Friday, May 8, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Rexona's Lighten Up! Event

Ahhh Friday everyone! What's so good about today? Everything!!!

Another Askmewhats Report I am excited about!!! Girls and guys! You do remember the time I talked about "Down Under"? Don't you? ....

How dare you not remember!!!! LOL

To refresh your memory, smile like a crazy geek and click here

And we thought sensitive topic is over! Of course not!

There's another sensitive topic that hasn't been discussed much by women because of the "darkness" of it! Yes baby! Our underarms! Well if you've got super sexy underarms, what are you waiting for, click COMMENT and tell us your secret! And please do not say its genes! Hundreds of hands will come out of the screen to strangle you!

I want to thank Charisse Vilchez from Stratworks Inc. *waves HI!* for the invitation. I am intrigued with "Lighten Up!" event, so no matter how far it is, I promise myself to go there no matter what! Trust me...I am the "media person who got lost!" that night :( But thank goodness I still got all the juicy info for you!!!

The event was hosted by
the gorgeous Ms. Angel Jacob

(She is very pretty!)

The program started with a presentation that talks about dark underarms as a constant source of insecurity and frustrations for millions of women!

Dr. Jean Marquez (photo below)
President of the Philippine Center
for Dermatology & Laser Surgery
and Owner of The Skin Specialist Clinic

Dr. Marquez says that the most cases she handled traced back to factors such as genetics and hormonal imbalance. But the most common cause of dark underarms is habitual plucking and/or shaving.

A phone patch has been done
to talk to the Clinical Manager
for Antiperspirant/Deodorant Studies
Dr. Vernon Marti
from Unilever Research & Development in UK

Shown on photos below
are the Deodorant Innovation Centers
located across the globe

Unilever Philippines' R&D Director
Dr. Satish Goel
also gave us a knowledgeable input

According to Dr. Goel, Sunflower Oil, which is found in this new Rexona Lighten Up deodorant, has a rich source of linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid which helps rejuvenate and lighten underarm skin. By creating a protective barrier on skin, sunflower oil prevents water and lipid loss and encourages cellular repair.

And I was left with a very strong quote that haunts me

Quoted from Dr. Goel ---

"Every time you pluck and shave, you cause damage to your underarms, Rexona Skin Light with Sunflower Oil, immediately halts this process and restores underarms to its normal healthy state. With regular and proper use, women can achieve lighter underarms in just two weeks, even if they don't give up plucking or shaving."
What's an event without
some photo time?

Me, suddenly shy
to pose in front

It was great to see Shen from Kikay Pinay
and my first time to meet
Sasha Manuel from
Style Manila

With the gorgeous lighting,

who wouldn't want to pose more?

And another pose?
Now that I've seen the photos

I should have raised my arms! :P

Now, after decades of using Secret,
I've FINALLY...broke up with her 2 nights ago...
And say hello to a new relationship
with Rexona Skin Light!
We'll see how it goes!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy
Stay Lighten up!

You can check out Style Manila's
event report by clicking HERE


  1. i want to try that rexona skin light sooooo bad!! :(

  2. one day ur goin to be soo famous!!!!!!!!! i wish i can be in ur shoes.. looks fun!

  3. wait.. did i say famous? you're already famous!!!!! hahaha =D

  4. Some time ago... well a couple of years I had dark arm pits too..
    But after a while I stopped worrying and continued what I always did. Shave shave shave!

    I don't have those problems anymore, but it's true that I have light hair... D:

  5. lol what a random and sensitive topic! lmao

    u look so pretty <3

  6. i have this too!!! my fren intro to me, she is a devote for the one sunflower oil cause she said all other brands give her allergy, only this works the best for her! enjoy your goodies :) yeay for gooooodies!

  7. I see you spent an awesome time!!
    very gorgeous, Nikki!

  8. i didnt know plucking causes damage.
    anyway about deodorants.
    i only use the spray on type.
    i dont know why but roll on seems.
    eww to me.
    is it available in spray form?

  9. Owww you and shen are so cute hehe =) I'll wait for your review...I'm kinda afraid to try out new deos eh

  10. woo!! great event! hahas.
    thanks for sharing those useful information! ^^
    TGIF!~have a great weekend!!:D

  11. Hey looking good, Nikki!

    Let me know how it goes. I'm pretty devoted to this deo! It just makes my underarms more comfy for shaving. =)

  12. that's a LOT of deo! haha let us know how it works.

  13. Whit , do you gals have it there?

    LipStick Staiin , lol you made me smile, don't be on my shoe! I have so much stress going on in my life! :P

    Tamara, I stopped plucking too! I do shave and I'm glad I'm not born with dark underarms!

  14. Paint Me Gorgeous, hahahaa you know me! Always random!

    prettybeautiful, wow! works for you? I am glad!!! I am just starting to use it and all I can say ..the scent is OH SO GOOD!

    Anastacia , it was a wonderful time (minus the getting lost) lol

  15. LyNn, I was told by many the plucking can give your underarm "chicken skin" so I stopped and true enough, the bumps are gone! They don't have the spray on type. I am not a roll on girl but more of the "stick" girl!

    Kim what are you using at the moment?

    miRaCLe, you have a great Friday and weekend too!!!

  16. Kahani, I will ! I'll keep in touch with you gals about this product!

    Crystal, hahah I think I got all the "variants" but it's cool :) My underarms are happy!

