Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A with Askmewhats


Since you are a beauty blogger, how do you wear your makeup everyday?

Askmewhats Answers:

Surprisingly, well not surprisingly to most who has seen me, I don't wear so much makeup daily. First, because my work does not entail me to meet anyone so I try to wear the least makeup as possible to help maintain my "youthful" skin! LOL

Of course I do change eye makeup color but my favorite neutral look would look like this!

Yes, boring neutrals!
What more can I say? lol

Eyes open

It is my signature look to have
shimmer on the inner corner of my eye!
Yes I need wide awake look

Contour my cheeks
since I'm on a neutral eye makeup
I do play with bright lippies :)


"How long does it take for packages to arrive in the Philippines if I ordered online?"

Askmewhats Answer

So many readers have asked me that question and I think the answer deserves it's own space on my blog.

Again, packages arriving in the Philippines depend on the local postal office. Bigger PO takes longer because it takes time for the worker to write down details on the notice card. I have packages arrived months after and some packages arrived as early as one week.

Some tips you should know:
  • try to choose "unregistered" post, I know this sounds weird but registered post (no matter how small the product or package be) needs you to pick them up at the postal office. They will NEVER deliver registered packages straight to home.
  • try to suggest to the seller or the sender of your packages to pack the packages in small to medium sized bubbled envelope, it tends to be delivered straight home that way.
  • boxed items usually takes a month or more to arrive, sadly, in my case and my friend's case, packages at times get lost! *sigh*
  • do not jump to conclusions at once and demand refund or action from the seller, embarrassing to say, I've received packages that are stamped to have arrived in our postal office weeks earlier before they decided to send the notice card of the packages.
  • if you don't have patience: online shopping is not for you
I hope my tips help :) Feel free to ask me questions if you have any! But bottom line, everything boils down to the mood of the P.O. worker! :)


"How long did your EYEKO orders arrive, did you receive any confirmation email from them?"

Askmewhats Answer

Since a lot of my readers has asked me about the EYEKO orders, I've emailed the company directly for answers. Quote: "If you have made an order and it says 'Pending' on the website this means that it has been sent. Please allow up to 10 working days for your order to arrive"


Most of the queries left at cbox or my comment sections are answered directly. I will be including questions for Reader's Corner: "Q&A with Askmewhats" if the queries have been asked more than once :)

Thanks for all the trust on my blog. I will do my best to answer them with the best of my knowledge. But of course, I am human, so any additional or corrections you may add, feel free! :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!
Stay Happy!!!!


  1. thanks for that eyeko answer! my thing was saying pending for awhile !! :)

  2. I wear a neutral look every day too! But that's cause I'm still in school, there's not reason for me to wear bold colors. I'd probably blind one of my old teachers!

  3. I love the look =)
    Something i'd do everyday <3

    You have a great smile by the way!

  4. I love your everyday make-up! Looks very pretty!

  5. Wow, why does mail delivery take so long in the Philippines? Is it bc your so far away on a lovely tropical island? Maybe I will put myself in a box and ship myself there.

  6. You're right. If people don't have the patience to order online then they shouldn't. This causes the company to remove the Philippines from their list of destinations bec. of other people's impatience. Kawawa naman other customers (like me). I ordered from Tiny Tapir and asked them to send the pkg "unregistered" but I still picked it up at the PO :-(

  7. Shexilicious, you're welcome! I think I was told by Eyeko that they will fix everything because they got so much orders that everything went crazy hahah

    Xoannie, so true!!! I understand your point!

    Fuz, thanks sweetie!

  8. Beeyoutiful7, thanks for loving my smile :)

    Anastacia, thanks sweetie!

    Kendall, I think it's not because we're far away, it takes too long because of our local really can't read their mind, it really depends on their mood when they would deliver your packages!

  9. Nikkiz, right on! I totally hear you!!! I don't like it with what's happening with all those lost packages, I don't like that someday sellers will include the Philippines on the "WE DON'T SHIP TO THESE COUNTRIES" ! When I had my Tiny Tapir order shipped unregistered, I got it straight at it really depends on the mood of the postal office people! hay but you got it na? How you like it?

  10. I am loving your lipstick/gloss that you are using in that pic! what is it?
    Neutrals are not boring! I love that look on you! so pretty!

  11. thats a lovely neutral look and not boring at all

  12. Kasumi,it's 4U2 lipstick, not sure if you have it there. Its made by BEL-AIR cosmetics :)

    Yumeko, thanks dear!!!

  13. Neutral eyes are the best! i tend to not wear too much make up too and sometimes I don't wear any at all.. except for my SPF! hah! :p

  14. i love your neutral look! im a fan of neutrals too. lately, ive been experimenting with other neutral looks but i keep on returning to a somewhat similar look you have since its the most natural look i come up with. LOL. as for the packages, im guilty. haha i got so praning over my eyeko order since it was my first international order that i had sent directly to my home. now i know better. LOL. thanks nikki :D

  15. Sure you don't put makeup all the time, but you have pretty nails everyday! That makes up for it (or that's even better). :)

  16. Iyah, oohh you're a good girl for being loyal to SPF :) I am trying to be an SPF user too!!! DAILY!!! :)

    Steph, I'm glad your orders got sent directly to home, oh no! First order leads to more orders soon! I hope you liked it :) And thanks for liking my neutral look.

    Shades of U, awww thanks sister!!! :D

  17. That's a very pretty neutral look!

  18. pretty neutral!! haha. i dun even wear eyeshadow.. coz i havnt mastered the skill on my monolids yet :p

    i need a make over session with ya!! LOL! let me know when u visit singapore alright!! hehe ^^


    you are always being so helpful to all your readers! :)) thanks for sharing all your knowledge to us...


  19. Gio :) Thanks

    Miracle, I will of course let you know if I visit Singapore!!! Someday ..someday!!!

  20. Just some input re unregistered/registered packages: ultimately it doesn’t matter if you ship unregistered. What matters is if the package has a customs declaration. If it has one, it will definitely go through the customs, and will take a longer time. If it has none, it will be shipped directly to your local PO and your mailman will deliver it straight to your house.

    One of these days I will really read the customs code to get an idea on the fees they should be charging us.

  21. Hi Nikki! Yes, I got my package weeks ago. I like the cloth pads although they do need some "getting-used to it" period of wear.

  22. Melvel, hey! thanks for the info! that is very useful, it's weird though, I have one with customs declaration and it went straight's really safe to say..IT DEPENDS on the mood of the postal office workers! :)

    Nikkiz, yay! me, I've been using it daily and I'm used to it, it really helps what's "down under" :)

  23. I reckon that after a while, with lots and lots of practice, even neutrals can look very nice :) At some point I couldn't be bothered with eyeshadow anymore; just foundation, powder, blush, gloss, done! :P

  24. Tine, so true, I've been doing different "neutrals" lately because of work, and you're right! at times, I just have eyeliner for the eyes and I'm good to go !


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