Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Figaro + 2 New Brushes

Hello friends! :)
Weekend is busy! I've got a colleague from our China office came over for a visit, so me and the colleagues will be guiding her around Manila and of course! Shopping :)

Weekend food tripping came in early because I had to share my love for coffee. A little bit of background, me and the hubby, when we were bfs/gfs, we love to stay at coffee shop and talk about anything!!! When we got married and we live quite far from all the wonderful places of shopping! LOL We decided to reminisce and have a nice quiet meal at Figaro.

Here's what we had for drinks :)
Hubby goes for Caffeine Free Iced Chocolate
Php95.00 (approx $2.00)
and mine is Mango juice!
Php125.00 (approx $2.60)

And I wonder why we were dining at a coffee shop

without COFFEE! LOL

Their Specfialty Pasta

called Pasta a la Carlo

Php199.00 (approx $4.15)

Smoked Farmer's Ham Sandwhich
Php179.00 (approx $3.73)

The Restaurant does not have a lot of food choices but hey! It's coffee shop! What I love about their coffee place is their ambience, simple, quiet and a nice place for a lovely date! :)

We dined at:

Figaro Coffee Company
2nd Floor Glorietta 3 Makati
Tel: 892.4279

I also wanted to add the 2 MAC brushes I bought over the week. If you are on my twitter list, you'll see that I posted a query to choose between the MAC242 and the MAC 239. I've been lemming for both but I wanted just one because I was telling myself (or trying to) that I don't need both.

Liz, a wonderful twitter pal and friend, advised me that MAC242 is great for cream based e/s or any cream based products, while MAC239 is great for powdered e/s. I've decided to buy 239 because I am a powdered e/s user.

But decisions aren't always final! LOL I gave in and bought these 2 because I know these 2 brushes will haunt me forever!

My happy purchase :)

Top: MAC239 Php1,495
Bottom: MAC242: Php1,495

Close up shot

Both are WORTH IT!
They join in my "must have" MAC brushes together with my MAC217.
I heart! I am so happy!!!
In-depth review soon!
I have to take a look
if I can find any CONS from these 2!

Stay happy!!! :)


  1. Can't wait for the in-depth review!

  2. YUM! Mango Juice!! All the food looks delicious!! They are not expensive either!

    I'm hungry now..=(

  3. Nikki,

    Where is the MAC store in the PI? I live in the US, but I'm going on vacay soon and I wanted to visit a MAC store to compare prices. Maybe it's cheaper there. :)

  4. wow that food looks too good!
    yummy looking noodles :D

  5. Xoannie, yup! I will do it asap :)

    Ji, :) Yup!! They are! hehehe

    Iamgrape1119, oh, you're a mango juice lover too!!! *high five!*

    Anonymous, sad to say, MAC isn't cheaper down here in PI as compared to the US. I'd say you go buy your MAC there. We have 2 MAC stores, one at Makati, Rustans and the other one at Shangri-la Mall. Go for Asian products if you want to buy some cosmetics down here! :)

  6. wow mac brushes.
    i can only dream of owning one :P

  7. ok.. seriosly.. those food looks veryyy deliciouss... my kinda food!! ur a food teaser!!!!! hahaha i LOVE food n i always get hungry !!!!

  8. awww man the pasta and sandwich look really yummy!! =9

  9. I like that noodles...

    MAC brushes look pretty cool but I don't like how some of the words can be easily rubbed off (or do I have sweaty palms...)

  10. I like the MAC's an awesome use..!

    I love your food posts...can't wait each read about them!!

  11. love mango juice! lol

    i'm deciding which MAC brushes i NEED...><

  12. i love the pasta at FIGARO! :) i miss you nikki!! :)

  13. OMG I miss Figaro so much!! My favorite was the caffe mocha or something to that effect (the mocha coffee), and I LOVED the Pasta a la Carlo (my fave)! I used to eat that for lunch, both at Glorietta and Robinsons Manila (is this correct, but it's the one beside the hotel). I used to have lunch there before going to the Manila RTC. Memories!! Reading your blog is always a trip down memory lane.

