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Askmewhats Reviews: Changpo Hair Coating Essences

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Our crowning glory!!! Another hair product review for everyone! :)

Changpo Hair Coating Essence says ---

Changpo (Iris) is very well-known plant which Korean women have been using for ages to replenish moisture silkiness and shine. Formulated with Iris extract this hair care line improves damaged hair due to frequent perms or harmful pollutants.

This non-sticky essence helps prevent knots in curly brittle hair for greater manageability. Silicone polymers coat cuticles and split ends for silky smooth.

Askmewhats says ---

  • non sticky
  • hair feels smooth
  • smells wonderful
  • affordable
  • product lasts a long time!
  • nice pump packaging, no spill or wastage
  • right size, easy to carry around
  • none

Everybody knows how much I love my TFS Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair isn't magically straight because of it but my hair is shinier and softer. After my success with the Shampoo and Conditioner, I've decided to use a serum that's on the same line. It is worth it because it's non-greasy and works really well. Hair smells great and soft to the touch.

  • squirt once for short to medium length hair
  • squirt twice for long hair
  • rub the product on your palm first before spreading the product onto the mid section down to the ends of the hair
  • store in cool dry place
  • in my opinion, I prefer applying this serum on semi-dried to dry hair (effect is better compared to applying on wet hair)
Will I repurchase?


Where did I purchase and how much?

At The Face Shop stores for Php345 (approx $7.00)

Visuals time!
A packaging so nice

It fits the hand and easy to take along

Pump is very use to use
no spillage

Please click to enlarge

if you want to read the details
at the back of the bottle

Here's how it looks like :)

Here's my hair after application
Changpo Hair Coating Essences


I got my happy package for my 2nd order from the Makeup Mix Shop! So happy it came straight my home! What did I get?

  • CS Gel Liner in White
  • Ecotools Bamboo 5-pcs Brush set
  • Ecotools Bamboo eyeliner brush
  • Freebie -- Makeup Masala Mineral in Sada

I am happy with my purchases! :)
Have a wonderful day!
Stay Happy!


  1. wow love the white gel liner swatch. DO A LOOK!!! DOO A LOOKK!! lol
    ooo shiny hairrr :) so envious ;)

  2. Ooooh do a look using the white liner!

  3. Your hair looks absolutely perfect! Unfortunately, I don't think that this wonder product is sold in Europe!!

  4. How cool, your hair is so shiny! I wish that's available in US!

  5. hi =) its my first time here hehe i love ur blog btw. thanks for the review, im gonna go check it out

  6. i must say
    your hair looks awesome :P

  7. yeay for toma! i wonder if white gel will smudge on me. LOL. i haven't started using the eco tools <3 still in love with it. btw, today toma is having free shipping with ANY purchase!!!!

  8. Kasumi, hahahah Ok Ok :) I will try, thanks!!!

    Xoannie, hahah I will try to do a look soon! :)

    Jamilla Camel, oh yeah, I heard that it's not available in most countries ! too bad

  9. Fuz, Your hair is already gorgeous!!!

    Ilovepink, hey! thanks for leaving a nice comment, hope to see more of you in the future! :)

    Lynn, thanks!!

    Prettybeautiful, yes! I saw the free shipping for any order sign! UH OH!!! About the white CS gel liner, skip it, if true black and other colors smudges on you, this will smudge on you for sure! I think this works great as a base make up :)

  10. How much was the eco tools brush set?

    Also, could you recommend any hair product I could use to tame my hair? It's wavy and tends to get very frizzy/unmanageable... Sigh.

  11. I love your hair! Although I find no need for it (because my hair is straight) I might give it a try :p and ooh! another gel liner ^_^ do a look with it! now I have gel liner cravings XD

  12. TFS is having sales! I might drop by to see if this is on sale too! :p

    But I have so many hair stuff already! Yikes!

