Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Nail Art for Beginners

Hi everyone! How's your day? Hope everyone is feeling good!
Today, will be a nail art tutorial! But this is a simple nail art tutorial for beginners. No nail art pens needed or special nail art brushes needed! :)

I've done a lot of nail art designs in the past and I've always read comments about not being able to draw even a simple straight line. So this is dedicated to everyone who'd like to prettify their nails but don't have the time to create one, NAIL ART STICKERS are the answer!!! :) You can still create "wow" looking nails with them.

Here's the sticker I will use :)

Here's a preview
on how cute they are

Did you know that?

Applying base coat is vital, as it protects your nails from direct exposure to the harsh chemicals of your nail polishes. Though I do change my nail art and polishes weekly, I am proud to say I do have strong nails and it doesn't chip as much as other people who doesn't use base coat. Of course...the right vitamins are needed as well for strong nails :)

Step 1:

After applying base coat. Apply 2 coats of dark polish color of your choice. I am using P&J 003 Nail Polish. (Color is dark brown with a tiny hint of gold specks)


Very important to make sure the 2 coats of polish are DRY!!! If you want to speed up the drying process, you can blowdry your nails in medium temperature.

Step 2:

It is easier to use a tweezer to grab the nail art sticker.

Step 3:

Adjust to sticker to the nails, making sure it will be placed where you want it to.

Step 4:

Press the sticker onto the nail gently to make sure it's firmly attached.

You can top the nail art designs with glittery polish

Step 5:

Top the nail stickers with your favorite top coat. You know what mine is *winks*

Perfect looking nails
without much effort :D

I hope this helps out to people
who are scared of nail art!

Give it a try! :)
You'll know how it feels to have lovely nails
doing chores *lol*
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. What a great tutorial! I'm so bad at nails!! hahaha.

  2. i like nail stickers!!! those r suppose much easier than drawing them in.. Haha xoxo


  3. wow!! soo cute.. i'll try that one.. thanks nikki for that tut.. godbless

  4. Maggie, thank you!!! Hey, it was nice to see your comment here :) First time?

    Fuz, no you're not! I saw your nails! several times! they look great :)

    Lipstick Staiin, yes! and you spend half the time to do your nails :)

    Donnarence, no problem sis! god bless too! :)

  5. nice nice! love the nail stickers, cute and def no sweat. one thing bad is probably the price tag. some nice ones are really exp! i think its useful for an important day when u dont want to mess up yr nails with uneven nail art. hehehe

  6. I like brown!! its a very pretty brown too!..very pretty nikki

  7. Gorgeous nail polish color! Looks very glamour!
    Awe! AndI like to using stickers too :D

  8. wow pretty!! This is great for me...I'm a beginner! haha :D

  9. yay this is the only nail art I can do hehe

  10. Can I just say, I love this nail polish color? I’m tempted to purchase it.

  11. i tried this way before but i lost my stickers. anyway, where did you get this?

  12. this is so great! ^^ i love nail art stickers but they are quite pricey in Singapore~~ :(

    ahh!! I have the same p&j shade too! suxh a lovely brown~~ ^^

  13. very cute! i love the stars and the moon!!

  14. that nail color suits your skin tone perfectly!

    i use tweezers too, to pick-up the stickies, haha! great tut!

  15. oOoo i like that brown color & the sticker designs are so cute also!
    i did my nails with stickers & i took pictures to post (i have 2 nails posts now) but i still haven't gotten around to posting the entry...haha

  16. I love this tut twin!!!

    Love the color of the nail polish. It makes your hands look very bright & niceee.

    The art designs fit very well with the color of the nail polish too!!! Great tut.

  17. Those are so cute! I would probably dent my nail polish with the tweezers, lol!

  18. you make it look soo easy NIkki!!! =)Very nice!

  19. prettybeautiful, so true! on days you will attend an important event and wants perfect nail art stickers are the way to go :)

    Mary, I didn't think I'll love the color but it looks fab eh :) thanks

    Anastacia, thank yoU! :)

  20. Audrie, you give it a try :)

    Kim, hahaha I'm sure you can do better, but we can always start somewhere right?

    Melvel, they look pretty no? I thought they don't look good but when I swiped it, even once,the colors are super pigmented!

