Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "April Fool's Day" Blues

Happy April Fools Day Everyone!

There isn't anything exciting about people fooling each other. So I won't do any of those! hahaha I have made a look though, it's April Fool's Day Blues.

I revisited my Laura Mercier quad and I can't believe I didn't touch it for awhile.

How did I achieve this look?

Step 1:

Before anything else, I applied CS Silk White Gel Liner on lid as base. Pat using my fingers.

Using a fluffy blending brush, apply Laura Mercier light blue color all over lid

Step 2:

With a flat shader brush, apply the darkest color from the LM Blue Sky Quad on the lid area, slowly blending outward.

Step 3:

Highlight the browbone and inner corner with any soft brush using my favorite Bourjois Beige Rose.

Step 4:

Line my eyes with CS True Black, wing it a bit, apply the lower lashline too

Curled my lashes and applied mascara

Here's the Look

April Fool's Blues! :)

And what's on the rest of my face?

For the face

MAC SF liquid NC30
mixed with CG TruBlend no.1

For the Cheeks

MAC Grand Duo Blush
in Light over Dark

Top a bit with P&J Face Color 08

For the Lips

Conceal the color of my lips
with ELF Tone Correcting concealer Light
Use In2It lipstick in Fresco

Enjoying the summer?

Happy April Fool's Day!
Don't let people fool you today! :)
Stay Happy!


  1. This is a good look on you! Love the look.

  2. Nikki, you did a great job with these blue e/s. You blended so well!

  3. it looks so fresh! and I you used very little make up :p

  4. that's a really pretty blue look (:
    It reminds me of MAC's freshwater.

  5. Aw blue looks really good on you!!

  6. SO pretty :)
    I'm jealous! Summer in Toronto doesn't start until June 21st or something... BAAHH!!

  7. Cleung341 hey, thanks for dropping by

    Jess, thanks for saying so!

    Gia, actually I did used only a little but it is more vibrant in person! I guess I have the master my photography skill! LOL

    Tina Marie Online, hey thanks , I don't own MAC freshwater, it's nice I have a dupe!

    Toma, thanks

    Fuz,hey, thanks for saying so ,coming from you, the queen of lovely looks!

    Shexilicious, I know what you mean, my aunt and uncle live in Toronto and they're complaining about the weather there! Keep warm!

  8. Sooooo pretty! I like this look! On you it looks gorgeous!!!

  9. You look absolutely beautiful! I love this look on you.

  10. Beautiful! :D

    I love the blues on you...very refreshing :D

    I seem to hoarding a lot of blue/green hued e/s but never seem, or can never find an excuse to wear them :-/

  11. great job nikki! you wear blue well. for me blue always look funny >.<

  12. Wow, I love the eyeshadow and the blush! They're gorgeous on you! I've been contemplating new blues and new blush so this is perfect. Thank you!

  13. Anastacia , thank you for saying sweet things to me! made me smile!

    B, thanks girl!

    Gingerbee, come to think of it, I am hoarding more greens because greens look better on my skin tone, I'm glad you find blue ok for me :)

    M, hahah I sometimes look weird on blues too, it really depends on the shade!

    Catherine, hey, I'm glad to be of help!!!

    Miracle, thank you sweetie!

  14. will there be nails to match hee

    btw i sent u a package last week , hope u get it soon!

  15. nikki! this is probably one of my most favorite looks on you. i think blue really suits you. happy april fools! (and im not kidding with my comment lol) :D

  16. that's a gorgeous blue! & a gorgeous you! wow
    it suites you well nikki

  17. this is such a nice look! i'll try it some time.

  18. i like tat blue colors on u.. i love to wear blue but I just dunno how to pull the colors out... how did u apply gel liner as a base ? doesn't it crease or patchy ? my gel liner doesn't seems workable as a base...

  19. Ohhh...I forgot that it's April Fool's day today =D Blue is my fav color for a night out. It looks great on you Nikki!

  20. Love this look (: very pretty & nice colors.

  21. You look so sultry Nikki!! You should wear this look out more often!! :D

    ps: i love your shades!! :D

  22. weee i didnt get fooled today!

    love your blues :D

    btw, i hate the fact that ALL eyeliners smudge on me. SIGH.

  23. Yumeko, I will work for the matching nails and eye look soon! hahaha for you girl! for you! :) Hey, thanks so much for sending a package, i'll let you know as soon as I receive it! :) TIA!

