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Askmewhats Reviews: Fan Brush

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Where's that smile baby? *winks*

When I did the Reader's Corner episode on "How I Contour my Cheeks". The sweet Yumeko chan saw the fan brush that I included for brushes you can use to contour and she wanted to know more about the fan brush! :)

Here's the inexpensive brush I bought, this is China made brush.

How does it fair for the price?
Is it worth to have this type of brush
in your Brush Collection?
Read on and be enlightened LOL

Fan Brush says ---


But for the sake of argument, I researched about the usage of Fan Brushes.

A fan brush is a brush with layers of bristles spread out by the ferrule. A fan brush is commonly used to blend colors.


Handle - wooden
Length of the brush from end to end - 7.5 inches
Height of the fan -
2 inches
Expansion of fan - 4 inches

Askmewhats says ---

  • great to take off fallen pigments
  • great for blending colors
  • great for contouring as you don't grab a lot of colors in one swipe
  • multi-purpose: For blush, contour powders, finishing powders, to remove excess pigment fall outs
  • inexpensive
  • has a bit of hair fall (but for the price, it's not that bad)
  • cannot be taken along on your daily makeup kit due to its size
  • has a bit of flyaways but nothing bad
  • if your skin is very sensitive, the brush hairs are a bit rough (just a bit)
  • not all stores carry these

If you don't have problems contouring your cheeks, and you have enough blush brush and slanting brush... You do not need to purchase this brush anymore.

In my opinion, this is a great brush to have as part of your collection but not a requirement.

I originally have a smaller fan brush just to highlight the cheekbones and to remove fall outs from my eyeshadow application, I never thought a large fan brush would even be available. I guess they are available for a purpose, and it really depends on the user on how they would use this brush to its maximum level.

I find that contouring is a breeze using this brush, I don't use this as a blusher brush but I use this mainly to contour the hollow of my cheeks and the jawline area. I use lesser product and the effect is very natural.

  • always wash them well before usage, I can literally see the dirt washed out and the dye
  • swipe the brush gently twice, no tapping needed, and spread it gently on areas you would want to contour.
  • this brush can also be used to apply your finishing powder, for a more natural look
  • always store them well, do not smash them with other stuffs as it may "ruin" the "fan" effect (this is what you're paying for, the fan effect)
  • since this brush is huge, the hairs of the brush attracts more dust, so always clean them well
Will I repurchase?

One is enough for me :)

Where did I purchase and how much?

At Landmark for less than Php200.00 (approx $4-5)
Coastal Scents call them the Jumbo Italian Badger Fan Brush sold for $11.95 (approx Php576.22)

Fan Brush Moment

See how thick the hairs are?
Has a bit of flyaways that doesn't bother me

See how huge it is

Ferrule close up

Handle with no. 801
and the brand name Mai Shani
(FYI: they have a smaller version available too)

Another view
I like the fan shape
and it doesn't look cheap!

Right beside
my Nokia phone

And you thought photos are done!

Of course not!

Here's to show how I use my fan brush

See how natural and
non-streaky it looks?

Let's not forget that chin!

And cover that
double chin?

So many ways you can find
Try to maximize everything you have!
I'm a pro-maximizer (LOL never sounds right!)
It's always great to have multi-tasking stuffs!

Keep smilin'!
Stay Happy!


  1. I want one now :), I'm just starting to really get into collecting brushes and was always curious about the fan brush. Thank you for the helpful review!

  2. i keep on seeing this at watsons before but i did not buy it because i think its too thick...

    i've been trying to find a fan brush that is a bit thinner..but i cant find one...


  3. Thanks for the review, Nikki! ;)
    I have a fan brush by Smashbox, but rarely use it. Now, you made me wanna grab it out again.

    Mine is not as broad and not as thick as yours, but I think it might also work for contouring. We'll see...

  4. thats a really big fan brush! never seen anythin like it.. i use a face brush as a fan brush lol but this one looks more better! thanks for sharin..