  13. Chrissy, the Ecotools brush set is $11.75, if you want them, go to MakeupMix shop (link on this blog post) and you can have free shipping on any amount of order! :)
    For frizzy hair, I suggest you try to do weekly treatments, purchase hair treatment and wrap them over the weekend, then on weekdays, use an anti-frizz serum like Citre Shine or this one :)

    Gia, thanks! I know what you mean, I also have straight hair but this makes my hair super soft! and tangle free :)

    Plue, lucky you, go drop by their store, seldom do we have sales at TFS down here!

  14. you hair looks so soft! i really like your hair color too!

  15. Thanks for the review Nikki!! Your hair looks GREAT!! so soft and shiny!!

    i MUST check this out when i go back!! My hair has been neglected by mua for the longest time ever! hahaha!!

  16. Hi Nikki! I've already tried the Changpo shampoo and conditioner. So far it's working well on me. It's true that it doesn't magically straighten your hair but it's makes my hair softer and it smells great =D Thanks for your reviews!

  17. your hair looks soooo healthy!!

  18. AWE! I need this product! Thanks for this reciew! I 'll be purchase it very very soon! Great review :]

  19. M, thanks, it's home hair colouring! :)

    Jenn, hahahah I know what you mean, we have to make sure our hair is nice too, I sometimes had my hair all tangled, so I really need to take care of it!

    Yumyumsushi,thanks :)

    Anastacia, you are welcome! Yeah, if you go back to Korea, I'm sure The Face Shop products there are cheaper! :)

  20. wow! i]ll be waiting for your reviews for the ecotools brush set..

  21. your hair looks really healthyy!! will keep a look out when i go TFS next time! :D

    yeyy!! i got more LA color art deco pens!! ^^ after receiving their email about free shipping worldwide! hahas.. i got all the colors but the baby pink is sold out! :(( i love free shipping!! but it's only for today! so i have to grab it real fast..hahas :D
    thanks so much for rec the shop! mwahh!! :D

  22. ohhh i wanna try it! im always looking for new serums for my hair...

  23. thanks for the post. i'm always on the hunt for serums and anti-frizz stuff since my hair's friggin frizzy!! haha.

    i wonder if it makes your hair oily, though?

  24. Khymm , sure I will do!!! :) But I'm on the stage of using them to see how they really work :) Please wait and I'm sure you'll see the reviews soon!!!

    miRaCLe, thanks! :) I'm glad you got more LA Color Nail art pens, I love them!!! I'm sorry to read that Baby pink has been sold out, but at least you were able to order more with free shipping!!! :) You are very much welcome for the's my pleasure

    Renren, you can definitely try them once you come here, there's Face Shop stores down here! :)

    Aquaracer, so far, if you applied it with the right amount and apply only from the mid part of your hair down to the ends, it won't be oily at all! :) It's proven because I am living in a hot and humid country and so far, it doesn't oil on me! :)

  25. Oh wow, your hair is so shiny!! Looks like that serum is really doing it's job!

    And oh - I'm so excited for your review of the EcoTools brushes. I love that minral set! And I've been on the hunt for that eyeliner brush.

  26. Your hair looks so healthy and shiny!

  27. WOAH! Your hair is so shiny and smooth!! *iz jealous*

    I NEED that! LOL! Thanks for the review, hun!

  28. i'm thinking of getting the ecotools set!

  29. Catherine, thanks for saying so..and so far I do use this most of the time and when I iron my hair, I do use my CHI :) Silk Infusion :)

    Gio, thank you! :)

    Iamgrape1119, thank you sweetie

    Paint me Gorgeous...sorry for making you lemm for it, but if you have a lot of brushes, you honestly don't need more (sorry, I'm telling this advise to myself) hahaha

  30. wow, you got your ecotools na! i envy you. i just ordered mine, so it will take another week before it arrives here.

  31. Thanks for all your sweet comments! And I'm glad I apologized in public, I'm trying to fix everything. Email me at and I can tell you what happened. I got your package! Nikki, you really didn't have to send me anything but I loved it! I'm going to try the BB cream you sent me today :)

  32. Musicalfanlovesminerals, yup! i finally got my ecotools...i hope you get yours soon!!

    Xoannie, goodluck!! I hope things will be ok!

  33. Hey you got the Ecotools! Review review review! :D


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