  21. Crystal,I am selling these stickers on my prettynails.multiply.com shop :) And so far, mine is still intact and I've had it on since Friday last week :)

    miRaCLe, really? How much for each nail art sticker ? :)

    Lily,yes, that's my first nail art ever! I chose stars and moon because they look too adorable!

  22. Aquaracer,thank you!!! :) Using tweezers help a lot !

    yumyumsushi, can't wait to see yours!!!

    Twin, thanks, now now, making my hands delicate?? I will be using this polish forever! LOL

  23. Jamilla Camel, hahahah :) Well, probably for you, you have to wait for the polish to be super dry for you not to poke on them with tweezers :D

    Khymm , it is definitely easier than drawing :) di ba? heheheh Have you tried nail stickers lately?

  24. ooh! i wanna try nail stickers now.. i really hate my nails..they're too short and break easily..

  25. ooo thanks for this, just yesterday I attempted to use nail art polish to "draw" on my finger nails and I totally failed. So I wiped everything away and started over w/ my 3D nail art stickers, hahaha. But I didn't know how to take them off the plastic backing so I just used my fingers and some of them got messed up. Thanks for the tips! :)

  26. that is very cute nikki! they look like they glow in the dark.

  27. i love this post!
    haha simply cause it makes me feel not so dumb.
    but then i can barely paint my nails right.
    i hate base and top coat because
    if i dont get a smooth base
    i wont get a smooth colour coat.
    the top coat if it doesnt go on smooth, then i'll have to start all over! :'(
    boo hoo!

  28. They all look so cute. I just bought the Face Shop top coat after reading good reviews from you and I learn a new thing on the base coat thingy. Is TFS base coat good?

  29. This is very pretty! Thanks for the great tutorial, Nikki.

  30. Designs like this are more up my alley! Loves it!

  31. the P&J nail color suits you alot! great tut.

  32. Leigh, no matter how short your nails are! stickers are the way to go :)

    Lulu, yay!! I am happy that there is a way for you that you've found to do your nails! I am so happy that my post help you out! even in my own little ways :)

    Jo, you are right! They SHOULD be glow in the dark! LOL won't that be too cute?

  33. LyNn, aawww, i"m sure you can! You know what's the trick on applying base coat? Polish color and top coat? You always have to apply it in a non-windy environment, and always apply the "next step" while each step is semi-wet :) in that way it's not harsh!

    Traclyn, awww, thanks! TFS Top coat is the best! The base coat to be honest, I do shift between my Sally Hansen base coat and TFS! They are both good! But I can't see dramatic results for now! :)
    Gio, thank you and you are welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed this!

    B i knew it! You are on for a cute girly nail art :) I am glad you love it!

    herroyalbleakness, thank you! I am starting to love it too!!! :)

  34. that looks SO CUTE!

    i can't find too many cute nail decals over here...i should try to find asian places...im sure they'll have em somewhere....

    sally beauty over here just has ur stereotypical ones. ur decals look special! lol

    gotta love the power of easy-decals to boost up the nails ^_^

    cept i always feel sad when i use them cuz i know half of them are gone and it costs like $3 for each packet of decals XD..or maybe im just cheap..

    anyway, thanks for the tut! ^_^

  35. i used to use stickers on my one big toe on my foot...it's a lot cheaper then getting them done at the salon!

  36. Hi sissy,

    I tagged you!

    Will you do it please. Or have you done it already o_O

  37. IchigoBunnie, oh really? Some nail decals are that expensive down here too! So some people use them only for special events :) I know what you mean about those decals that does not look right! LOL

    MakeupByRenRen, so true! these decals are cute for the toes too!

    Twin, thanks for the tag :) You are right, i've done it :)

  38. nice tut! i need to go find some pretty decals!

  39. M, yup! If we have pretty nail decals, we'll be A OK :)

  40. Oooh thanks for the tutorial! I wouldn't even have thought of using tweezers. I have to try this next time I get some stickers. =)

  41. That's a pretty nail art tutorial Ms. Nikki! ^^, BTW can you recommend more brands of dark brown nail polishes? I am looking for something like this for a while and can't find one waa I hope you can help me.


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