Thursday, May 28, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 7 Black & White Photography

Note from Author: By the time you are reading this, I am off for a short trip to HongKong! Last minute trip, but hubby will be on business trip so the wife will be going too! But just half of his business trip because I need to be back for work! I have scheduled some posts so you won't miss me too much LOL I would still love to read your comments when I come back! :)


One major reason I strongly went for the Basement Academy because of their course curriculum. They've included photographic make-up! My husband is into photography so I want to know what make-up intensity is needed for photos! I learned so much!

As we all know, the camera records a flat, 2 dimensional image so certain facial flaws are exaggerated and everything looks flat.

Black and White Photography is one topic we tackled. Though we are on a modern age, a lot of people still loves to take black and white photographs because it's classy and it lasts a lifetime.

Black and white photographs make the skin looks good but the right highlight and contouring is needed to make the person in the photo come to life!

Important tips that I learned ---
  • conceal spots
  • highlighting and contouring must be stronger than regular makeup but make sure to blend well
  • Blush application should also be stronger
  • Define the crease and outer corner of the eyes with a darker shade of e/s
  • Apply dark colored RED lipstick to enhance lip shape
Here's my work

a 15-yr old can be transformed
to a classy look

Products used ---


  • MACNC35 mixed with CG no. 1
  • MUFE Concealer palette to correct
  • Dollface Concealer palette to conceal
  • P&J Dual Powder foundation no. 30
  • MAC Coquette to fill in brows
  • P&J eyebrow pencil no. 3
  • CS 78pcs palette in matte beige
  • CS78pcs palette in black
  • MUFE aqua eyes black
  • P&J Curly Mascara
  • Falsies
  • MAC Shadester and Lightsweep
  • NYX Blush in Pink
  • MAC Russian Red

Here's her before and after shot

The Olsen Twins
They're sisters

(L makeup done by Shen)

I have to borrow her
ribbon hair band!
She's now the oldie,
I'm the youngie! lol

(look how pale I get without the right makeup
for B&W photos)

I've learned so much in this class!
Can't wait to do those looks again!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Try black and white photography!


  1. Very cool, I never knew what to do for black and white photography! :D I can't wait to see what you get from HK! Haha.

  2. Ohhhh what a great look you did! And since I'm into photography too + learning how to do some make up on others it's always great to know how to do the make up for a BW picture!

  3. that's really nice! thanks for the tips!! have fun in HK!!!

  4. Take care Nikki and have fun! She looked so pretty after =)

  5. She & her sister look gorgeous! You definitely did a great job, it makes me wanna join a makeup class!

  6. thanks for the tips nikki.. i never knew those your school update and tips helps a lot

  7. oh wow! great job nikki! i love everything about it :D

  8. Oho! Its not easy to get makeup to show up well in black and white photography.. .without them looking gothic so well done! :D

  9. oh my gulay she's 15?! I think your model has very pretty eyes. they are both so pretty good job hun!

  10. I love Black & White photos! Maybe you can do my makeup next time. haha!!!! Good work Nikki!

  11. you're too cute, Nikki! Your model looks great :D

  12. the sisters look v pretty! n the bow headband looked really cute on you ;)

  13. very classy indeed! you did a great job! i can't believe she's only 15! she doesn't look 15 at all!

  14. have a fun trip in hk sister! :D will miss u :(

  15. ooh, what a difference your makeup made to your model!

  16. this is really nice. i haven't tried doing makeup intended for a B&W photo. for sure mamutla ako! hahaha

  17. I love love love B&W photography. Such beautiful ladies. Have a safe and wonderful trip to Hong Kong!

  18. you look cute with that ribbon hair band! :D

    & have a safe trip!

  20. what's the point of wearing makeup for black and white photography? that is the question i ask myself often. and your post has answered it. the before and after pictures told so well! the bags under her eyes are mostly gone and she looked a lot more spirited too!

    you are a true blogger! love you!

  21. I love black and white photo and you ceratainly are getting the hang of this make up artistry. Now you'll have more tricks to teach me in August hahahahaha!


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