Saturday, May 9, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss

Happy weekend dearies!!!

Another product review for the lips!!! I've had this early this year and has been using this on days I am too lazy to do my eye makeup. Yes dearests!!! It's a red colored lip product!!!

Elizabeth Arden's High Shine Lip Gloss
in Raspberry Glace

I've used this lip gloss in some looks from the past :)
And its time to review the product itself!

Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lips says ----

Glides over lipstick for brilliant shine or smoothes on alone for glamorous, glossy lips.

.22 Fl. oz. / 6.5 ml.

Askmewhats says ---

  • dermatologist tested
  • non-sticky
  • very pigmented
  • very nice and simple packaging
  • due to its color is quite deep, the gloss stays approximately half day before reapplying
  • non drying
  • quite pricey (especially if you don't want to spend more than $10.00 on makeup)

If you plan to wear red but is afraid to start! You can always start with a Red-colored lipgloss! Gracie knew how scared I am to wear red lipstick so she gifted me this to start off and be feisty! LOL

I like that this isn't too sticky and easy to apply! It does not bleed on my dry lips and it stays a bit longer as compared to other glosses.

  • wear alone for simpler lip color
  • wear on top of lipstick for a brighter and bolder color and shine
  • if you are applying lip balm, make sure to apply lip balm several minutes before you apply this gloss to prevent the gloss from sliding and prolong the gloss on lips
  • OC-ness alert, wipe this with a paper towel after every usage to prevent this gloss from going bad!
  • if you are a makeup artist, use a cotton bud or disposable wand to apply this onothers
Will I repurchase?

I'd love to! :) Will check at Elizabeth Arden Counters at Rustan's.

Where can you purchase and how much?

I've never bought from the sites stated below, I've just done research, I got this as a gift from dear friend Gracie! Thanks sis!

On Elizabeth Arden US website for $15.00 (approx Php720.00)
At Beauty Counter site for $10.00 (approx Php480.00)

Here's to show
how Raspberry Glace looks

Swatched on hand

Worn alone on lips!

Coming from someone who's scared to wear red!
Do give a gloss a try!
You'll be surprised how it brightens the overall look
without too much make up on :D

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Try red lips!


  1. that's a lovely color on you! very juicy and a true raspberry shade :D

  2. I'm scared to wear red too sissy. I'm a chapstick girl. Don't wear lipstick or gloss that much. But this color is adorable on you. hehehe ***kissesss moah moah****

  3. What a pretty lip color, it looks great on you!

  4. i wish i can put a red lip color. im so tan and im worrying that it will will not suite my color.:(

  5. This is really pretty! I'm actually surprised how pigmented and even it's coverage is! And you're so cute Nikki, but of course you can wear red! :D

  6. the lippie looks nice :)

    +++i nominated you for a blogger award! <3

  7. Ohhh this is so pretty! I love red gloss, it is so fun to wear and brightens up any day :) It looks just gorgeous on you! Btw I LOVE your nails, they are sooooooo adorable!! Oh, and thankyou so much for your comment :)<3

  8. Hey! I used to own this one in this color too! I think there was a smell that put me off ... not quite sure now... and not quite sure where it is anymore! LOL... Happy weekend.

  9. i usually skip the EA counter :P now you make me want to go have a lookie

  10. Connie, yes, its something new for my lips but the overall face does not complain when I use this :)

    Twin!!! let's not kiss to much *embarrassed* LOL LOL :) Thanks twin! I know you are a chapstick girl and you look hot without any lip color, I look like a dead fish without lippies!

    innerchild, thank you!

  11. Paint Me Gorgeous lol I don't call my lips sexy at all :(

    Debi, give it a try, you'll find a shade that works for you! My hubby who hates red lips on me , likes this and said it's not a weird kind of red!

    Catherine, awww thanks for saying so! it is SUPER pigmented!

  12. Maggie (Ying), thanks honey for the nomination!

    Sarah, thanks for the comment sweetheart! you're one gorgeous lady you know that?

    Paris B , hey!!! Yours too? I've always thought I kept it quite long so it's my fault there is a bit of weird smell!!! So if yours is like that too, it MUST be the product itself! Happy weekend to you too!

    M, I do skip it too! I only go there to purchase my mom's night cream, they have this really really COOL anti-aging cream which my mom has been using, she's done with 3 tubs! :)

  13. that's a nice shade of red Nikki! =)
    I like wearing REDs lately.. still waiting for my orders from Toma. I got NYX's megashine glosses in Sunrise & Plush Red.. =)

  14. Awww.... sis! I'm glad you liked it! :) xxx

  15. that's a pretty colour on you for sure. i haven't tried much EA stuff and it looks like it has some good things now.

  16. I'm one of the few people who's really scared to try red lippies...waaaaaaaa..but this one looks good on you!

  17. I'm scared of wearing red too, so I rarely do it. But that shade is very pretty and it looks great on you!

  18. Gel, thank you for dropping by and telling positive stuffs! i love you! :D

    Khymm, wow! lucky you, though I am gearing into trying red and wearing red, it really takes a whole lot of time for me to get used to it :)

    Sis Gracie! Thank you for thinking about me!!!

  19. Jojoba, you are right about EA cosmetics, I haven't really been thinking about them!

    Anastacia, thank you sweetheart. Happy Mother's day to you in advance!

    ♥Leigh♥ , don't worry, there's a whole lot of us out here who's scared to wear red, me posting this does not mean I'm super comfortable with red, I am still NOT!!!

  20. Gio,Join the club! LOL But yeah, I'm sure we'll get to be loving red as those other people out there! There is really a "vavavoom" impact with red lippies!

    Yumeko, :) Thanks!

  21. my mom would LOOVEE that color

  22. That is a wonderfulllll color on you!! I gotta send you MY favorite red lip color!!!!

  23. Yumyumsushi, :) my mom is into pinks! LOL

    Kasumi, you are a sweetheart..what is your favorite color? Let me know :)


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