Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Teriyaki Boy

Hello folks! :P

Weekend food tripping is here!

Combining the warmth of east and the efficiency of west, Teriyaki Boy is the fast casual Japanese dining restaurant in the Philippines. (taken from Teriyaki Boy site)

If I want fast and delicious Japanese food? I definitely go to Teriyaki Boy because they have so many branches and food are always served good :)

This is like the 19384735th times I've been in this restaurant LOL But it's always a great experience each time.

A warm tea served upon ordering
I love their tea

Crunchy Tuna
Php95.00 (approx $2.00)

It is huge for the size!
If you're on a date, and want to impress
but if you're comfortable with who you dine with
definitely give this a try!!!
I love this!!!

Dynamite Roll
Php190.00 (approx $4.00)

Really spicy and crunchy at the same time!
Love it!!

Tofu Steak
Php155.00 (approx $3.30)

Lightly battered and fried tofu
with ground pork and vegetables
in steak sauce

Php180.00 (approx $3.80)

Deep fried breaded pork cutlet
with stirred egg topped on rice
it's their bestseller
for Don Buri!

I had a wonderful dining experience here as usual!
Whether I'm with the hubby,
with friends or family!
I always went out of the restaurant full and happy! :D

How's your weekend food tripping?
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Ohhhh this all looks sooo yummy!!!! Haha, I think anyone would walk out of there feeling happy if these were the choices :) Thanks so much for your comment :D

  2. ahhhh!! i love jap food too! :D

  3. OMG! Tofu Steak! Katsudon! The foods of my childhood! Now I'm hungy...but I'm going to bed.
    6 a.m. on a Sunday! Do you never sleep? You always look so refreshed in your pics!

  4. the food looks so yummy and the prices are so reasonable!

  5. oheemgeee!! The sushi is soo cheap! mmmm katsudon.

  6. Wow, I'm suddenly so hungry. Hehe. I've never eaten there before though.

  7. yummy!! this post made me hungry,, :P

  8. i loooove japanese food! yum yum!

  9. I love tofu steak!!!!
    and now i miss teriyaki boy... loz

  10. i only eat chirashi don at teriyaki boy (yes, even before we get seated, my mum and boyfie already knows my ordr). im not too experimental with jap treats... oh, and i also like their tofu appetizer (the "breaded" one), have you tried that nikki?

  11. Sarah, yes, their food choices added up! and i can't believe how yummy they are for the price :)

    miRaCLe, this isn't authentic for sure, but it's ok for me :)

    Jamilla Camel, lol I do sleep in! don't worry, I have the post scheduled early :) I'm sleeping prettily at the time this was posted!

  12. Female_intuition, yes, they are really good for the price :)

    Kasumi, sushis are expensive on your side of the world? We do have more expensive restaurants but I chose to go for the affordable and still taste good ones!

    Chrissy, really? You have to give this resto a try!

  13. Fuz, :)

    Donnarence, not my intention! LOL

    Sab, tara! let's eat!!!! how are you????

    DeBi, I am in love with their tofu steak too!!!! When was the lat time you dine at Teriyaki boy?

  14. omg i love t-boyyyyy!!!! last time i ate there nung nasa subic pa kami..haha kelan kasi yun? haha

  15. yum yummy!!! u always try the best food..i should eat there sometime..Ü

  16. haha that name reminds me of the Fast and the Furious! :P Yummy foods once again!

  17. So yummy yummy pictures 'n stuff

  18. Dynamite roll!!! Tofu steak!!! Yum yum! If you're around the T.Morato area, try Omakase. They have a good variety of sushi :)

  19. those look TOO yummy! LOL

  20. wow looks so yummy! and cheap! ONE tiny roll in my neighborhood is lke...8dollars? O_o

  21. Miemiemie, ang tagal na? heheh

    ♥Leigh♥ , yes, come down here and I'll take you to this resto :)

    Audrie, hahaha TOKYO drift? hahaha Teriyaki boy!!! :) Sounds like Fast & the Furious huh? thanks!

  22. Anastacia, yes, just like makeup, food can make us drool ! :)

    Miss Girl Interrupted, yes I've dined at Omakase na!! I think I've had it first at Libis then T. Morato area :) Love their dynamite roll!!! The best!!!

    Ai, lol :)

  23. Gio it tastes yummy if I may add :P

    Paint Me Gorgeous, wow! that is expensive!!! $8 for just one? i'll eat bread then! LOL

  24. This is why i love going back home. There is always inexpensive but delicious food everywhere :)

  25. OMG, those dynamite rolls look amaziiiing!

  26. holy yumminess! your food posts always makes me hungry mwhahhaha i'm such a pig

  27. iambeautiful20 , yes !!! Come back home!!!!

    B,*hugs* I am sure you'll love it!!!

    M, I'm sure you have a lot of good food there too! I've seen your food posts!!! Can we exchange food? LOL

  28. The food looks delicious *drool*! I especially like the sushi... hehe~ :)

  29. OMG. It's 12 am over here and you're making me hungry again!!!! But I'm always hungry for sushi regardless of the hours of the day. LOL.

    So yummmyyyyyyyyy...can you ship some over here? LOL

  30. wow! all the good kinda food! yuMmmie!!!

  31. Ahleessa, not as good as those food you shown on your blog :)

    Twin!!! I can't see it in you! You are so sexy and slim!!! But yeah, most sexy ladies do have gigantic appetite! LOL

    Lipstick Staiin, :)

  32. mapo tofu & seafood teppanyaki! :D wafu steak is great too.. but a bit more pricey!


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