Monday, May 25, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Day 6 Bridal Looks

Bridal looks are dear to my heart!

The first time I told myself I want to study make-up, I chose Ms. Cherry Pacheco-Uy to be my mentor because I've seen her bridal looks and I love it! I've seen the huge transformation on the brides.

On my wedding day, I do feel a bit of butterflies in the stomach because I never look good with make-up on. I've had my prom makeup too dark and I always look like a different person when someone puts makeup on me.

But when the make-up was done! I was amazed on how much the reflection looks like ME! hahaha That's when I told myself, I want to make a bride feel super special on her wedding day, just the way I felt on my wedding day!

I learned so much on the Bridal Looks class because the teacher did not only taught us "how to put bridal makeup on" but she gave us tips on how to be a good make-up artist! I've been a bride myself so I know how it feels to look for a good makeup artist who goes along with your idea of a "blushing bride" and who understands how you feel on the wedding day itself.

There are 2 kinds of bridal make-up ---

Day Bridal Makeup : Beach weddings, garden weddings, indoor day weddings, breakfast weddings, etc...

Evening Bridal Makeup: Garden wedding, hotel weddings, etc...

As we all know, bridal makeup is similar to make-up on a regular day but a lot more definition, care and impact is taken into account as a lot of picture taking involved. Waterproof formulations work best because we anticipate a lot of sweating and tears!

Here's my Bride Model

Here's my version of a

Day Bridal Makeup

Up Close and Personal

On a Night Bridal Makeup

The outer v was darken
and more blush are added
and shimmery colors are ok
The lips are also defined

Products used ---

Thevi Liquid Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige
Mixed a bit with CG TruBlend no. 1
P&J Protective Dual Powder foundation no. 40
MAC Shadester to contour

CS 78 palette beige
L'oreal HIP in Dark Brown
MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in Brown
P&J Curly Mascara in Black

Elianto cream blush in pink
CS 78 palette blush in pink

Lush lip cream
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

A Before and After Shot

Are you happy with your makeup when you got married?
If not, have you had your makeup done
for a special event?
What's your experience?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Enjoy the week ahead!


  1. hiii =)

    she loooook soo gorgeous !
    I am so sure that she was very pleased with how everything turned out =)


    Good job! and Good luck!

  2. Ohh I love what you did with her! She looks so fresh and well healthy!

    You made her to stand out! Lovely work!

  3. if ever i will get married i would also like to look as "me" as possible but as radiant as your model ^^ if i get a boyfriend then a husband that is lol.

  4. you dont even need to take makeup classes! you're always doin a good job with these transformation!


  5. wow so gorgeous!!! dark circles and uneven tone are completely gone! i am scared of my wedding makeup turns out to be a disaster too :( i wouldnt want to look like a walking ICI paint in gown...

  6. Wow I learned a lot. Yeah I definitely agree that the bride needs to like like their self on their wedding day and not like they're gonna go clubbing or somethings. I love how you enhanced her beauty even more.

  7. wow! looks very natural and freah! def a bride look. love it Nikki!

  8. Aww, I really liked your wedding day story. I totally agree with you and I think you did an absolutely fabulous job here!

  9. What an AMAZING job! I loooove this!!! You did great~ <3

  10. Lovely! I think you did a great job as she looks really fresh. Btw, your model has really nice brows!

  11. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!! I gasped when I scrolled down. You're doing great, Nikki, keep it up!

  12. pretty makeup! so fresh and blooming!

  13. you did great!

    Rochelle has absolutely flawless skin :D

  14. wow, her face looks so luminous! great job :)

  15. sis you made her skin looked flawless =D miss yah!

  16. beeyoutiful7 , awww, she actually loves to get a copy of her photo :)

    Tamara, Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

    Gia, you're right, who would want to look different on her wedding day?

    LipStick Staiin , awww that is very sweet for you to say, but I'm glad I took the class! It's worth it!

    prettybeautiful, you should always think about trial makeup if you plan to get married! I didn't know trial makeup are that important until I got married myself!

    Becky, thank you for the sweet words! and thanks for saying you learn something from my Academy posts! :)

    Shopn'Chomp, thank you

    Nehs, thank you for saying so! :) How's your wedding makeup?

    Catherine, thank you! I like it that beauty is enhanced and not covered!

    Fuz thank you!!!!

    Eli, yes she does, I was telling her I like her brows!

    Innerchild, awww thanks for the boost of confidence!

