Saturday, May 23, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation

I am back!!!
After a week of Makeup School Report, I want to thank all my readers for wishing me well and for being happy of my work! I am so happy to share my passion for make-up with you. Thank you for being so sweet and for complimenting my work! No matter how tired I am, made me smile! :) I still have a couple of report from the academy, but let me do a product review first in between! :)

Everyone knows I am an avid Paul & Joe user. I've been raving so much about their products and I've come to realize, I haven't been reviewing the rest of their products. One of the neglected product to review is the P&J Moisturizing Compact Foundation.

I bought no. 30
This is the size of the compact foundation

P&J Moisturizing Compact Foundation says ---

Skin looks flawless with just one coat
Compact cream foundation makes pores vanish and creates a smooth, fine complexion

Askmewhats says ---

  • super cute packaging, look at the design!
  • refillable
  • gives out a great coverage but natural looking
  • very convenient to apply cream foundation anytime and anywhere
  • though this is named "moisturizing compact", this does not work well for super dry skin!
  • expensive
  • not advisable for "older" individuals as it enhances the fine lines
  • the size of the compact is bigger compared to other compacts

I originally bought this because I do complain about the dryness of my skin, thinking that cream foundation is the answer to my problems. I found that I needed to apply moisturizer still. At times, this can also enhance the dryness of my skin so I think this works very well to NORMAL skin. I find that this will oil up on oily skin individual and will further dry up a dry-skinned individual.

But, given the right application of moisturizer, primer then this foundation, the effect of this foundation is wonderful and natural looking if applied correctly.

  • moisturize the face of the person you apply makeup to before using this cream foundation, it can easily dry up the skin and enhance flakiness
  • great for younger skin
  • can apply using sponge or brush
  • do not use too much in one application, apply a thin layer and apply more if needed
  • for dry skin: can use this product only
  • for oily skin: pat on a powder to "set" the foundation
Will I repurchase?

No, I'll go for P&J Protective Dual Powder foundation instead.

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Rustan's Makati P&J Counter for Php2,350 (approx $48.00)

No. 30 swatch on hand

Blended Well

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Keep smilin'
Stay Happy
Even if I'm having cramps! :*(


  1. Thanks for the review on the P&J foundation. It does look very natural. I think you provided the wrong address for the first link for Prettybeautiful's blog, I got an error (page does exist) when I clicked on it >_< Thanks for the heads-up, there's so many contests going on, yayaya xD

  2. Innerchild, thanks! Thanks for letting me know, I've already fixed the link on Prettybeautiful's blog :) Goodluck! :)

  3. that looks really really good! I'm gonna check it out! Thanks for the review :D

  4. that looks good!
    i bought a compact from them recently but it wasnt the same shape
    maybe old packaging
    i have to unwrap and check it i guess

  5. thanks nikki for linking me! :D *hugs hugs*

  6. Thanks for the review! As the owner of mature and dry skin, I will give this a miss!

  7. awesome review!! if i ever get a p&j foundation ill check out the protective dual powder foundation :P thanks for sharing!!

  8. Connie, no problem :)

    Yumeko, the one with round shape? it's just a powder not powder foundation, their powder foundation case is shaped this way since they started :)

    Prettybeautiful, no problem!!!!

  9. Jamilla Camel, yes dear, dry skin like us? Skip this!

    Nicnic, yes go for the dual powder foundation! I swear by it!!!

  10. Have you reviewed the dual powder foundie?sorry, I'm using my mobile (spyware attacked my comp) so I can't really move around your blog easily

  11. Hana, yes, it has been reviewed... copy and paste this link

  12. Ohhh, I love the look of this foundation but $48 is pretty steep... :(

  13. yeah i wasn't a fan of this one myself so i never got it. their pressed powder is kind of drying too

  14. whoa that compact is huge! i don't think it will fit in my purse. thanks for the review.


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