Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Mineraux Event

Mineraux, what is Mineraux?

Mineraux actually is a mineral company to look forward to this coming June. They are owned by Ms. Melissa Patricio-Vergara with her partners Joanna Clemente and Kristine Ongcuangco. They are 3 friends who share the same passion for mineral make-up!

I am excited to try this brand because.... It's Mineral! And it's Pinay made! Who knows Pinay skin more than Pinays right?

The launch happened at the Barcino Spanish Wine Cellar at Fort Bonifacio. I have the chance to talk to 2 of the owners Melissa and Joanna on the day.

L-R Melissa and Joanna

I like it that it felt like a gathering for friends who love make-up. It was very informal and questions are answered directly. Phoebe asked about their bestseller and we learned that the Skin Perfecting Foundation and their Bronzers are their bestsellers! Now that got me excited to try them. We were also served with wine and snacks. Isn't that great? Make-up talk, food and drinks! Now that's relaxation!

We had a chance to take a peek at their traincase full of their product lines. We had fun swatching them and oohhed and ahhhd over our favorites.

(photo above)
Mineraux Foundation

10g - Php330
20g - Php500

30g - Php600

Eyeshadow/Eyeliner/Eyebrow Minerals

10g - Php330

(photo above)

10g - Php330


Buffer brush - Php570
Foundation brush - Php570
Concealer brush - Php500

Eyeshadow brush - Php420

More Brushes

Kabuki Brushes - ranges from Php650-800

I saw a lot of beauty bloggers in the event. Hi to Phoebe and Shen!

Nikki & Jill first time to see you girls! Hope to see you again!!!
And Jamie, nice to see you again and it was great chatting with you!

Jamie and I :)

Here are the products
and online swatches

(you can click to enlarge)

I am definitely going for the Foundation!!!
I hope it works for me! :)
Comes June, let's check out their site!
want to ask more information about their products?
You can email them at info@mineraux.com.ph

Keep Smilin'
Stay happy!

Want to see the products
up close and personal?

Smile and Click SWIPER


  1. Oo the food looks good! Hehe, you girls look like you had so much fun~ :]

  2. Are those brushes as soft as they look? Looks like fun!!

  3. how cool. The prices are very reasonable too :)

  4. Seems you spent a fun time! Cool pix!

  5. jamie , miss you too! See you again!!!

    Fuz, oh wow! I tried them all I swear, poise GONE! LOL

    B, yes they are really soft!

    Becky, yes, that's what I like about the prices too!

    My makeup mania, yes, we had fun! :)

  6. aww! i miss you nikki! i wish i was there! :)

  7. what can be better than having makeup and food in a combo right? ;) and the company! love yr top nikki!!! u have any other shot of the top?

  8. i love those brushes specially those kabuki brushes "ang cu-cute nila lol" and your blue top so pretty!

  9. Oh, hey, I'm there! Haha :) It was nice to meet you all. The prices are affordable, no? :)

  10. new mineral makeup.. and yey available locally.. looking forward for your foundation review..

  11. awww too bad the invitation went into my spam!! stupid ymail!! ugh! nice pics nikki! thanks for the update!

  12. Oh wow! I cannot wait for it!
    This must be GOOD!

  13. aww im so envious of you going to cosmetics events, they look so much fun!!

  14. i like the kabuki brushes! :) Its cool they have their own line of mineral make up.. ahahah that's a wish of every beauty blogger, or at least my wish.. ahaha :)

  15. sab , yes!!! But we can see each other anytime, I'm just a text away :)

    Prettybeautiful, awww thanks, I didn't even think about shot of my outfit, I will checkout other bloggers if they have shots of a better view of the top :)

    chulalouise, yes Kabuki brushes are too cute! You can't have many Kabuki brushes!

  16. Nikki,yes, it was nice seeing you Nikki! Fellow Nikki!

    Donnarence, I am actually using it for the past days, will let you know how it went on my skin! :)

    Paula,oh no...darn Spam mail, I should have met you na!!!!

    Mrs. Zeus :)

    NicNic, that's something I am looking forward to! LIke a pow wow for bloggers because we see each other on events!

    Iyah, I know what you mean, imagine having your own makeup line? WOW!!!!

  17. i wanna try their foundation too! its also cheaper than other local brands.. =)

  18. You seem to have spent a great time with all the lovely ladies, hm?

    So sad now, I haven't met any beauty bloggers (situated in Austria) yet. Well, I found out that "Lotus Palace" is from Austria, but somehow it seems, she doesn't want to talk to me. :| Well...

  19. the pink kabuki reminds me of CS pink kabuki! :D

    i hope this is not scratchy like CS one though!

    i want to see u someday too!

  20. another local mineral makeup brand =D I want to try hehe.

  21. good prices and they look good!!

  22. Khymm, you can email them and ask them directly on the shades! :)

    Jess, yes I did! I am so sorry about your location having only a few beauty bloggers or even none to meet up! Hey, who knows? Beauty bloggers are increasing in numbers and you may meet one of them! Come down for a visit and we'll meet up with you for sure! :)

    Plue, I've heard about the CS one getting scratchy after several uses. All I did was feel them on my hands and they are super soft, not sure though how it'll work out after several uses :)

    Kim,so true! So many local brands coming out right?

    Yumeko, :D

  23. The CS pink kabuki was scratchy the moment I got it! I only used once or twice and my skin hated the touch of it so bad that it forbids me to use it ever again! :P

  24. looks like fun but i am not sure about the products... *_*

  25. The brushes look good! Looks like you had a great time!

  26. OMG! minerals for a cheaper price?? so cool! is the quality the same with ellana??

  27. Love the photos!!! How adorable are these brushes, I want them all! Especially the pink oneeeeee... I am always drawn to pink lol

  28. nice products! and great to know that our fellow pinays are venturing into this kind of make-up stuff now! thanks for the info.

    btw, you look hot in that blue top. it looks great on ya! <333

  29. plue , wow that is bad! My first scratchy kabuki brush is not a keyboard cleaner! LOL

    jojoba, I know what you mean!

    Gio, I had a wonderful time! thanks

    Abby, I am still testing the foundation, it is hard to tell for now, Ellana is my HG so it's going to be a tough competition!

    Sarah, I know, pink brushes really are hypnotyzing!

    Aquaracer, yes, I know what you mean, I am proud to see home grown products too! awww thanks for the compliment :)

  30. hey sweets
    these are the lenses on the camera, they are not new, had them for a while

    Canon 17-40 mm L Series lens

  31. i like the kabuki brush! :)

    But i'm kinda surprised with Mineraux being a new mmu company. I remember seeing some Mineraux products on eBay.ph way back '07. And I even purchased a baby kabuki brush from them. Maybe this is their formal launch.

  32. Yumeko, thanks :) i'll tell the hubby that :)

    Pammy, you are right, they've been around since 2007 but they never really launched formally! They've been selling their products to friends and online for quite some time but this time, they are launching it to the public! So more people will have the chance to try their products ;)

  33. I should've checked my email before the event. I didn't know I had an invitation to go :( I missed it!

  34. Tish, sayang! I should have seen you there :)


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