  5. I like my fan brush!
    Like you said, it's great for removing eyeshadow fallout. But my fan brush is a lot thinner.. hehe =)

  6. The brush look pretty cool except that it kinda throw me off when i saw that it is made in china.

    my skin gets super sensitive and feels itchy..

    thanks for sharing hunnie!

  7. i also have that brush, i bought it at watsons. I use it sometimes for finishing powders. If there's what we call eye blending brush, this fan brush for me is a "face blending brush". =)

  8. haha i've always been wondering whats the use of a fan brush.
    now i know.
    but being such a clumsy person i doubt my fan brush would remain "fan"
    might get this if i cant get a natural effect with my angled contour blush brush.

    but what i wonder is what if the contouring powder is smaller than the fan's head?

  9. whoa that brush looks so soft and fluffy! I want a fan brush now...thanks for the review!

  10. LOL at "the fan brush says nothing". That's cute. I have one of these and LOVE it. It is great for applying bronzer.

  11. ♥ Kendall ♥ , this is really great and "cute" for your brush collection :)

    ~tHiAmErE~ , yes they have it at Watson's! And at Landmark, they do have to smaller ones! So go take a look :)

    Jess, no problem! Yes, I've seen the Smashbox fan brush and they are indeed smaller :) Let me know how you like it !

  12. LipStick Staiin , lol very big I know! I don't know why I got intrigued with this size! LOL

    Fifi, I have the thinner one! and you're right, the thinner one actually removes fallouts better because you don't remove a lot of make up and hardwork you've put on!

    beeyoutiful7, I know what you mean, but to be honest, I think a lot of brushes are manufactured in China, it really depends on quality control. But if your skin is super sensitive, this won't be your thing :)

  13. LyNn, lol, I know what you mean about the "FAN" losing it's "Fan shape" lol Actually almost ALL contouring powder will be smaller than the brush, what you do is to just go through the brush with the contouring powder! It's nice that you just grab "the right amount" of pigments :)

    Audrie, you are welcome! :)

    B, lol I really can't seem to find anything about the brush, it really says NOTHING LOL *hugs* I hope you have a great day B! Thanks for brightening up my day!

  14. i want this,, but i really don't know what its for until your post..thanks nikki..

  15. i used to own a thin,sparse fan brush, but threw it out since it didn't function that well :P

    i guess maybe i shud get something like yours. thanks for the review!

  16. I have that brush too. I didn't realize how to use it before. thanks for the review nikki! it really hepls.

  17. though i have a lot of brushes, i think i NEED a fan brush now hahaha

    thank you for ur wonderful review as usual my dear!!!

  18. i need a fan brush! love your review as always :) this review has definitely enlightened me, again. and thats a HUGE fan!

  19. Thanks for the review Nikki...the MUA who did my makeup on my wedding day used a similar brush...but it's sooo soft...I wonder where he bought it haha

  20. thanks for the review, I always wonder what is this brush for, now I know...thanks!! (^^)

  21. donnarence, I'm glad to help out! thanks too for the sweet comment!

    Plue, yes! I have the smaller sparse one too and I only use it for fallouts! :) Hey, I'm NOT giving you reasons to purchase another brush!! LOL

    *Nehs* , I'm glad you can use it now!!!! Why did you purchase it? What did you use this for before this post?

  22. Yumeko, LOL let me know, if you can't find it there :)

    prettybeautiful, yes, surprisingly, this huge fan is more helpful for me..than the smaller ones :)

  23. *KiM*, hmm..maybe he bought it abroad? Coz I seldome see these brushes!

    Vonnie, same here! I've always wondered in the past, so the moment I realized how to use them, I need to share! :)

  24. I've always wondered what a fan brush would do. I would love to use it for blush. Thanks for the review girl! :)

  25. the name of the brush is WRONG!!! this type of brush is supposed to be called POWDER FAN BRUSH as normal fan brushes are very thin and only for dusting off exccess powder. This is exactly like my MUFE Powder Fan Brush. It's awesome for applying loose powder as you don't get too much. I love mine but I like your PRICE much better.

    excellent review!!!

