Thursday, June 18, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: The Brush Guard Variety Pack

How much are good and quality brushes nowadays?
How much have we spent on makeup brushes alone?
A lot! Right?
We call our brushes our investments,
are we doing anything to protect our investment?
I know I am!!!

The Brush Guard says ---
(photos and description from TBG website)

Dry Bristle Down:
Before The Brush Guard, brushes were laid down to dry, allowing moisture to wick into the ferrule. This spoils the glue and makes the handle swell.
For the first time, brushes can dry bristles down so gravity pulls moisture away from the ferrule. The Brush Guard lets air circulate so bristles dry quickly and stay in perfect shape.

Keeps Handles Clean:
By keeping The Brush Guard over your brushes’ handles while you’re using them, handles stay clean and new while letting you keep a good grip.

Storage and Travel:
Even in a roll, bristles are vulnerable to being rubbed and crushed. With The Brush Guard, slip your brushes into a roll or kit and know your important tools are protected.

Brushes Feel Like New!
After using The Brush Guard, you will see that your brushes keep feeling new and last longer. Protect your investment with The Brush Guard!
Variety Pack
  • 1 Shadow/Liner (ex. small)
  • 2 Blush (small)
  • 2 Foundation (medium)
  • 1 Powder/Kabuki (large)

Askmewhats says ---


  • affordable
  • protects the shape of my brush, my brushes dried up looking like brand new brushes
  • doesn't change drying time and efficiency
  • stretchable
  • easy to take along my brushes for travel
  • brush hairs doesn't get smashed reshaped
  • I can dry my brushes downwards (which is the best way for the water not to get into the glue inside the ferrule), do not need to hang it
  • available in assortment of sizes

  • the ends of the brush guard are rough due to some cuts and it may ruin your brush handle if not slide carefully (this is very minor though)
  • not readily available locally, though there's a lot of online sellers, the wait for shipping is still a bit of a hassle
I have seen The Brush Guard fad from different Youtubers and bloggers! In my mind? It's just a fad and it's useless! Gosh, for the first time in blogging history, I am admitting I made a huge mistake! This is one of the best purchase I've done!

The Brush Guard is seriously made with care, made with quality and definitely A MUST HAVE for people who are spending their hard earned money on expensive brushes! I have bought this a couple of months ago and I've been using these for my MAC brushes, not that I don't care for my other brushes, since I only have limited number of these, I am using them first on the more expensive brushes then slowly purchase more Brush Guard as I want to protect ALL MY BRUSHES!

I feel very comfortable traveling with my brushes now with the Brush Guard protecting the bristles. I don't need to run my fingers onto the bristles or spray leave-on conditioner on the bristles just to maintain its shape.

I call this a "thing-crush"....


  • always put the brush guard from the handle of the brush going to the bristles so as not to ruin the brush hairs
  • after sliding it onto the bristles, extend it a bit beyond the bristles
  • if there are any "extra" nylon from the brush guard, you can trim them with eyebrow scissors so it won't scratch off your brush handles.
  • purchase more, share shipping with a friend!
Will I repurchase?

Where did I purchase and how much?

I bought them at the Makeup Mix Shop for $5.25 (approx Php 250.00) plus $3.95 shipping for orders up to $19.99.
You can also purchase them at The Brush Guard site for $5.50 (approx Php258.00) plus $3.00 shipping.

Wet brushes ready to dry up!

Close up on the brush guard
doing it's job

Powder/Kabuki Brush Guard
fits my MAC187 perfectly

Blush Brush Guard fits
my MAC239 like a glove!

Not owning The Brush Guard is not the end of the world, I am sure there are still ways to protect your brushes! I believe some of the brush owners I know wrap them with net/plastic to maintain it's shape!

Any other ways you do to protect your investments?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. interesting. that would be good for travel so that the hair doesn't get all messed up

  2. this is good for traveling.. i should get more! the price is actually not bad either.. same shipping price for the PL too?


  3. I just keep all of my brushes
    (mostly stila) inside a brush roll...and apparently they hold up pretty well without any "baby sitting".

    But I probably need this kind of stuff for my drugstore brushes though, since they the thing comes off quite easily (most of the time they piss me off so badly that I had to toss them away) ...Anyway, I think I good brush should be high-maintenance...

  4. hymmm...
    same with what you are thinking at first i...i dont think i need it...(yet)

    but i'll keep this in mind

    thanks for the awesome review!

