Monday, March 30, 2009

Askmewhats Report: My Lancome Club Launch

March 25, 2009

Marks a lovely night for Lancome. Me and fellow beauty bloggers were invited for MyLancome launch.

The elite Parisian beauty club that has delighted luxury consumers worldwide is now available to Filipinas who love luxury and beauty -- the MyLancome Beauty Club.

This exclusive club help share with us the vision of beauty, the commitment of Lancome to making each member someone who is totally unique.

Here's how the beautiful the event greeted us!

Me and Shen of Kikay Pinay
working it out!

Allison Salvador from Lancome
Joined the camwhorers! lol

Each lady attendee
was given a single white rose

Though it drizzled,

the event went on

with wonderful looking umbrellas!
Here are the people from Lancome Philippines
with the Women of Lancome

Sis Jheng and Sis Jamie
joined Shen and I
for more camwhoring!

What's the details from the event?

Lancome Paris joins the writing of love story through Lancome Weddings. Packages that will help prepare the beautiful bride for the most important day of her life.

There are 3 packages to choose from for the bride to have the most luxurious pampering to prepare her for the big day (for more details, see contact details below).

In cooperation with the famous bridal couturier, Frederick Peralta, showcases his collection of elegant evening gowns together with the Lancome Makeup Expert, Jenny Malayao, Lancome Makeup Artists Sabs Hernandez, Tatin Yang, Stacey Tan Gana- Bravo, Maris delos Reyes, and Lancome Chief Makeup Artist, Gela Laurel-Tehmeier in a fashion show which highlighted the world famous Lancome Bridal Looks.

Here's Mr. Frederick Peralta
with his model wearing his Bridal Gown
after the wonderful fashion show

*whew* Airconditioned place!
We went to visit
the newly opened
Lancome Boutique

And we can't help pose again
for another Lancome Boutique shot!

(sis Jheng wants to eat the flower!)

Customers and guests
checking out Lancome products

Before I end this post
Let me leave you a crazy shot! :)
(L-R Jamie, Jheng, Shen and I)

Lancome Paris Flagship Store
Ground Floor Greenbelt 5, Phase 2

tel nos: 729.9394/729.9395

Have a wonderful week ahead!
I had a looooooonngggg weekend!
We had a guest who came over so me
and my colleagues are her tour guides!

How's your weekend?

Stay happy!!!


  1. Seems like you had a lot of fun!<3

  2. wooow!! hOW I miss Philippines!! :) it looks super fun!! :D

  3. owhh.
    i love this sort of event.
    but i dont get invited much :(
    haha :P

  4. grabbing pics!!:D love yah!:D

  5. Ji, I had fun seeing the bloggers! :) I missed them!!!

    Iyah, come back home!!!

    LyNn, I hope someday we'll see each other!!

    Jamie, go ahead :) It was nice to see you !!!!

  6. Amazng pix, Nikki! So beautiful!!

  7. oh wow! amazing pictures! im not really a lancome fan but i wanna check the store out! you look pretty nikki :)

  8. Aww, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I wish we had events like that around here, boo.

  9. you ladies all look very pretty! did you buy any goodies?

  10. You all looked like you were having so much fun (as I'm sure you did!) :D

  11. How fun to have blogger friends to do things like that with!... hehe~

  12. Lovely pictures :D! <3 your dress :).
    It was so thoughtful and lovely of them to give out flowers ^_^!

  13. now who says you dun have nice events in PH?? :D looks very glam!!

  14. Hi!
    You know what, I think I saw you during the event.. Sabi ko na nga ba e!! Ikaw yun! haha!

    Just passing around GB5.. though tempted to go in sa Lancome store.. baka may freebies pwde mahinge e! hahaha!

    Seems a great event!!

  15. Anastacia, thank you! :)

    Steph, oohhh make sure not to bring a lot of cash if you check out the boutique, hahaha :) It's a nice boutique worth checking.

    Catherine, I think there are events like this, we just have to stick our :)

  16. Jo, we were given some samples as freebies, no need to be in a hurry to purchase anything! But I'll definitely going for the Lancome Bifacil! :D

    ParisB, yes! We had fun! it was hot and humid but its wonderful!!!

    Yumeko, :)

    Ahleessa, it's really fun to do stuffs like these with people who share the same love!

  17. Cris, awww thanks! :) Yes, that single white flower made me feel special! :)

    Beetrice, well Bee, not as much as you gals!!!!

    Ria! Sayang, you should have said hi! I'd love to meet you in person!!! :)

  18. Lovely pix! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  19. This is awesome! Great pics. It's always fun meeting up with other beauty bloggers.

  20. Paint Me gorgeou, yup! it definitely is :)

    Gio! I'm sure if you're down here, we'll see each other

    Fabuless Beauty, yes, you're right! Just like you meeting Nessa and Anne :)

  21. wow! what a fabuless event, so exciting! you all looked gorgeous!

  22. you ladies looked like you had a lot of fun!!! everyone looked pretty :D

  23. how fun!!! i was asked to go to a taiwanese mag. event last weekend but I declined due to my family duty. *_* I always missed out the fun. I later read about the event in the newspaper and i was like, how i wish i could go!

    it's not easy being a mom and a beauty blogger. lol

    ps: i love your dress.

  24. ooooooooooh! You are so lucky! What a fun and wonderful event!

    Thank you for sharing the pics--you all look so chic and glam!

  25. You ladies look so beautiful!! Looks like so much fun.

  26. Cool! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Was this in the Philippines?

  27. you all look so gorgeous!
    seemed like a fun event :)

  28. MakeupByRenRen, sis if you're down here, I'm sure we'll see each other!

    NicNic, thank you!!! :)

    Jojoba, it is difficult to try to fit everything on sched, I had to travel quite far on a week night to go to this event, worth it though :) true about not being easy being a mom, a working girl and a blogger :)

  29. Jamilla Camel, thanks! and no worries, I love sharing events and what's new :)

    B, thanks dearie! *hugs*

    Abby, yes, this event is in the PHilippines, Makati to be exact :)

    Rasilla,yes it was a hot and humid event but FUN! :)

  30. i'm sooo jealous! i wanna hang with you guys soon too!

  31. Wow! You must had a good time there :)

  32. Sab I'll let you know if there are other events! hope to see you!!!

    Devi, yes, we did! :) :) :) If you're here..I'm sure I'll meet up with you! You're a cool girl!

  33. wowzer! such a glamorous event! And all you girls are looking too fab ;)

  34. Connie, :) Thanks

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, definitely! We had a blast :)


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