    Crystal, I like it that you think she looks fresh and blooming, that's what I'm aiming for!

    Connie, thanks!

    Female_intuition, thanks!

  17. oooooooh! Your model looks like a natural, beautiful princess on her wedding day! You have really nailed the art of Bridal makeup!!

    You expert you!!

  18. She looks absolutely FLAWLESS after your magic touch Nikki!! :D I wish i had you as my makeup artist on my wedding day!! :D

  19. ah its great
    not overdone
    sometimes it is and i dont like it

    u did good!!

  20. Awe! Really wedding look! Very special! Like it!

  21. thanks for the advice nikki :) will definitely get a trial makeup if im planning to get married

  22. I love this, she looks so natural and fresh! You did an amazing job!

  23. Ooo so beautiful! Her skin looks flawless! I am always worried about doing other people's makeup because I'm afraid of them not liking it lol :(

  24. Sis, you did beautifully on this one.. :) love how good she looks with this look. :) Fierce! :)

  25. Such a nice look! You made her look so radiant and fresh. :)

  26. Great job, Nikki !! she looks fresher without looking too fake. I love what you did on her cheek =)

  27. I like your bridal look!love it! On my wedding day, I was happy
    With the morning make up,but not really with the night makeup
    Because I looked too white.but anyway,I realized it when the
    Reception was over so yeah haha...can't complaint!!

  28. i like how you made her complexion flawless and her eyes simple but pretty.

  29. Kimmie! Thank you!!!! I miss ya too!!!

    Jamilla Camel , THANK YOU!!!! Wow, now that's something really worth remembering everytime I'm tired doing makeup!

    Jenn, thank yoU!!!!

    Yumeko, I am glad you liked it!

    my_makeup_mania, thank you!

    Prettybeautiful, yes! Do book trial makeup then take photos so you'll know how you'll look on your wedding day!

    gio, thank yoU! Glad you liked the look

    e.motion in motion , I know what you mean!!!! So it's great to hear feedbacks and see reactions right after you've done their makeup!

    Shen,thank you sis!

    Chrissy, hey thank yoU! :)

    Nanzy, I love the fresh look on brides :)

    Hana aka acutelife, I'm glad you liked your bridal day makeup, but what happened to the night makeup? Too much retouching???

    Jo, thanks!

  30. When I get married, I want my look to be like that! Very simple, but elegant. =) Your model looked beautiful Nikki. Wonderful job!

  31. I know what you mean with not looking like yourself when someone else puts make up on you. i look like a totally different person when I got my make up done for a wedding (not mine, thank God). The worst part is..I looked fugly with that make up on. And make up is supposed to make someone look, nice job you did with your 'test subject'..hehhee..Keep up the good work =)

  32. Wow, Nikki, you've outdone yourself! Your model looks good before and gorgeous after! This is a very glam subdued look, very pretty, maybe I should try this when I get married. Nothing over the top but shines through, you're amazing! :)

  33. Wow! you did an amazing job by using makeup to show your model's best accents. You really brought out her bright beautiful eyes!

  34. I visit your blog daily, and I always look forward to reading it!

    I love this look you did, it's very natural, but it made a huge difference.

    I'm getting my make-up done at a MAC counter for my prom which is coming up next week, and I have to say I'm nervous/excited at the same time (:

  35. Sarah, awww, I'm sure you don't look ugly on the makeup!!!! thank you so much!

    Vivian, wow! thanks for saying so, it meant a lot to me to read feedbacks from my readers!

    Jenn,yes, that's what I'm doing, I love to use makeup not to cover up faces but to enhance beauty! Thanks!

    Arezi, thank you so much! It's nice that you commented here and hoping to hear more from you! Goodluck on your prom makeup!

  36. she looks glowing!! exactly how a bride should be ;)

  37. WOW! you did GREAT!! she looked so radiant. i like this a LOT!

  38. Nicnic, thanks! :) I like "glowing" brides!

    Khymm, thanks

    Aquaracer, awww thank you!!!!

  39. luvin this look...just what a blushin bride should look, fresh and glowing! great job, sis!

  40. Bhing, hey!!! It's been awhile since I last heard from yoU! how have you been? Thanks for the comment!

  41. i love what you did here. she looks natural and gorgeous, wedding perfect

  42. thats pretty. i love that lip color.

  43. M thanks so much! :)

    Jensmakeupbag, thanks! yup the lip color is pretty on her :)


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