Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Askmewhats Revisits: Clinique DDML

Askmewhats Revisits time!
It's another product that I'll be featuring that I've used up or almost used up! :)
Should I repurchase? Or not?

Introducing Clinique's
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

also known as DDML

Final thoughts on the product ---

  • works well even on super sensitive skin as mine, I got face allergies in the past and I still continue to use this, did not aggravate my face
  • no more dryness on my skin, no flakiness
  • pump is wonderful, very hygienic
  • unscented
  • absorbs easily to the skin
  • though expensive, this product lasts a long long time! (photo proof below)
I purchased this product last year
February 9, 2008

  • when you're close to finishing the product, it is difficult to pump it out, so I have to twist this open to get the product out
  • no SPF
  • a bit expensive if you plan to purchase this full size (but totally worth it if it works for you)

This is a product that's been loved and hate by many. I am one of those lucky ones because this works for me. I suggest everyone to never purchase a full sized product without testing them first. I went in to purchase the full size because my Aunt gave me a trial size of this and it works well on my dry skin. I use this daily and I love how my skin changes from flaky to normal!

I don't see any anti-aging properties or see any significant changes on fine lines, I would say this works best as Moisturizer. It gives the skin the moisture it needed! :)

Will I repurchase?


Let me leave you with a question..
"With the current moisturizer you're using,
are you going to repurchase after you finish the product?"
Let me know!
I may learn a thing or two! :)
Stay Happy!


  1. Thanks for the update hun! You know I used that stuff back in my early teenage years and found it to be too greasy, but I definitely see how it could be wonderful for normal skin or dry skin. Maybe someday I will revisit too;)

  2. I love Clinique! I still have mine (a lot actually) and I think I bought it around MArch last year! hahaha :) Great job on the review :D

  3. I have this and love it! I have yet to hit the bottom of mine too.

  4. this is such a funny product...
    my mom has been using this for YEARS (she stocks up on samples like there is no tomorrow!), and i finally started buying my own clinique, and during bonus time, i got a sample too! i recently used it on a weekend trip and found it to be very nice for my sensitive skin, but not enough moisture for my really really really dry areas around the jaw/cheek. probably because i have mild eczema around there...but with the warming weather, it would probably work better!

  5. I have never bought a full size of this moisturizer. I either get it in a GWP or it's passed down to me by someone who doesn't like it. I actually have had luck with this moisturizer.

  6. Yas, maybe that's why it works for me, I got super dry skin! :) I know it doesn't work to some!

    Iyah, yes, I know you're using this! I know how long it is to finish this up! hahahah I can't believe I've reached to this point already!

    B! Yay for us hitting the bottom, NAY for us spending money to repurchase !LOL

  7. T, lucky you! I remembered buying a sample of this in HongKong, yes i said BUY! hahaha

  8. I love this product too. Actually, I use the DDM gel because I have oily skin, because it works just as well.

    I don’t think I can make my bottle last for more than a year, though. Maybe six months. How often do you use yours? I use mine twice a day.

  9. I'm sooo into skincare (crazy, that is) but I don't think I'll give this a try, I'm happy with Moisture Surge and Superdefense -- It's still Clinique, lol.

  10. I'm very surprised that this moisturiser has worked so well for you, since you describe yourself as having super dry skin.

    My skin, on good days, isn't super dry, but I do need a good moisturiser. I've been using this (again, after a long absence) since last December and to be honest, I find it so-so at best. It's not particularly moisturising for me, which is why I had to use a serum underneath. But with summer coming around (fingers crossed, it's still quite wintery in Ireland!), I think it just might be enough.

  11. Hi sis Nikki. :) I bought a trial box of the three step thingymajigy from Clinique last Saturday. :) I've been having bad allergies from my previous moisturizer from TFS. I'll try this out after the allergies are gone. =)

    Btw, which on you like most? The gel type (the one in pink gel and in a tub) or this one? :) thanks

  12. hey after visiting H2O+ shop, I started labeling all my skin care products and list the dates of opening of all makeup too. This is a great post!

  13. oooooooooooopsy! i am still half way through coz i abandoned it after purchasing new moisturizer....but i have to admit the good fact that it does not irritate my skin at all!

  14. Are You know? It's very hard to visit your blog every time, specially for me! because you doing really really really GREAT reviews! And after i whatch them I want all you revied! And now in my wish list I have a ton of products which I saw in your blog! You're gorgeous, Nikki! thank you :)

  15. Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturiser, I loved :). Superdefence SPF 25, I was content with. Moisture Surge was great.
    This (DDML), I HATED.
    Only moisturiser I've ever tried that managed to actually be slightly greasy and not moisturising enough at the same time >:-). And that colour made me sick...
    But it seems to work for everyone else! Lol.

    Currently I'm out of cream & been borrowing my sister's (I have separate SPF anyway, have to in this country :-P), but would I repurchase Oriflame Radiance Energy?
    Yeah :). Love it ^_^.

