Friday, May 29, 2009

MAC Russian Red Lipstick Review

Hey everyone!
Remember my old "I Wonder" post on Red Lipstick?

Just so you know, when I wonder, I really do wonder and I do take into account each and every comment like an important advise from a dear friend! Thanks for the recommendation and I'll definitely give them all a try if money is not an issue! :)

A lot of you told me to try MAC's Russian Red, and people! I do listen! :) I did some research and this lip color from MAC is known to be the best Red Lipstick in the world! So who am I to snub this color?

Care to read for my review? .......

Thank you! :D

Up Close

Yes, I've used the lipstick

many times already!

MAC Russian Red lipstick says ---

Described at MAC website as intense bluish red.

Askmewhats says ---


  • gives a huge impact on tired face (good kind of impact)
  • the bluish red shade makes the teeth whiter
  • no shine at all, very matte, perfect for huge lips like mine
  • long lasting
  • looks really good almost on anyone on any skin tone
  • very pigmented
  • matte lipstick formula can be drying to already chapped lips like mine (always make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips several minutes before using a matte lipstick)
  • pricey for a lipstick

A very pretty RED, I didn't feel bad purchasing this lipstick because it really works great on anyone! The red tone came out differently depending on the lip color and skin tone of a person but so far, it works really well on more than 10 people who has tried this!

  • do not apply this lipstick right after application of lip balm as the color will slide off and won't stay
  • if you feel the Russian Red color is too much, dab your lips with a tissue paper right after application
  • use a lipbrush to define the lips as bright red lips can easily enhance flaws of application
  • want a more glam look? Top this with a lipgloss!
  • learned this in Basement Academy: Use this lipstick for black and white photographs! So pretty
  • look for dupes!
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

At MAC Counters Shangri-La or Glorietta for Php900.00 (approx $18.00)

Swatch on hand

My colleagues will kill me
(forgive me :P)
But this is how MAC Russian Red
on different individuals!
See how insanely sexy we look?

Fun Shot

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oho! Lovely lovely red! Problem for me is its MAC and its matte :P heh but it looks lovely on you and all your colleagues too! I will have red lippies - watch out for it! ;)

  2. Wow, so pretty! I haven't worn a red lippie in years but this may just change that. :)

  3. been wanting to buy that lipstick eversince i saw my friend wearing it! I have MAC Red but its like a fuschia-red on me! =) still love it though! You're right MAC lipsticks are kinda expensive but definitely worth it! Im looking for a Russian Red dupe too! =)

  4. wow great post! seriously I love the last two pics!!

  5. Same lipstick on so many people...I have seen Russian red on many places but I will pass on this because the MAC packaging is a bit unappealing to me...

  6. OMG this lipstick is so pretty and sexy!!! Its really amazing how one shade can look so different on different skintones! :D

    Aww... look at all of you!! Such beautiful smiles! :D

  7. It does look good on any skintone! What a fun group shot ;-)

  8. prettyyyyy!!! I have yet to try a red lippie! thanks for the review!

  9. Awww..this might be a solution for me.I have a thick lips and wide mouth so I always shay away from red lipstick.matte red lipstick would be good for me I think :p

  10. It looks lovely on everyone in the photo!

    NYX Eros is a close copy :) Got it for Php 150 in Somera Glorietta 5.

  11. red lips are always sexy! (oh well sometimes scary, tho LOL) but on you, oohh sexy mommaaa :D

  12. wow, never tried MAC lipsticks before (i scurry away from the price tag haha) but this kind of red is luring me in.. :D
    im wondering though if there's a good cheaper dupe for this.. ;)
    i don't wear popping colors on a daily basis but with a bare face, i love wearing my berry-reds and corals :]
    thanks for the review!

  13. mac russian red kinda looks like LOVE THAT RED by everbilena :D ya'll look pretty :D

    pwd siguro yun dupe ng russian red :D

  14. YEY! :D you found your red! :D It seems though that Russian Red looks too off on me :-/

  15. you're rocking that red lipstick Nikki! sexay!

  16. aww super cute
    i love the group shot

  17. Amazing red lippy! Cool color!

  18. Ooooh I LOVE red lippy, but I don't have this one! I really love the sound of it though and it looks amazing on all you gorgeous girlies :) Love the fun happy snap, so cute!!!

  19. i love this post! i saw the title about red lipstick and i had to peek! and so fun that you all wore the lipstick together. put a smile on my tired face.

  20. aww! very nice red!!
    I'm too shy to wear red >.<
    but I like to see other wearing RED!! so sexyy ^^

  21. you look amazing in Red Russian! As do all the other ladies.. I still can't find the one red lipstick that works for me. hehe

  22. hot photo nikki! you all look great. love it!

    i cant pull off the red lippie look unfortunately. dunno, maybe it's coz of the shape of my lips or theyre way too pigmented =/

  23. I love these pictures ^_^! They truly show how this colour works on everyone :).
    Now I just have to buy me one, lol.

  24. Thanks for the review! Everyone looks gorgeouss!!!

  25. Wow i never looked into this lipstick but I definitely will! The tips are very interesting, thanks for the review :)

  26. i HEART red lips! i think they're so pretty and classic. that lippie looks good on all of your friends. i don't have a red lipstick yet and i've been eyeing russian red. i might have to get this.

  27. u all look so pretty with red lips...maybe I should try that lippy as well....thanks for the review...

  28. i don't really wear reds but i'll keep this in mind ;-) maybe one of these days i'll have the courage to try rocking some red lippie..hehe.

    nice fun shots!!

