Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Sexy and Dainty" Nails

Nail art post!!!

It's been awhile! I haven't gotten the chance to do my nails! So I hope you're missing my fingers because you'll be seeing a lot of them as you scroll down :)

I call this sexy and dainty nails! Sexy because the color is hot and dainty because of the flowers! It's for those ladies who look sweet and sexy at the same time! Ooohhh La La!

Here's what I came up with

Step 1:

I applied 2 coats of ELF Berry Pink

Step 2:

Apply platinum polish French Tip style and use a brush to lightly brush down the platinum color creating gradient nails.

Step 3:

You can do 2 colors but I want to have 3 toned gradient nails. After the platinum color above is dry. I applied ELF Light Red French Tip style.

While wet, brush lightly downwards. This doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 4:

Apply your preferred top coat.

Step 5:

Making sure the top coat applied is still wet, drop 5 dots of white polish. You can do as many flowers as you want.

did you know that?

Applying dots while the polish is still WET make the dots blend in with the polish creating a flat flower that looks like stickers.

It can look like this

Step 6:

Using my needle method to fix those dots that gotten near each other.

Step 7:

Apply Glitter polish (Optional) and top coat to protect your nail art.

I know it's such a long and tedious steps!
You can choose to do just gradient nails

and it'll still look lovely!

Hope you like this week's Sexy and Dainty Nails! :)
Sexy can be interpreted in any way!
You can look sexy with your nails too!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Sweet and sexy is me! Though I'm sure if I'm sexy lol Sorry, I'm just so excited with this tutorial cos I love this look a lot! It's like Japanese sakura inspired n____n Which is what my blog layout is based off from btw. Summer is approaching but I'm still in the mood for spring. I want to really really try this nail-look,but I don't have the white nail art thingy. Where can I get them? Do you think I can get it online, or do you know of any Nail Tutorial Blogs based in the US that you can refer me to? Sorry so many questions, I'm just so intrigued!

  2. it's so cute!
    too bad i suck at nails .__.

    i never do anything with them anyway.

  3. Awe! So lovely Nikki!
    How you doing your design on left hand?

  4. That's right! You can look sexy with your nails. Love this look!

  5. you always make prefect and beautiful notd.. i am so jealous.

  6. I've been stumped for nail art designs lately. I love this! Maybe I'll give this a shot.

  7. fuzkittie, hahah thanks!

    Innerchild, hey don't worry I'm not sexy myself so I go for the sexy nails! :) Yes, I love Japanese Sakura inspired anything too! And yes, you have that theme on yoru blog! :) White nail art? Sorry I do sell them down here, for the pens, I am really not sure who sells them in your area! I can take a look and If I find any, will let you know!

    Maggie, hahaha no one sucks on nails!!! As long as you give it a try! :)

    Shopn'Chomp, thanks!

    My_makeup_mania, I do my right hand nails first so my left hand doesn't have any polish on so I won't mess up! :)

  8. B, thank yoU!!! Hugs sweetie!

    Sugar Bunnie, thanks

    Donnarence,aaawww I don't call them perfect but you know I try my best!

    Chrissy, do give this a shot! :) Let me know hot it goes :)

  9. aww too cute! I love how you make those flowers look better looking than stickers!

  10. as always, you're the best!

    no matter how hard i try doing the flower thing, i really can't..haha

    i guess i need more & more practice

  11. very pretty, i love the dainty flower that you do!!

  12. im gonna have to try how to do those flowers. they look like stick ons!

  13. oh how I loooooooooove this! it looks so professional. You make such great nail tutorials

  14. so pretty Nikki!! :D Both hands are so even somemore!! You're such a genius!! :D

    I can't even apply polish properly using my weaker (left) hand! XD

  15. till now i havent done any gradients yet. this will be my next attempt! and.. im running out of ideas already :(

  16. i still cant do flowers!! gahhh
    i guess i should just konad them

  17. i always loved gradient nails but the perfectionist within me screamed out loud when it didn't turn out perfect. will need to master this skill. thanks for the inspiration! :D

  18. Aww I love alll your nail art so much! So pretty (:

  19. NICE!!
    such a lovely design :D


  20. Lovely ^_^!!!
    Of course, it's red so naturally I love it :-P :).

  21. Lulu , awww thanks for saying so :)

    Thiamere, it really takes time and practice, I've done so many flowers in the past so you really get to know how to work with it!

    NicNic, Catherine, thanks!

    Jo, yes, do try this, it's fun! :)

    My my, hey! Thanks for the kind words, I do appreciate that you like my art!

  22. Jenn, hahah it doesn't look really perfect upclose! :) I just take time to do each finger :)

    Prettybeautiful, oohh girl! If you've done gradient, you'll love it!

    Yumeko, hey! give it some time, I've been doing this more than a year, that's why I know how to do flowers :) Give yourself a break, I've seen your nails! they are super pretty!!!

  23. Chaborkia, I know what you mean, good thing I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to my nails or else, I'll never finish with it!

    e.motion in motion, thanks!

    Miracle, gio glad you girls liked it! :)

    Cris, I know you love reds! :D

  24. can u please come here and do my nails?! ;P

  25. cute! reminds me of hawaii!

  26. you always have some cute nails. so jealous.

  27. M, you know I'll do that in a heartbeat :)

    Lily, thank yoU!!! :) I would love to visit Hawaii someday! :)

    jensmakeupbag, thank you :)

  28. Hey pretty lady :)

    Such nice nails but what if you are clumsy like meeee!!?


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