

    PB,hahahah I felt bad for putting the colors on her neck, imagine if I put it all over the face? lol we won't be friends after... I think lol :) but you're right, it'll be cool to have it all over the face!

  26. Citrine, hmm..shu uemura cleansing oil, then facial wash, then use cotton buds and cotton to remove those eye makeup, approximately 30 min?

    Tanya, Thank you!

    e.motion in motion, thanks!

  27. Catherine,awwwww , the inspiration photo is really giving me the pressure, that's why I have to do something different :) And i'm glad it came out really well even in my own human way! LOL

    Kim, thank you sis! You should post yours! You need the shots? I have it here, I'll try to ask Keith to resize so I can send it to you over email!!!! I love the Judy Ann Fantasy Makeup you've done! so creative din sis!

    prettybeautiful , I use Lash Glue to stick the rhinestones on face!

  28. Connie, thank you!!!! It's something I want it to come forward, seamless, as the photos aren't photoshopped so it's ugly if it's not seamless, thank you for saying such nice compliments!

    Becky, awww, thank yoU! In fairness to the model, she is very very pretty even without makeup :)

    Shobe, hahahah I know what you mean, the "scary" part of this look inspired me to create the final shot!

    Chrissy, thanks!

    Nikkiz,thank you! :)

  29. wow this is really really pretty! you know what, you've convinced me to go to makeup school na for real. i'll have to save up first though. no more makeup for me :P

  30. Jenn, I'm glad you liked it, lol the last photo is just bluff, it's a funny thing to do! :)

    Crystal, I am so happy! Yay!!! Goodluck, let me know when you plan to start makeup school, I'm sure you'll do well! :) Yes, do save up first!

    Khymm, thanks!

    Whit, awww, thank you for saying so!

  31. That's very pretty!!I'm always on the neutral side too lolz, I need some colour -.-"

  32. wow, this is amazing! You did a fantastic job!

  33. ow whoaa! thats soo cute and hardout. OMG! professional! hehe

  34. amazing! your version is pretty close...keep posting! ;)

  35. OMG this is some seriously talented makeup application here :) You are amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!

  36. You did such a great job!!! This is very artistic.^_^

    By the way, yeah I was really saddened by the news that marieclaire will no longer be published here.:( I loved that magazine so much!

  37. Wow! The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw your model was "Gorgeous!!!" You did an excellent job Nikki! =)

  38. wow!!

    when i first saw that picture she exactly reminded me of that x-men character!! wonderful job!

  39. Sis Nikki! I love this look!!! :)

  40. wow u did an awesome job
    her skin is really good too

  41. i love it, nikki!! you did an amazing job!

  42. That is stunning! You are so talented.

  43. How fun!! She looks like a mermaid from an alien planet--well done!

  44. wow this looks really good!
    so smooth!

  45. i have been following your series but i am too busy to stop by and post. ok, i have to tell you that i love this fantasy look the best. and you really enjoyed it too!

    i wish i had time to sit down to rest... i envy your doing this for fun! i don't know where is FUN anymore. too busy with my house project now...


  46. Wow Nikki! This is amaziiiing! How long did it take?

  47. I have been really enjoying your school reports. You are a true natural! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  48. Hana aka acutelife , hahaha yes, you need some color but not this type of colors! LOL

    Gio, thank yoU!

    Keziah Ann,wow..thanks! It feels so good to be called professional lol but hey, anyone can do that ! I swear!

  49. Abby,thank you! I've always thought my version ruined the original one!

    Sarah, thank you sweetie!

    Soapaholic, thank you! :) So true, grabe I am subscribing annually, and my last subscription is on Feb then I started purchasing one by one each month and I'm super surprised to know the April on eis FINAL!!

  50. My Fashion Frenzy , thanks!

    Jen, thank you!!!! Didn't I scare you? hahaha

    Nicnic, really? You have the same eye as my hubby, he kept on saying Mystic and I just don't know who she is, I have to do research for her photos! LOL

  51. Care G. thanks!

    Yumeko, thanks, she naturally has great skin! I am lucky!

    Lily, :) Thank you!

    Katrina, wow..thanks for saying so!

  52. Jamilla Camel, hahah it was fun! I can't help but laugh while doing it!

    Yumyumsushi,thank you, don't you think she looks like Ursula from Little Mermaid too? hahah

    Jojoba, oh no problem, thanks for following my school series no matter how busy you are thank you!!! Oh no about not knowing what fun is, well I enjoyed reading your post each and everyday! I hope you take a rest and think of things you would want to do..just for yourself!

    B, hmm..let me see, more than an hour? :)

    T, thank you! I appreciate it that you like my report!

  53. Oh wow Nikki, this is truly lovely. Well done dear!

  54. oh wow nikki! you did a great job! i super love it :D

  55. Kahani, thank you!!!

    Steph, glad you liked it :)

  56. Hi Nikki!

    Where did you get the rhinestones & what kind of adhesive/glue did you use to apply them on the model's face? :)

  57. HI Chrissy, the rhinestones are actually for my nail art, I got them straight from my supplier in HongKong and I do sell them kc :) How do I stick them to the model's face? Lash glue :)

  58. very nice!! i love it! ahhhh, you're now a PRO! haha :D

  59. Aquaracer, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You made my head BIG!!! lol

  60. that's effin awesome! you're having so much fun!

  61. you and your model are so pretty. i love that look. probably not a look i would try but may something for fun. great job again!


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