Friday, June 19, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Ellana Frizz Free Hair Gloss

A little girl stopped playing "jacks' stone" when a hair commercial was shown, she was glued to the tube watching, amazed, can someone has that kind of hair???? Off goes the little girl spending her hard earned allowance in search for hair products that promises to give the hair of the Goddesses!

The little girl grew up, older and wiser....
she made peace with herself...that she cannot achieve the exact hair as hair commercial models as she does not have the "pre commercial" hair VIP treatment, lightings, camera tricks, etc...

I guess everyone knows who the little girl grew up to be! Shockers!

Yes, I am at peace, I cannot achieve perfect Goddess hair but I can always "improve" the condition of my hair!

That's why we have Hair Product Reviews here at Askmewhats! I will share to you my journey on hair care products I've used! Past, Present and Future!

Ellana Frizz Free Hair Gloss says ----

Gives an incredible shine as well as tames frizzy and unruly, flyaway hair.
This improves softness and manageability of your hair in only a few sprays.

Askmewhats says ---

  • spray type is so easy to use
  • gives a nice shine on my hair
  • non oily or greasy
  • very inexpensive
  • does make my hair softer
  • my hair looks more frizz-free even without ironing
  • could get "oily" if applied too much and weather gets warm
  • it gets to finish up faster than serum

Most of my hair protecting products are either cream or serum and it is refreshing to use spray type of hair gloss! No more dirty hands and its quick and easy. I find that the effect is not constant though, it really depends on how much you apply, how you apply and it also depends on the mood of your hair. We of course are not robot and our hair aren't Barbie Hair! We do have bad hair days and we do have "stubborn" hair day too.

This is a good product to take a long for travel or when you're out!

  • IF you do not want to weigh your hair down: Spritz on the tips of the hair avoiding roots
  • IF you want to weigh your hair down: Spritz near the roots
  • Spritz 4-6 inches away from your hair so that the gloss will be spread evenly
Will I repurchase?

Yes, its a good product

Where can you purchase and how much?

Thanks to Crystal Gale! She gave it to me as a gift during the makeup seminar!
At Itzmei's multiply site (for local buyers)
At Ellana Mineral Cosmetics site (for both local and international buyers)
Price: Php120.00 (approx $2.50)

A simple spray type bottle
makes a HUGE difference!

Thanks for reading!
Expect to see more hair product posts here!
I have created a new tag called "Hair Product Reviews"
I hope this helps my readers who were asking me for hair products! :)

Keep smilin'!
Stay Happy!


  1. wow so cheap!!!
    i've been using biosilk again or citreshine. i remember i did a review between them some time ago. did more research & talked to the hair stylists haha
    but did you know citreshine has a product similar to the one you just reviewed?

  2. i have been using the olive oil gloss spray but this is interesting

  3. hmmm..
    i never tried this one..yet

    i use vitress as a hair gloss..
    but then as what you said, this is on a spray bottle..

    pretty interesting

  4. thnx for the review, Nikki! :D well i do need something nice for my hair. it's so stubborn that it looks like lions' hair sometimes -____-"

  5. Thank you for the review on this! I was skeptical but I think now I'll give this product a shot. I really need it, since my hair is crazy frizzy!

  6. Wow, I've been looking for something just like that. Also, how do you do your layout? I've been searching for a way to make those 2 columns of stuff on the two sides of the blog posting body.


  7. yumyumsushi , i'v read so many good stuff about Biosilk!!! Yeah? Citreshine! Yeah, I've seen their ingredients, I guess they're all similar!

    Miss Yaya, wow, olive oil gloss spray sounds wonderful!

    ~tHiAmErE~, vitress, you like it??? I've always seen them around Watson's!

  8. Ai, hahahaha Lion's hair, I know what you mean when you woke up in a bad hair day!!!!

    my_makeup_mania, definitely more hair stuffs soon! :)

    Chrissy,and come to think of it, its not too expensive :) So go go go! :)

  9. thank you for doing this. it looks like an interesting product. :)

  10. wow! I'm so happy you liked it sis :)

  11. Crystal, you are welcome :)

    Crystal Gale, thanks for letting me try :D

  12. Interesting! Would you recommend this to someone with frizzy permed hair like me? :) Thanks sis!

  13. Teeyah, I would say YES i recommend this to people with frizzy hair but I don't see you having frizzy hair girl!


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