  14. they have MAC at Mall of Asia,too,right?

  15. Sis, wow! More MAC brushes? I can't wait to hear more from you about 239... it looks great! Have a great week sis :)

  16. ::sigh:: I'm even more tempted to buy some more brushes...

    Your food pics always look so good!

  17. Oooh wow the food looks so yummy!

    If you could only have one MAC e/s brush, like, ever, which one would it be? (I'm considering buying one and...can't afford more than one XD) I need advice--should I go for a MAC brush or get other brushes with the money I could've used for the MAC brush?

  18. Nikki!!! i so love ur new babies!!! One day.ill have my own MAC brushes... ive been meaning to get 217...but im on a no buy mode!!! enjoy ur new purchases and ill be waiting for the review. take care and stay fab! i do miss you..seriously!

  19. Th food looks soooo yummy! Can't wait for the in-depth review!

  20. Wow, that food certainly looks yummy. Glad you had fun!

  21. Kasumi, are you a noodle lover like I am?

    LyNn, you can..but slowly! I just recently own some and trust me, its not a lot compared to others. I just research on the best ones :)

    Fun and MakeUp, I am NOT a food teaser lol we just love the same food! *winks*

  22. IchigoBunnie lol :) Guess there's a lot of us pasta lovers!

    Citrine, me too! Don't worry, I don't have sweaty palms and the MAC wording rubbed off on me too!!! I guess nothing can be permanent when it comes to logos or brand names

    Mary, I am loving MAC239 too! So far, I've got nothing like that!!!

  23. Paint Me Gorgeous me too! Love mango juices!! What are you looking into? Powdered e/s or cream? go for 239! it's very versatile!

    Sab, miss you too sis!!!

    ShadesofU, hey!!! when are you coming back home? Let me know..we should definitely share the food!!! Yes, Robinson's Manila used to be right beside the hotel, but it's GONE and its now a new extension to Robinson's Manila... :)

    Leigh, yes they do. At Marrionaud.

  24. Sis Gracie, just these 2, I've been wanting these 2 and I told myself I will stop..just these 2..just these am telling myself that! hahahah

    K, I know..MAC brushes are always calling us..and I like it how different each brush works and look, the length, the size etc..

    Chrissy, I would say MAC239! :)

    RoyalMocha..hey dear! i missed you!!!! I know about you being on a no buy mode...hey! you don't even need to buy more! I saw your cute room, your Chanel Red've got everything a girl could wish for! :)

  25. Gio, sure! soon!!!

    Abby, yes I had fun when it comes to food! I always enjoy food! hahha

  26. wow another MAC haul...I want new brushes too =D hehe

  27. OMG i can't wait till i go to the Philippines for some food tripping with you he he...those MAC brushes are must haves!

  28. food looks good!! mac brushes... are great... but so pricey!! T_T

  29. Anastacia, you are into these type of food too?

    Kim, we should stop buying brushes! hahahha

    RenRen, thanks for saying that, I do have a feeling those 2 brushes are the must haves, soooo useful! :) Let us know when you're here in PI!

    NicNic, true about mAC brushes being pricey, so really, had to save up and monitor the MORE gigs for more brushes lol

  30. I have the 242 brush but I'm not using it anymore. I got it together with my paintpot since the MUA from MAC told me it's the best brush for that.. but I dunno. It kinda doesnt work on me. Plus, now the logo can be read as MAC 212 haha!

    I'm also thinking of getting the MAC 239 but I need more convincing.. so I'll wait for your review. =)

    Do you consider buying the 219 brush int he near future? =)

  31. Gem I love MAC242 for cream e/s! and foiling pigments! :) I know what you mean about the MAC label! hahaha I haven't considered buying MAC 219 yet, but I'm not closing my doors! LOL I'll use MAC239 more often and will review soon! I hope you can still wait!


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