  29. Aww, Nikki! You guys are such jolly good fellows! Seeing all of your smiles brightened my day! You make me feel warm inside, love the lipsticks on all of you! it truly is unique for different individuals... ^_^

  30. I've a medium skin tone and I'm kinda afraid to wear red lipsticks. Your post on MAC Russian Red gave me the confidence to try one. Thanks! (will have to save first so that I can buy MAC lippies.. LOL)

  31. you guys are ravishing hot lol

  32. wow. that shade can really brighten up any face. It's evident with your shot with the colleagues. no, they won't kill you, they look so sexy anyway ;)

  33. cute! You all look gorgeous!

  34. Ooh how lovely! That group shot was an amazing idea, Nikki!

    I've been lemming this lipstick for awhile and I gotta say you just increased my desire for it ten-fold! Gotta try it out next time I wander by a MAC store. Thanks for the amazing post!

  35. i adore the last pic of you and your colleagues!!! looks fab on you you pull off that red really well :)

  36. I never think dat want to try red lipsticks before...but after read ur review, noticed that red lipsticks gave so many Pros...i will definately go and get one soon...thanks:D

  37. Hahahahahaha! Sis Nikki! I've always known that you've got that 'Miss Red' written all over you! Yes, red can make anyone insanely sexy! Muah!

  38. Paris B , I know what you mean about the "matte-ness", it enhances my dry lips at times so I have to be careful in moisturizing it before I use this lippie :)

    Shopn'Chomp , goodluck wearing them! Hope to see you wear RED :)

    Khymm, I'm sure you have loads na!

    DSK, thanks so much!!!

    Citrine, True on their packaging for it's price! But gotta try what's HOT out there!

    Jenn, thanks!and true, that's what I would love to show you gals, it really looks different on each individual for one tube of lipstick! :)

    Nikkiz, haha we had fun!

    Lulu, no worries, it's my pleasure!

    Hana aka acutelife, thick lips like ours? we do need something matte and dark to cover it up a bit! They say just imagine wearing dark clothes to make us look slimmer, same concept with lipsticks!

    Crissy yeah, I think Shen told me the same thing and true, I've seen her use it and it does look like a good dupe :)

    Ai, it is scary for me for years and years! Now I'm starting to grow lol

    my beauty corner, it is quite pricey for a tube of lippie! Trust me, I only own 2 MAC lipsticks! Yes there are a lot of good dupes for this color! :) NYX for sure!

    Aika, yes ! If a red looks good on you, why have to purchase Russian Red? right?

  39. Gingerbee, Russian red really depends on the individual, it works for my colleagues but not for others!

    Nehs, lol thanks!

    Yumeko, :)

    my_makeup_mania, I think the blue undertone works for my skintone :)

    Sarah, oohh ReD lipstick looks amazing on you!!!!! I remember one of your FOTD :)

    Jojoba, it really uplifts the whole facial feature lol..maybe it's psychological but red lips really makes your mood happy!

    miRaCLe, me too, I love it when I see beauty bloggers wear red, and I am jealous so I have to try!

    Connie De Alwis, goodluck finding them!!! :) I'm sure you will be able to find a good one!

    Jo, thank you!!!! OOohhh I've got very pigmented lips too! Maybe it'll work for you!

    Cris, goodluck, let me know how it works for you!

    Blair, you're very much welcome for the review, it's my pleasure!

    Female_intuition, thanks! I'm glad my tips help!

    JENSMAKEUPBAG, yeah! Russian red would look great on you! I can see that!

    adin_22, hope you find a good red for you!

    aquaracer, goodluck!!!! Go go go!!!

    Vivian, aawww thanks for the sweet comment, I'm glad the simple group shot warms your heart, that's what I'm aiming for, readers feeling comfortable! :) Talking about beauty , reading about beauty! :)

    Golden, yes, do save first and do give the tester a try before you purchase them, it's not a joke to spend that amount on something you won't use! :) Goodluck!!!

    chulalouise, LOL that's nice to read! :)

    Abby, hahahahaha thanks! I hope they read your comment before they react! lol!!!!

    Angela, thanks!

    Kahani, wow ten -fold???? hahaha what are you scared of??? It WILL look good on you! I can see that right now!

    Nic Nic , thanks!

    Cla, goodluck! do try testers first ok? !!!

    Gracie, you are the enabler for red! I remembered us talking about it and you SERIOUSLY sent me red lipgloss to jumpstart me on wearing red! thanks sistah!

  40. I know my comment's late pero I immediately wanted to try red lipstick after reading your post. I googled it and read that Prestige Fatal Red and Sonia Kashuk in Geisha are good dupes and I was looking at the Prestige lipstick earlier today, but I chickened out at the last minute! Btw, I was shocked to see my friend Bea in the group pic! Please tell her I said hi!

    1. Hi Gel, Bea is a friend of mine and glad to know we have common friend :)

  41. this is my HG color for red lipsticks. :)

    check out ruby woo sis. it's a vintage version of the russian red. :)

    1. Yes, I've seen ruby woo and love it as well! :) it actually works much better with Asian skin :)

  42. it's look very sexy and on the same time very glammour
    ilove all mac products esp. lipsticks,,,
    and esp. thus shade of red i'm never sow it in ather brands
    ilove it soooooo much really...
    thanks 4 all ur reviws


    1. I'm glad you love MAC lipsticks. You're welcome, Pleasure is all mine :)


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