Saturday, May 30, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Graduation Day

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for all the sweet comments on my school post!!! This is the final school report and I hope everyone enjoyed my journey!

Our finals/ graduation day required us to do at least one look. We originally thought of doing 2 looks but doing 2 looks for 1 model is quite difficult so everyone decided to do just one. I've thought of a look that I haven't done yet for a nice portfolio. That's when I decided I'll go for Avant Garde Look.

Avant Garde Look.

What am I going to do? I was searching for a super look to challenge myself as I've always been scared of drawing! My brother is the artist in our family and I've always had him help me out in any school activities that deals with drawing!

Now this is makeup, I cannot have my brother help me out! I have to go ahead and conquer my fear, I've chosen a look done by the wonderful Julia who's super talented and she left me in "AWE" when I saw her photos! Check out her blog and you'll know what I mean :)

Here's the photo that inspired me to do the same! Check out her youtube video that goes with this wonderful look too! :)

Thanks to Julia from
for permitting me to attach her image here.

Here's my version!
I've changed the eye makeup

Done one tree

Model: Hannah

Hair done by yours truly too!
I love her smile!

The photo below was taken
Mr. Jeaves Gabiana

Products used ---

Face (Base)

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation
MUFE Concealer palette
P&J Dual Powder Foundation no. 30
MAC Sculpt and Shape Shadester to contour

Face (Art)

Kryolan Supracolor
PAC blue e/s
NYX Mermaid Green e/s
NYX Yellow e/s
Loose Powder from Joppa in white

Stila Smudgepots in Black to draw trees
Stars from Vente store

MAC Coquette e/s for brows
CS palette black e/s
PAC e/s in pearl blue
CS palette yellow e/s
NYX Pearl mania in blue
NYX pearl mania in gold
MUFE Aqua eyeliner in Black
Stila Smudgepots in Black
P&J Curly Mascara in Black

Kiehl's no. 1 lip balm
MAC Russian Red
NYX Pearl Mania in Red

This is the famous
Stairway Shot

all graduates will have this shot! lol

YAY! We're graduates!
Basement Academy Batch 15

That's us!!!!

I am missing everyone! :)
My legs are super tired from all the walking
Weather in HK isn't that great,
but no one can stop me! :P

Keep Smilin!
Stay Happy!


  1. Amazing look! I am impressed :)

  2. this is so intersting! congrats! you made it. i love the last dramatic look. and i also love your stairway photos. a beautiful bunch!

  3. Awwwwww. the look you did was sooo gorgeous. Congratualtions and thanks for sharing everything you've learned :)

  4. you left me an AWE too! your work is simply amazing, Nikki! :)

  5. Nikki I was really amazed when I saw this. I'm sure you'll be a very successful makeup artist! Good luck sis

  6. Congrats on graduating Nikki!! :D

    You did an amazing job on the avant garde look!! The gradient blending is superb!! :D

  7. this is super !!! I love it!!!

  8. You did a great job in replicating Misschievous' look! It looks like so much fun, perhaps I should take a course :)

  9. Congrats nikki!your final project looks wonderful :)

  10. oh wow! you really have talent ms nikie now i know why you wanted to be make up artist!!

    what brushes did you used?

  11. Wow... really amazing and an awesome idea.... :-) it looked pretty good to seee a tree on her face :D

  12. Dude! That is awesome! Actually, this look reminds me of Mardi Gras, a holiday that's celebrated in Louisiana and makeup-wise it's mostly bright vibrant colors, usually green, yellow, and purple. Masks are sometimes worn as well to look mysterious and mischievous. Mardi Gras is celebrated one day before Ash Wednesday (a Roman Catholic holy day that marks the beginning ofthe Lenten season) and it's a day where you basically go wild before you repent and be solemn for the Lent season for 2 months haha. I won't go into further details about Mardi Gras. Let's just say the parades involve screaming and sometimes booby flashing xD

  13. Congratulations! The makeup was impressive! No, that is an is worthy of a gold medal. if there is one ;p

  14. Really great job replicating the look! She always amazes me and you did her great justice. :D Congrats on graduating!!

  15. you did a great job as always congratulations nikki!

  16. you did a great job as always congratulations nikki!

  17. Congratulations Nikki! Wow, this look is gorgeous! You did an amazing job!

  18. I love it!! Looks amazing (: And congratulations on graduating!

  19. Congrats on graduating MU school sis! :D Well done on the look! It must be so hard, I don't and can't draw, too :) You did so well!

    Oh, and walking in HK can be insane! Hope you're enjoying the shopping. Mwah!

  20. Awww~~
    CONGRATS!!! and amazing final project!! <3


  21. Oh dear, it look amazing! great job! You're so good at it. In a way it looked very elegant.

  22. you did an amazing job. all the colours blends beautifully!

  23. nikki sunshine!! you were afraid??? you did an aammmaaaaazinnng job recreating the look! congrats on your graduation! awesomeness ;)

  24. WOW, I am impressed... Julia is creative and very into details. You, Nikki, mastered it and interpreted to your own sense of styles... I love the model as her lips are red glamrous and I do love her smile! You guys are a bunch happy makeup gurus... AWW Keep up the awesome job! :)

  25. wow!!! congrats.. this is simply amazing.. as in..

  26. A massive congratulations to you sis and sis Shen! You've achieved a lot in make up artistry in such a short period of time... it shows you've got great talent in this and I'm sooo proud of you! Well done sis and keep up the good work :)

  27. congrats on your graduation Nikki! and great jobe in your avant garde look..i love Julia too (from spektra to youtube to blogspot hehe) :)

  28. oh wow! my jaw just dropped! im so impressed! :D congratulations nikki! :)

  29. THANKS EVERYONE! for the wonderful comments! I owe this to the lovely inspiration from Julia, all thanks to her! And I am definitely missing school!!!!!! :) Thanks for all the sweet words, you girls pushes me to be a better artist! :) THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

  30. gosh. how did i miss this wonderful post? i really really love the oceanus too! gorgeous! congrats nikki =)

  31. you're model's really pretty! i love your theme very unique! you've done a great job! Russian Red looks nice on her! =)

  32. lol congrats! that last pictures is priceless

  33. Aw congrats on graduation!! That look is simply amazing! Must have taken a lot of work!!!

  34. Congrats on your graduation!! Hun, you're headed for Hollywood!!

  35. this is simply AMAZING! wow, u did great!

  36. wow awesome dupe of Julia's look! When I first saw her look I was shocked! Great job!

  37. OMG you're so talented! I couldn't stop staring at the looks you did. Galing! I could never come up with something like that. Hope you don't mind if I use one of your photos for an article I'm writing on makeup classes in Manila. I'll credit you of course. :)

  38. Can you do reviews about Beauty schools here in Manila.

    I'm choosing between basement salon, Make up forever Academy, LCI and CAS. What do you think?

  39. Hi Akiko, well for one, Basement Academy is now HD Makeup Studio :) You can search them over FB :)

    About the schools, it really boils down to your budget, your location and your schedule! I chose Basement because they have classes after work and its 2 weeks intensive and I don't need to choose my models as they provide you with one! All the schools you mentioned are really good and they really give good teachings and services! :) You can start calling them to ask for their schedules, tuition fee and the time length for learning then you choose from there :)

  40. Your teacher is Mss Cheryl Cabanos pala. I enrolled for a personal class with her, but I wasn't able to finish, kase busy sa life. But yes, she is really good.


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