  16. I also use DDML, and have the same problem. At this point I have to use my finger to get the product out :(
    I love the product but I have to think twice before repurchase, mainly is because of the price..I'm thinking of buying LUSH moisturizer..

  17. wow I love the idea of putting the date. haha. I think i'm gonna start doing that. (:

  18. its too bad i have oily skin T-T

  19. I'm currently using the Clinique anti-blemish moisturizer...I have in line the Body Shop tea tree moisturizer. once I finish that I'll prolly but Clinique again =D I love their free samples haha

  20. maybe for winter...

    and this isn't TOO bad...my Elemis cream is $80 and lasts less than a yr...lol

  21. melvel, twice a day too for mine! I guess I don't use a lot! hahaha But on some days, I do use my Clinique's moisture surge :)

    Amor, if you're happy with Moisture Surge and Superdefense, that is wonderful! I use Moisture surge too and I think I am loving Superdefense, I've tried their sample!

    I think it's because I at times use this together with my Moisture surge..and I really use this consistenly, I guess it works because I have super sensitive skin! :)

  22. Care , I'm glad to know your allergies are gone. I guess they really mean it that they're hypo allergenic! I use both the gel type and this one, I think I love the gel type more..but I think the gel time is to boost moisture...but you still need the moisturizer! :)

    Jojoba, thanks! I've been labeling them and I feel good that the money I spent are well worth it!

    Prettybeautiful, I know what you mean, I never thought I'll be finishing this up!

    Anastacia..sorry..my bad..ehhehe

  23. Cris, now everyone talks about the greatness of Superdefense SPF25, I plan to purchase that then!!! I know what you mean about the color.it is SUPER weird ahahaha..but I'm glad it works, trust me, you're not the only one who hates this!

    Vonnie, yes, the price is quite...*faints* lol too much, but if it works, it works...hey..let me know how Lush moisturizer goes, never tried it! would love to hear your thoughts!

    Tina Marie Online , yup, it's a nice way to know how long you've been using your products :)

  24. Yumeko, nah..its bad having super dry skin too! :)

    Kim, i know! free samples are huge for me, that's how I know if a product works or not!

    paint me gorgeous, I haven't seen Elemis cream down here..thanks for sharing! :)

  25. Thanks for the review Nikki!! Writing the date under the bottle is such a great idea! :D

    I'm currently using the Lancome Primordale Nuit and it's amazing, so i'll definitely repurchase when i run out! :)

  26. I don't use moisturizer... that's awesome that this one works for you so well, though!

  27. thanks for another great revisit post. :))

    i've just repurchase my moisturizer! so i'm in my 2nd tube now... :) i love how it feels on my face so i repurchase it! :p

    i have oily and acne prone skin.. so i'll keep using it until i find a better alternative (thru reviews :P) which can cure my pimples and acnes! :((

  28. lucky you this works out for you! :) i've tried this (3x with breaks in between) but it just doesn't work out for me. but my mom actually uses this product too and she loves it. i guess our skin's just all different. nice review though :)

  29. i did love this~
    but i got a tad annoyed at the fact that you did have to open it up to get the last bit! kk.. ah well^^
    its sweet when i get this during the bonus gifts...cause this alone allows me to pass the minimum purchase limit, and get both^^
    free things makes me a happy camper! lol

  30. Jenn, yes, i write everything, from toner, to facial wash to moisturizers, to sunblock! Everything hahaha OC alert! Thanks for sharing your HG moisturizer to us!

    Abby, lucky you for not needing moisturizers!

    Miracle, my pleasure, doing product reviews make me happy! :) About pimples and acne, you just have to make sure you use products that are ok for sensitive skin, have you seen dermatologist for those?

    Renren, yes! :)

    Aquaracer, I am sorry this doesn't work for you, I have a feeling this wouldn't work to oily skin too! So true about differences of skin!

    Rasilla, i am annoyed too! i have to turn it upside down then scrape the product using a spatula :)Free things make me happy too hahahhahaa

  31. the moisturizer i use now is IMPERIALIS by LUSH and i really love it. i am def going to repurchase after i'm done. as far as the clinique one, i didn't see a lot of results with that. it wasn't very moisturizing. but use what works for you!

  32. Yeah, my face is too greasy and if I put more stuff on it it breaks out.

  33. The lotion doesn't work for me (too rich), but the gel totally does. One thing though, how the heck do you scrape out the remaining bits?! I can't even do it with a spatula. In the end I had to scrape it with my fingers. Ugh.

  34. Jensmakeupbag, Hmm...I have never seen it! Anyone in the Philippines? Let me know if we have it? Thanks for giving the heads up on this! :)

    Abby, I understand, so you must be super oily then? I hope you have something aside from primer to help control the oilies

    Tine, I love love love the GEL TOO!

  35. I love how you date your products. I do the same!

  36. Sis, you suppose to use anti-ageing and sunscreen on top of this and that's what I've been doing before I started with my La Mer. Although I never date the things that I use and I think I should start doing that too hahahaha! However, with my La Mer product, my beauty consultant writes the date down on my skin care card everytime I purchase something

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