  5. i've been wanting these for some time and now i want them even more! i hesitated coz i thought they were expensive let alone the shipping cost.. thnx a lot for the info, Nikki! :D

  6. yumyumsushi, yes, people really are smart to invent stuffs like that, I never would have thought of these!

    my_makeup_mania, hahahah all brush addicts need this I guess :)

    LipStick Staiin, I would say yes, same price, in the US if you order $20 above at MakeupMix Shop it's free shipping, international, there is a small charge for shipping!

  7. Citrine, oohh a brush roll works!!!! I'd love to have a cloth version as mine is quite bulky!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , lol YET?? hahahah so you're planning to buy more brushes! hahaha

    Ai, no worries, it's my pleasure to share valuable information ! :) We're all it's nice to see good deals out there!

  8. I use a brushroll, with a brush guard!

    Paranoid I am!

    But just wondering, won't the powder/kabuki be a bit loose for the 187? I use the foundation one for 187

  9. i have the one for large brushes. i love it and hope i could get more for my other sized brushes. what i dont like about it (well i dont have a problem with it), is that you have to take the guard off in one direction (direction of the hair) or else your brush will end up being "buhaghag". i have no qualms with that but apparently my friends who tinker with my stuff always, always end up removing the guard in the wrong direction. haha

  10. I need this! I dry my brushes at an angle though, never flat, unless they're impossible to slant like the fat buffer brushes. Thanks for the review, Nikki. This will surely go on my shopping list :)

  11. Hmmm. I don't actually own expensive brushes... and they seem to be doing just fine currently, but these look AWESOME for traveling. I will have to put them on my list. =)

  12. I thought I don't need this too. But you're right I need this for travelling and protecting my beloved brushes hehe =D

  13. Thanks for the reviews, I was thinking about getting it. Sounds good and would be great for travelling too.

  14. Really good idea!! I use one of Yumeko's brush rolls now, but if you want to store your brushes individually, it's a fantastic idea!

  15. i love this! I got like 3 packs from a pinay reseller. they are the best thing! :) I so agree with you! :)

  16. Oh this is what I need!!I was just thinking the other day while washing my brush,there gotta be other way to dry my brush coz I'm not happy with the shape after drying.thanks for posting abt this!

  17. i got 2 packs for myself!!! :D thanks to toma, now we can actually save the shipping cost by buying few more items from her site! awesome isnt it? :D

  18. plue , brush roll and brush guard? Wow your brushes are lucky!!! So far I don't find any of the brushes loose as they fit the brushes snugly !:)

    Steph, yes, one direction! I don't hvae a problem with it because I'm OC! LOL I know what you mean about taking them out in wrong direction....crazy brush hair that needs hair treatment lol!

    Innerchild, you are welcome, it is something you'd think is a waste of money but its really worth it!

  19. Catherine, brushes that are expensive or not..? I guess they all deserve care and attention because we spent our hard earned money for these! so its really great especially for traveling!

    Kim, yes, you need this sis! LOL

    Gio, you're welcome! :) Glad you find this review helpful

  20. Jamilla Camel, ooohh Yumeko's brush roll is great enough for traveling! But her brush rolls are super saleable..sold out in split seconds :D Delete

    Shen, oohh so all your brushes are protected na! YAY! I'll purchase more din!

    Hana, hahaha there is an answer to your brush prayers! Yay!! Glad this helps! I thought I was too late in posting this!

    Prettybeautiful, yes! I love her store...she doesn't charge us too much especially us international buyers! yay for brush guards! and yay for Toma's store!

  21. Hi Nikki,

    forgive the shameless plug but we also sell brush guards locally. please check out our site:

    :-) anna and candice

  22. i've never seen this before! thank you for this wonderful review!

  23. Anna and candice, thanks for letting us know! :)

    M, really? I think they're all over in the US! But I'm glad you found it in my blog :) You are welcome

  24. OMG the makeup mix shop is selling these now? whoa! i've been wanting to try this for a long time already but i don't like the "patong" that comes with buying on-hand stocks. toma keeps making me come back for more!

  25. Crystal, yes! they are! She's adding so much cool stuffs :)

  26. i found this same brush guard at shangrila plaza mall True Value, the cost is around P200+

  27. @shizuka wow, really? True Value?? How convenient! thanks for the info!


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