    Steph, really? You like blues for me? I find it really hard to use blues on regular days, if I want blues to look good on me, I had to apply it super dark :) thanks for saying you're not kidding with the comment! hahah Happy April Fool's Day to you too! :)

    Yumyumsushi, thanks!!!!

  24. Musicalfanlovesminerals, go for it! i'd love to see it!

    Syn@3sTh3sI@ I use a brush to apply the white eyeliner from CS then gently use my fingers to spread it out, the warmth of my fingers help spread it out, so far, it works! :)

    Kim, thanks!!!! :)

    ECT, thanks for the comment! nice to see you here!

    Jenn, hey! I don't see myself as Sultry hahahah I find it ...hmm...hahahah I'm not used to it, but it's nice to hear that adjective used on me! :)

    Prettybeautiful, yay for you not being fooled, me too! I guess we both have understanding friends hahaha!I have a feeling that ALL eyeliner smudges on you, even MM gel liners right? oh..sorry to hear that!

  25. Lovely! And I didn't get pranked today! :D

  26. lovely look^^
    youre so lucky you got the charisma to pull off all colours :)
    i need to get me some of that :P

  27. i agree with everybody else, blue looks great on you!! and really good blending skills! :)

    i miss summer in the phils :( wanna go to pearl farm, hehe ;-)

  28. So pretty! Blues look grat on you!

  29. LOVE this smoky blue look on you!! You pull off blue so well, thats a color that I'm really scared to wear!!

  30. Yes, it looks really good! No one tried to trick me or anything today... luckily.

  31. You look very chic and sophisticated with this look--it really suits you!

    I like the darker shadows on you too.

  32. Wow the colours on the quad sure is pigmented. And blue, I LOVE blue on the eyes :)

    PS: Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while. You're going to receive a bombardment of comments today ;D

  33. Connie, great for you! me too!!!

    Renren, thanks dearie!

    Rasilla, hahahah thanks for giving me a pat on the shoulder! I am not really that into blues because it turns gray on me if I used it sparingly, I have to apply it super dark to be able to pull it off! :)

  34. Aquaracer, hey thanks! I appreciate the nice comment, oohh if you're down here, you'll probably wish you're in an air conditioned room all day! hahah Pearl Farm! Too far from Manila ehhehehe

    Vanessa M, thanks dear!

    Gio, thank you sweet sister for always giving me a positive comment!

  35. Paint Me Gorgeous, thanks dear!

    Audrie, trust me, I'm still scared at times to wear blues~ hhahaha

    Abby, yay for no one tricking you!!! Maybe today? hahahaha Joking aside!

    Jamilla Camel, thanks for saying so! wow Chic and Sophisticated, both adjectives I lurve! :P

    Tine, hey girl! it's ok, I understand how busy you are ! Thanks for leaving loads of love!

  36. You look good with blue/navy colored eyeshadows! :)

  37. my nikki is so pretty in her blue.. keep smiling sunshine!

  38. love this blue look! very pretty and cute at the last picture!

  39. the LM blue quad is so you1 who said asians can't wear blues. we definitely can and it's one of the best colours for us in fact. i love this post.

  40. Ahleessa, thanks for saying so! :)

    Yummy411, hey!!! thank you sweetheart, I missed you girl!!

    NicNic, thanks dear!

    Jojoba, I know you've said that to me once, but gosh! it is really tricky to wear blue, but if you mastered it, I guess it is slammin'! :)

  41. how in the world do you blend shadows so well? so pretty and natural, Nikki! I feel like a fool for not knowing make up application the way most girls do!

  42. dethroned_p'cess, hey sweet girl! Thanks for saying those kind words, girl! I do fool around so long with make up! and I still make mistake, so I'm sure you'll get there being comfortable putting on make up :)

  43. aww I like the last pic a lot. You look so cute hehe :)

  44. Kasumi, thanks Kasumi for being a sweetheart :)

  45. i love ur full face shots! i dont seee that often on ur blog hehehe niceee smokey blue tooo

  46. FuN and MakeUp, come to think of it, you are right! I don't put up a full face of myself much! LOL One reason is, I want to remain mysterious *ROFL*!!! I'm just joking hahaha! No tomatoes throwing please!

  47. love ur smokey eyes!! They look so sexy!

  48. ooh pretty. blues look good on you


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