Monday, May 4, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Lancome Aqua Fusion

(Note from Author: Before we start to get excited about the product I will be reviewing today, I would like to let everyone know that this product I am reviewing has already been discontinued. Why do I still need to review this? Just in case, Lancome, if you're reading this...please make this product re-appear to the face of the earth! LOL)

Lancome Aqua Fusion says ---

Infuse your skin with moisture!

Infuse your skin with moisture all day and see it glow with health. This ultra-charged moisture complex delivers 16 skin-essential elements to maintain skin’s ideal moisture level.

Delivers oil-free, water-smooth, fresh moisture.

Askmewhats says ---

  • very light
  • no heavy greasy film left on the skin
  • smells HEAVENLY
  • I didn't have to re-apply, my face is moisturized all day long
  • has a wonderful sensation, I had really dry skin due to some allergies, applied it on and felt a huge relief
  • very nice packaging, so pretty
  • not available here in the Philippines (not sure about other countries)

Since I finished up my Clinique's DDML, I didn't have the chance to repurchase, since I got a couple of samples for moisturizers, I am starting to try on the ones I got from press kits or events or gifts from friends. I was having a super bad case of dryness at one point of time, so I've given Lancome Aqua Fusion a try, expecting to wash my face ASAP, I was surprised how smooth it goes onto my skin and how relieving it is on my dryness. I woke up with smooth and soft skin and I can't get over how good it smells! Therapeutic for me! :)

  • great for dry or even combination skin
  • apply more on dry areas and slowly spread it with your fingers on areas that are oily
  • a little goes a long way
  • use a spatula rather than dipping your fingers, for hygienic purposes
Will I repurchase?

I'd love to!!! But any moisturizer equivalent to this is good enough

Where can you purchase and how much?

Sad to say, I went to Lancome Boutique at Greenbelt 5, asked about this and I was told it was discontinued. WHY??? :( :( :( So if you have this in your country, you can check them out :)

Photos to share

Very light gel-like texture
in a super pretty packaging
that makes me smile

everytime I use it

Take a closer look at how light it is

See the slight glow it gives
to the
now-moisturized skin?
(you can click to enlarge)

Have you got samples or even tested on this?
How'd you like it?
Do you think it's worth discontinuing this product?

I have a feeling it's quite similar to
Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Skin Relief
but this is creamier in texture (IMO)

Keep Smilin!

Stay Happy!


  1. Oooh... that sounds fab. So sad you can't get anymore. I'll have to search around to see if I can find it here.

  2. I believe to remember, I had a sample of this moisturizer. But I never used it on my face, but for my neck, hehe...

    I agree, the texture was great and nice smell too!

    Maybe the CLARINS moisturizing line is similar to this line.

  3. Very exciting to read your reviews posts!

  4. This was my favourite moisturizer before I switched to Dove (because I wanted a fragrance free product). Its way better than Clinique's Moisture Surge imo, I had no idea they were discontinuing it! Maybe I should get a jar of it after all...

  5. hmmm i'll have to have a lookie at the lancome counters over here. anything that says water infusion sounds good to me since i have combo skin so want to keep it hydrated but not over moisturized

  6. Catherine, it's ok :) I think I can try to look for others! I've got a couple of other Lancome samples to try, crossing my fingers that something close would come up or even better :) You look wonderful in your profile pix Catherine!

    Jess , lol I used this sample at first on my hand! can you believe that!!! I'm glad I tested it on my face and I'm done with this sample in 2 weeks plus!!!! thanks for the recommendation, I've been hearing a lot of good stuffs about Clarins!

    Anastacia, thanks! :)

  7. * : . b | u 3 . : * , I think they are still selling them in the US, I've checked a couple of sites selling them but yeah, not sure why they are discontinuing it!!! I think I am too late in giving this a try! I should have learned about this and stock up!!!