  26. your fan brush have a good size! Looks very useful!
    And mine kinda thin .. booo

  27. woah! that's a really thick fan brush!

  28. That fan brush looks fun to have :) I want one now!
    Yes, I agree, online hauls sure test out your patience!! :)

  29. I have so many brushes but none of them are fan brush. LOL.

    This brush reminds me of Coastal scents brushes. I guess CS also got theirs from China.

  30. i always wondered how to use/what those brushes were used for hahaha

  31. If I see one on sale, I may get it ;). Thanks for the review :D! It helped a lot, I know nothing about brushes, lol.

  32. WOW that is a HUUUUGGGEEEE fan brush! i love my fan brushes! that one looks great also. per usual, thanks for the thorough review!!

  33. Gingerbee, lol true! Quite big!

    Female_intuition, my pleasure, I am sure there's a whole lot of other ways pa on using this! :)

    Jojoba, Really? thanks I guess I named it wrong! I just call it a Fan Brush because we don't have a lot of them here and I just named them Small, Medium , Large! LOL MUFE has it? Wow!

  34. Anastacia, yes, it is quite useful !

    M, lol quite thick and huge!!!! I think it's the size that I got attracted to in the first place!

    Lulu, yes!! Gosh! I've waited months and months for products to arrive, I wasn't that patient before, at turned to be a positive trait! :P

  35. Cinthia twin, Yes! I have a feeling the CS ones are from China too! Actually I am betting 90% of LOL

    Yumyumsushi, I am glad I enlightened you, even a bit :)

    Cris, yay! I'm glad to help you out on this, yeah! CS does have sales at times! :)

    Yummy411, you are welcome!!!! :)

  36. Nikki, u did create a lemming for me! :P

    and i never thought a fan brush cud be this BIG and DENSE. i thought they were all sparse and thin :P

    i need go check CS!

  37. nikki, darn you are enabling me once again. i've never seen it in landmark though, i'll check it when i go there.

  38. It looks like so much fun to use!!

  39. Oh I saw this brush in Times Square Kuala Lumpur. Selling at RM20+. I may help to purchase for Malaysians if anyone interested.

    Great review Nikki!

  40. great post! i like using my fan brush for blushes and dusting off fallouts..hmm...maybe i'll try it for contouring too.

  41. girl double chin my ass! you have none! hehe...thanks for the review. i actually use the mac 168 and it works awesome. that's a huge fan brush. it's great for applying a light amount of blush.

  42. Plue, so sorry!!!! :( :( I did tell you not to purchase this right? I DID!!!! :D

    Crystal, so sorry! I really don't mean to!! Sis, read this.."In this economic situation, fan brushes are not vital to it's not....READ's NOT" well..sis, I tried ha! hahaha

    Fuz, yes it is! i enjoy using it just because..! LOL

  43. Traclyn Yeoh , wow RM20+ ain't bad at all, thanks for being sweet to help out fellow Malaysians :)

    Aquaracer , yes! I like this as contouring brush, it's a no brainer, it goes exactly to the hollows of your cheeks!!!

    Jensmakeupbag, you shocked me with "double chin my ass" lol...double chinning our ass could be great! J-Lo's butt? lol lol lol

  44. wow i might need this brush! i suck at contouring...lmao

  45. Paint Me Gorgeous :) LOL that's one makeup trick I find really hard to do and this brush helps a lot :D

  46. Thanks for telling us how to use the fan brush! I've always been curious to know... hehe~

  47. Ahleessa, thanks too for the comment! :) I'm glad you liked this post!

  48. This review was very helpful. Thanks, Askmewhats! I'll be looking forward to your upcoming posts. :)


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