Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Hanobe Restaurant

Happy Weekend everyone!
No matter how tired I am, food is definitely something to enjoy! I haven't been eating really well on the past 2 weeks a I don't have full dinner! I leave work, go straight to the mall near the Academy, since the time is still early, I have no choice but to eat snacks instead of full meal. So after class, that would be around 11:30pm-12am, I will be eating again! LOL So my "eating" schedule got messed up!

So over the weekend, I made sure to treat myself with real food! Sit down, relax and enjoy a Happy meal, and's not Mc Donald's! LOL

There's a newly renovated restaurant in town located at Quezon City called Hanobe Asian Food House. The restaurant name sounds Korean but it's 100% Chinese restaurant!

Here's what we had!
Honeycured Pork
Not a lot of fats, very delicious!
The sauce is sweet and tasty!

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Typical fried rice
nothing outstanding
but tastes great

Kidney dish *lol*
That sounds gross right?
But it's stir fried pork kidney
It tastes good to most people lol

Tofu and Fish Fillet

Love it that it was served on a clay pot
I love the taste of the dishes cooked in a pot
The tofu is very juicy
and the fish is fresh

Shrimp Salad Roll

Yes, I am allergic to seafood
but I can't help but take a bite
as it tastes wonderful!
Love the big shrimp inside
with mix of fruits and cream

Oyster Cake

I am not an oyster lover,
I've given this a try and I don't like it that much
sorry :(

Everything costs around PHp1,300 (approx $27.00)
The place looks wonderful
It's jampacked with customers
My only complain is they serve the food
Super Slow!
You get to eat one dish, WAIT, then eat the 2nd dish
and WAIT again!
So if you're super hungry, think twice!

How's your food tripping?
What are you planning to eat?
Me, I want to eat Korean dish again!!!
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. yay for another food post. The dishes looked really good and it has reasonable prices. When are u done with the academy?

  2. Ah I just woke up and super hungry when I see your post!!
    *dashin to the kitchen* do you have crytal jade resto there?it's
    Pretty yummy if not for the price XD

  3. awwww...
    you're eating schedule is really messed up.

    that looks scrumptious!

    especially the tofu & fish fillet
    the shrimp salad roll looks nice too..

    where is thsi in QC,girl?

    maybe ill try this place sometime

  4. Oooo everything looks so tasty! Esp the Tofu and Fish fillet in a clay pot, and the honeycured pork (looks like fish though o_0) I'm not a lover of oyster either, it tastes funny to me xD I'm glad you're back to enjoying real meals now. Cheers!

  5. Ooooh....I just ate and seeing those photos made me hungry again. ha ha. They look so goood!

  6. Oooh yum. Food looks yummy! You got me all hungry now. LOL. LITERALLY, after I leave this comment I'm gonna go in the kitchen and look for food ;)

  7. mmmm.... i see lots of yummy dishes. I dont think i ever ate any of those except for the fried rice.

  8. The fish & tofu and shrimp look really yummy! You made my mouth water Nikki. =D

  9. Yummmmm... the food looks great!!! These food actually reminds me of home!!

    i LOVE pig's kidney!! hehehe!! :D~~

  10. i love asian food especially chinese quisine.. i am a sucker for yang chow fried rice.. yumm.. the honey cured pork makes me hungry.. :P

  11. The food looks good! You made me hungry now.

  12. becky , I was done last Wednesday. So it's a great way to celebrate with food! :)

    hana, sorry, you know that I do my weekend posts! LOL I'm sure you are really hungry and you're doing the excuse of pointing fingers at me! HMPH! LOL Crystal Jade restaurant? I think it has been a while, not sure if its still there!

    tHiAmErE, hahahha nah, it's ok, messed up or not, it's always good to eat! Its located at Maria Clara Street Barangay Sto. Domingo

  13. Innerchild, oohhh love everything except the oyster cake! LOL

    Yu, your food posts made me hungry too!

    Tina Marie,hahaha what did you have after reading my food post? Share!

  14. Apprecia, you can always try to be adventurous with your food tripping! :)

    Jen, sorry, not my fault!!!! :)

    Jenn, awww, you love pig's kidney? Everybody does, except me :( I can eat it but not really craving for it!

    Donnarence,I am not a rice eater but Yang Chow Fried Rice makes me eat more too!

    Gio, hahaha sorry :(

  15. I live only a few blocks away from this resto yet I've never tried it and now there are 2 stores na side by side. Try mo sis yun Tazza across it...super good food there! Tried Tazza a few weeks ago and I can't wait to go back...sobrang dami new (and old) places to try along the Banawe area but I haven't tried most of them even if I live there as my family isn't fond of eating out that much :-(

  16. mm everything looks yummy!!! especially the honeycured pork mmmmm im drooling!

  17. wow that's only $1300 sa dami ng food. cheap noh.

    nice to be back here. have a nice day.

  18. ooh!! that shrimp salad roll looks so good! I'm allergic to shrimp too >.<

  19. Nikkiz, girl! I've tried Tazza na, that's where we usually have our car washed then we stay there for dinner or snacks :) Yes, you're right, many new or newly renovated restaurants popping up around those area!

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡, I know! Because of my own food post, I went out for another Chinese dish ! LOL

    Shimumsy, yes, ang dami no? I love it when food tastes good and comes cheap! How are you? It's been a while!!!

    Connie, I know, I remembered you telling me about your shrimp allergies!

  20. woahh!! yummy foods!! :D
    thanks for sharing~~ hehs


  21. Oyster cake, lol, I wouldn't like that either.
    I'd love to try the pork one though :D.

  22. That Honey Pork and the Yang Chow Fried Rice are to die for!!

    You know, I always hated kidneys except for my mom's deep fried ones. Go figure!

  23. looking at your food posts makes me hungry.. everything you posted looks so delicious! especially the shrimp salad roll..

  24. aaaaah, food porn!! ohmigosh, u just totally made me feel hungry! i love shrimp salad rolls!! oooooh, they look so damn good! ~drools~

  25. miRacle, my pleasure! I can share even when we meet in person for sure! :) Not just in photos!

    Cris, high five! not an oyster eater myself!

    Jamilla Camel, oh no! i really am not a kidney eater no matter how it's cooked! lol

    Jenn, that's my favorite!!!!

    Aquaracer, i knew you'll go hungry! LOL Go eat!

  26. nyom nyom nyom... my tummy wants it!

  27. yumm! that oyster cake looks good. i heart oysters. i probably would've eaten it all!

  28. M lol nyom nyom is too cute and funny!

    jensmakeupbog, really? you like oyster cakes? Lol I don't :(


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