    M, yes, it really works!!! It moisturizes and it really smells so good! If you like P&J scent, you'll love this too! :)

  8. hey! clinique's moisture surge just crossed my mind too! :D glad that lancome product works as well! maybe they replaced it with new packaging?

  9. I've used this product before. MY GOSH, I lOVEEE this stuff =)

    Super hydrating ! I use at night time and when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels like I just washed and put on my toner !! LOL

    thanks for the review !!


  10. Hey Nikki, two other blue fragrant gel moisturisers come to mind - Biotherm Aquasource looks very similar to Lancome - and both are owned by L'Oreal so see if you can get your hands on a tester. It broke me out but then my skin's nuts.

    And the other one is my HG, ~H2O+ Face Oasis. Can't live without it and I adore the smell!

  11. prettybeautiful , nah, I checked with them, and no new packaging, this product just went *poof*! LOL But yeah, we still do have our CLinique's Moisture surge :)

    beeyoutiful7, looks like a lot of people tried and likes this product! :)

  12. Kahani, oh yeah! you are right, does remind me of Biotherm! I've seen the packaging is quite similar too! I don't think we have BIotherm here! Can I say no H2O++ for us down here too?

  13. Ohhh this looks really nice! I always seem to hear really good things about Lancome!

  14. oh nikki lucky for me i only have one mum to deal with lol.

  15. Great review Nikki!! This sounds like a great product... too bad its being discontinued already!! :(

    I always love how light Lancome creams are!! I'm currently using their Primordiale Nuit Skin Recharge and it's AMAZING!! :D

  16. Thanks for the review twin. I need new moisturizer soon too. Although, not too much a Lancome fan. I'd preferred Clinique better. hehehe

  17. its so sad they discontinued it

    it happens a lot right
    something goood but then its gone T-T

  18. Sarah, it looks like they do great skincare :)

    Jo, I know!!! I have 2 so goodluck to me on mother's day :)

    Jenn, its really good but oh well, I have to deal with it and continue to see what other great stuff's out there :)

  19. Cinthia twin!!! I know how much you love Clinique! I do too! That's why we're twins!

    Yumeko I know! I think a lot of companies have discontinued a lot of good products :)

  20. looks nice on your hand. but i'd not go through the trouble and $$$ to get such a product. i'd stick to my Natopherol Dermal Skin Protection. :P

    Cheaper and easier to get i guess.

  21. wow! looks really good for dry skin!
    i have super oily and acne prone skin.. T.T sometimes i just wish to have dry skin so i might get lesser pimples and acne :p

  22. that sounds great, lancome skin care products can be a little over-powering with their scents though! :(

  23. Too bad it's discontinued! It looks very refreshing~

  24. i just checked lancome and nordie's website and they still have it!! actually, they have the regular aqua fusion and they have another aqua fusion version with spf 15!!! i gotta check this out. thanks for the review. let me know if u want and i'll try to get it for ya :)

  25. Jojoba, lucky you to have found what works for you at a better price :) I'm definitely on a lookout for that :)

    miRaCLe, I know! My hubby has super oily skin and he wishes for super dry skin! But girl, if you have dry skin like mine! You'll wish otherwise, oh ..I think we can just wish for normal skin right? hahhaa

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡, oh really? Maybe the other lines? I have to sniff on the others:) Thanks for the headsup!

  26. Fuz, :) yes, it is indeed refreshing!

    Aquaracer , yes, I've seen the ones online with SPF!!! Great, let me know if you'll be purchasing and I want to know how it works for you! I wouldn't ask you to purchase for me, thanks for the offer, I don't want to depend on products difficult to find! LOL :) *hugs*

  27. hahaha, np, i know what u mean! i'll go check it out at the counter and see if i'll like it. hopefully it'll be light enough for my taste. i'm still on the hunt for extra light moisturizer.

  28. aquaracer, yes, this is very light! Same with Clinique's Moisture surge extended skin relief! Give them both a test and see which one you like better :D


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