Thursday, May 7, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Darling!, It's Another Black" Look

Black looks dirty...

Black looks dirty-not...

You know what? I don't care! I just want to use this new quad that I got from a dear friend Tine! (Thanks Tine). This is my first Rimmel London e/s palette! I've created yet ANOTHER smokey black look with a bit of twist. If I only use the quad, it looks a li'l bit blah on me so I added something to make it... ahmm... 3 dimensional! LOL So take a scroll down to a smokey black lane and see what I've used to give this look a bit of "oommph"

Final look

Askmewhats Diagram

Step 1:

Apply MAC Beige-ing Shadestick all over lids. Pat on the Silver Grey color all over lids using Dual Tip e/s applicator.

Step 2:

This is the "different part" I've done, I've used Fasion 21 Stick Eyeshadow in Lagoon and spread it on the crease area going a bit above. Pat on gently with fingers to spread evenly. Apply the darkest shade from the Rimmel London quad using the sponge tip applicator.

Step 3:

Using Yumeko's Styling e/s (thanks girl) , apply the shimmery white shadow on the browbone area going to the inner corner of the eye.


You can now blend everything using a blending brush
Re-apply specific colors if needed

Step 4:

Apply Coastal Scents gel liner in True Black using White Angled Liner brush (I am starting to love this brush I swear!)

Step 5:

Apply Fashion 21's Lagoon Stick e/s on the lower lash line, apply Urban Decay's ZERO and Yeyo on waterline

Apply your preferred mascara
making sure to curl your lashes

(I need to change my Shu pad soon!)

Final Look

Oh yeah!
I used MAC's Coquette e/s

to fill in my brows

And what did I use for the rest of my face?

For the Face

Primed my face with P&J Face Primer
Joppa Medium Light no 2 Foundation
Top with MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in Light

For the Cheeks

Contoured with
MAC's Grand Duo Light over Dark

using a Fan brush

P&J Disney blush (thanks Hedley)

For the Lips

Kiehl's No. 1 Lip Balm
Ellana Lip Color in Romance

In person, it honestly doesn't look plain black

It has a bit of color that you can't pinpoint!

Why am I explaining so much? LOL
*I can't be on trial, I sound guilty!*
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Smile your troubles away!
I want to thank everyone for the
sweet comments and emails!
I do appreciate each and every one of them!
Warms my heart and it's nice to know people
because of our love for beauty...
both in and out!
*group hugs*

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Ohhh I love it!!! It's sexy and seductive =) great job, Nik

  2. NICE!! i love your blending skill~~
    I still have a LONG way to go before mastering the art of blending.. hahas :D
    thanks for the super clear tutorial!! ^^
    have a nice day!! :D

  3. hi nikki!!!i love the eye make-up... and the hair... love the curls....godbless.... :)

  4. lo youre so funny! Btw i love how you always post detailed things on how to.. and stuff like that.

    Before i foget I TAGGED YOU!!! Check my blog about the Coolest tag ever! I hope you havent done it :)

  5. this looks so pretty!
    you blend so well! i'm still a noobie >_<

    the quad looks nice!

  6. black looks extra cool on you~ blending skills are +20! i really think that heavily lined black eye make up look 80's ish or early 90's rebel stage

  7. love the look!
    it looks so classy & elegant

    i love black!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the way you blend them all so well. wonderful, thank you for sharing this. I am learning so much from you. :D

  9. OHHHH! I absolutely LOVE this look! It's my never fail always go to look! You did an awesome job blending! :)

  10. love it Nikki! as u know already, I like you more with dramatic looks. sexy and beautiful.

  11. Nanzy , thank you sis! thanks for leaving a comment, I know how busy you are!!! :D

    miRaCLe, heheheh I'm sure you are good with blending!!! You just don't believe in your skills!!! :D

    jinxbea, god bless too sis! and I'm glad you like the curls, I do too! Once in a while :)

  12. iambeautiful20 , I am a very detailed person lol! People call it OCness, but I call it organized! hahahha :) Thanks for liking it! Thanks for the tag, will check it out after this!

    Maggie Ying, thank you!!

    gia, you know how much I love lining my eyes!!! :) thanks for seeing the liner details!!!! I'm glad you liked it!!! 80s and 90s ha? are you saying I AM OLD???? *hmph* lol Joking sis!

  13. ~tHiAmErE~ , I don't like black e/s actually in the past, if not because of blogging and requests, I wouldn't even use it! I'm glad i did! :)

    -Yu- *Hugs* that is very sweet of you, honestly, you made me very happy with your comment!

    Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu thank you!!!!

  14. nice! im still tryin to achieve my smokey black but havent got to it yet... Haha sigh*


  15. love the look and your curls nikki :D for some reasons, i keep smiling back at yr pic. LOL

  16. You did a great job, not dirty at all!! :]

  17. Jesmakeup, no way!!!! How dare you say that you can't achieve smokey eyes! YOu can! I've seen it!!! :)

    Prettybeautiful aawww! *hugs* I do wish to meet you someday and we'll smile at each other face to face!