  17. How tall are you? You look so tall next to the other two women, one being Shen. You got nice stuff! :)

  18. I'm using Skin White for active/hot days and the anti-perspirant from Natural Source for ordinary days =D I'm pretty comfortable to those products already hehe

  19. oo lighter arm pits! A couple years ago I had an eczema outbreak near my arm pit area and it itched so bad that sometimes I'd scratch unknowingly in my sleep. As a result they were scarred. But now that my skin is all better my armpits (also my neck, and back) are back to normal, thank goodness, I thought all the scarring will leave permanent damage. I also remember when I was little I used to get lots and lots of mosquitto bites, and my legs were covered w/ scratches my finger nails made, and I used to think that when I grow up and become rich, I will have to change my skin to a scar free one or something, haha silly child! And now 20 years later, none of the scars are showing anymore, the magic of our body! lol...okay I don't know where I'm going w/ this, i'm just blabbering. Anyhoo, mochi on ice cream is the yummiest thing everrrr! If you ever come to California I'll make tons for ya, hehehe :p

  20. i love it when u go to evvent too bad here there's hardly events we are just all waiting for the make-up convention more power to u girl love it

  21. cool! Do tell if the antiperspirant/deodorant properties of the deo works as well. The thing I've foung with deos is that if they promise whitening, it's either the antiperspirant, or worse, deodorant properties don't work! :(

  22. Ahleessa, I am seriously NOT tall at all! I am just medium in height, I think the angle of the photo makes me huge! LOL I am 5'4" in height :)

    Kim, Skin White! Yeah it's quite famous! :) I'm glad it works for you, this is the first time for me to try "underarm lightening" products :) I've been on Secret forever!

    Lulu, lol I know what you mean, some of them do change on its own! I don't have scars at all when I was younger, but now that I've grown older...bad timing, starting to have allergies, I am scratching on my allergies during sleep too which leads to scars as well! So I know what you mean I hope it'll be ok on its own !

    Ruby14, awww, I'm glad you enjoyed my "experiences" going to events :) I love makeup shows there!!!!

    Nikki, I'll let you gals know for sure, but no photos of before and after ok? I AM NOT THAT Comfortable! hahahha

  23. Sis, first of all... let me say that... you and sis Shen looked gorgeous for the event! It must have been an exciting event to attend... talking about pits (Reminds me of Sam when I play with him. I named his pits, Brad number 1 and Brad number 2 hahahahaha!)

    Sis, get us updated if this really works and if it does... I'll haul in August hahahahaha!

  24. You girls look great! Can't wait for your review.

  25. u look so cute Nikki! specially with the red skirt? and shoes. :DD

  26. I love your outfit, you look so girly and pretty.^_^

    I've been using Rexona Skin Light for a while now, and I like it very much. I can't attest to its whitening effect yet, maybe that's because my UA's aren't really dark, but it does keep the skin soft, unlike the many brands of deodorants I've tried before.:)

    I feel very womanly when I use it, haha.

  27. Gracie Sis!!! Thank you!!!! :) I am so laughing about Brad 1 and Brad 2! I've never thought of naming my "pits" now you've given me an idea, I'll call the left one Jenn and the right one Angelina?? LOL Yes, I'll let you know how it goes then you can stock up when you arrive here :D

    Gio, thank you! :)

    Nehs, hahahah I'm glad you like the RED Skirt and shoes lol

    Soapaholic , to be honest, my "underarms" isn't dark as well so I can only review it's "anti-perspirant and deodorant" part! :) But who knows? thanks for the comment and thanks for liking my outfit! I know I should have done better but Gosh, it was a long day at the office :)

  28. Twas great to finally meet you in person, Nikki. :D

  29. Look at those goodies! I love beauty events. You look smashing!

  30. It's all about genes sweetie!!!! LOL
    *please don't strangle me*** =P

    You ladies look beautiful. I like your outfit twin. Very casual and pretty :)

    Can't wait to hear what you thought of the deo after using it. Luckily I don't have that problem but I know others who may need it. hehehe

  31. Secret deo made my UA dark!!! Oh, and shaving too, grrr! I had (still having) IPL for my underarms last year and now no more hair growth and I have whiter underarms.

  32. Sasha, same here! Hoping to see you again!! Soon!!!

    Twin! How dare you! I don't have dark underarms just FYI! LOL hahah I know who needs it too!!! I have friends who needed to lighten up!!!

    Catherine, :)

    Nikkiz, ,really??? Secret works for me for the longest time! But I guess I am on for something new :)

  33. I read your down under just now lol. I wasn't a subscriber then lol. I'm scared of using those wipes. But I wanna give them a try!
    YOU HAVE ANSWERED MY QUESTION! Seriously! freaking deodorant will cure that??? WHERE CAN I GET ONE?? Sign me up lol! It's soo embarrassing to have freaking dark armpits :(

    Thanks girl!

  34. Dark look like a dead persons!

    My feet are darker than the rest of me..I wonder if it will work on my feet!

  35. Kasumi, it's not proven by me yet! LOL but true to what others say as well, I don't have dark underarms to start with, but yeah, you'll give them a try for me eh?

    Jamilla Camel, lol I don't believe you!!! you are too funny! My mom has dark feet too and may I add that you take B vitamins???? it works for my moms, I just learned that dark feet are caused by lack of vitamin Bs :)

  36. im in the states.. where can i buy this??

    ive been talking to aisha from and she has lots of ideas on where to get this but its all from thailand and uninsured!

    it sounds like a GREAT product and she said its been working for her!


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