Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A

Good weekend everyone!

I have a question that I wanted to answer so everyone can read this answer as well! :) Thank you again everyone for being such sweet readers! The emails and comments that I've received are priceless! *group hugs*


"How can I create curls if I don't want to use heating tools? Any tips?"

Askmewhats answers:

Thanks for the question, I have been creating curls the natural way for years, I recently just owned a curling iron courtesy of Grace! I don't like tight curls, I like waves and natural looking curls. How do I do it?

Thanks to Paris B. for giving me the chance to guest write on her wonderful blog My Women Stuff. Here's the article I've written on "Making those Sexy Waves without the Heat"

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I will be back soon!!! And will probably do a food post if I have the chance! :)
Let me know how your weekend goes!
Do share your tips on the query from our reader :)
Many heads are always better with just 1 crazy one! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. thnx for the tips, Nikki! it's really useful :) maybe i'll try it someday when i'm not so lazy hohoho

  2. I'm not sure about tight ringlet type curls, but for sexy beach waves just shampoo your hair the night before, section it into little buns (tie or pin) and when you wake up in the morning and let them out your hair will be super soft and wavy minus the heat :)

  3. nice tips n easy to do too!! :D although Im abit lazy at doing my hair so I just got my hair permed to solve the problem XD

  4. HI! Nikki! Check ou this link

    I hope it will be works for you!

  5. i remember tht post!!! i tried curling my hair once by leaving braids in the hair overnite. but then i realized..curly hair is really not for me. lol

  6. Yay, finally curls without the heat! I haven't heat styled in 4 yrs so even though I -just- bought myself a curling iron weeks ago, I'm afraid to use it cos well, I'm chickewuss, I havne't used a heating tool in so long, not to mention I'm afraid I burn myself (clumsy) :P You have such lovely healthy hair, Nikki! *envy* :)

  7. Great Tips!! ^^
    thanks for sharing~~ :D

  8. Ai , hey !! nice to see you! how have you been busy girl? thanks for leaving some lovin'!

    Sarah,that's a great tip! thanks for sharing!

    Hana aka acutelife , hahahahha I would never perm my hair, that's just me because I get bored easily :)

    my_makeup_mania, thank you!!!! :D

    prettybeautiful, yes, straight hair looks wonderful on yoU!!! You'll look more mature with curly hair!

    innerchild , true about tools, I want healthy hair so I steer away from heat, I do that once in awhile on special occasion :)

    miRacle, my pleasure ;)

  9. Nikki! Thanks for the link love :D I tried your tips once when my hair was longer but now my hair is short I can't do it anymore. Then curly hair isn't quite me either :) Can't wait to read your HK hauls

  10. Hi PB, it is my honor to guest write on your blog :) Thanks for the opportunity and I'm glad curly hair gives me justice LOL :)

  11. Hi!

    Been wondering, do you use some special product to clean your brushes? Both new and used. I don't have any of my own yet but when i do, i want to be ready!

    Is it the same product for lips and other parts of the face?


  12. Abby, I use johnson's baby shampoo plus dishwashing liquid (IVORY that's really gentle) mixed together to wash both new and used brushes, then I spritz it with the "Koren Home made blush cleansers" (you can search it in this blog on how to do it) , hope this helps :)


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