    Fuz, thank yoU!!! :D

  18. You look stunning, sexy, and sophisticated! This is really a red carpet look!!

  19. Very classy one Nikki!!! Did you do something to your hair? It looks lovely!! :D

  20. I love this look! The smokey eye is definitely something I want to learn!

  21. Beautiful! I love smokey eye looks (:

  22. oh i love it
    and i love how u use shadows from 2 eye palettes! i would never be coordinated enough to do that

    and that fanbrush! i am sooo gonna get one

  23. i love the look nikki.. you're really pretty on the last pic. :D

  24. oooohhh. what can i say!? im a fan of this look hands down! :D

  25. Jamilla Camel , wow! you are such a sweetie for using all those adjectives for me!! THANK YOU! :D

    Jenn, I curled it! Temporarily :) I'm glad you liked it! :)

    Gel, hey it's nice to see your comment here! Your first time? THANK YOU!!!! DO you practice smokey eyes ?

  26. e.motion in motion, thanks!!! Smokey eyes is actually great to have a different look ..without the surgery! :P

    Yumeko, ohh, I always love to mix and match palettes! LOL That's my sickness!!!!

  27. Donnarence, sis! Why are you super nice to me? hahahah can come down to my office and i'll treat you snacks *winks*

    Steph, awww, I guess smokey looks really are good huh? Would you believe I seldom wear this kind of looks out?

  28. I love this look Nikki! =D you look sexy hehe

  29. looking hot hot hot!! I like how the black doesn't look too dramatic. The curls add to the sexiness *growls* :p

  30. ur blending skill is amazing... i can never apply dark color bcoz it always ended up the whole thing dark like a panda.. hahaha...

  31. Lovely look! I like both your hairstyles there twin. One is chic and cute and one is totally sexy....very "devil" sexyyyyy hehehehe

  32. Ohhh wow this is gorgeous!!! You look soo stunning!!! Very classy and glam :)

  33. Oh you wore it so sexy! I love black!

  34. I love this quad! I saw it today and thought about picking it up... maybe I will go back and get it!

  35. I love this look! You look gorgeous and sexy!

  36. Hi Nikki..!! :)
    This is Zwala..been reading ur blog since few days n i really like coming back to ur blog..!!
    really a great do..!!

  37. WOW! HAWT and FOXY! Uber beautiful, sis! :D *sigh* I hope I can do looks like that soon :(

  38. *KiM*, awww sis! You've seen me, I'm in no way sexy so i can only create a look that looks sexy *winks*

    Connie, I'm glad you like the curls! :) The hubby loves it too *winks* thanks sweetheart!

    Syn@3sTh3sI@, I know what you mean about looking like a Panda, i try so hard to steer away from looking like Panda too, so I do a lot of experimentation :)

  39. Twin! I'm glad you like both hairstyles! And wow..I can have split personality eh? :P

    Srah, thank you!!!

    ♥Leigh♥ , thank you for the sweet comment!!!!

  40. K, yes! Do give it a try! It works well! :)

    Gio, thanks as always! For making me smile!

    Zwala, thank you for commenting! I know how busy people are and commenting really makes me feel happy and touched! Nice to meet you here Zwala and hope to see you again!

  41. Paint Me Gorgeous, thank you darling!

    Teeyah! Sis! I've seen the look Sis Jheng done on you last year, you look hot in bold colors! So go ahead sis! I am giving you the ultimate push *winks*

  42. Whoaaa! You look sexy with the smokey eyes! :) I love it!!

  43. I love smokey eyes! Esp on you! Looks super cutie!

    owe! check out my blog, I gave you award!

  44. when will you ever fail to impress us??? great eyes nikki!

    joppa med lt 2 looks a lil pinkish on you... i dunno, perhaps it's the blush...

    i think you'd look good in volumized locks (c/o your last pic) and bleached brows :D try mo! hehe

  45. Ooh very pretty & sexy! I did a smokey look last night too, just for fun! LOL.

  46. naomi, hey! thanks!!! :)

    Anastacia , girl! thanks for the award, you never ceases to amaze me with your looks!!!

    herroyalbleakness, girl! You are right, Joppa Medium no 3 is turning a bit dark on me now because I grew fairer compared to last year! I think it has to do with "being busy" and no social life..hahaha kaya I wasn't able to go out! Thanks for the reco but you know what? I won't ever touch my brows~ hahahha

    Janelle, I want to see your sexy smokey look :)

  47. You rock a smokey eye beautifullllly. Black is so far from dirty. You prove that, lady!

  48. wow!!! such a sexy smoky look! love it on ya! is that the fan brush from coastalscents?

  49. Pammy, hey sis! thank you!

    B, yes! I'm glad to prove it! and thanks for telling that!

    Whit, no, it's not from Coastal Scents, its from down here locally :) But I think it's the same (almost) as CS one

  50. This is gorgeous! You know, I've never actually done a black/grey smokey eye before because I always feel my eyes end up looking bruised. Your look is so gorgeous though - you've inspired me to give it a few more tries. =)

  51. Catherine, hey! With your nice skintone and your cute face! You can go ahead with black! I can imagine it looking great on you! :)

    M, :D

  52. Great job on the smokey eye, Nikki!


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