Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Smoked Purple for the Day" Look

After makeup class, I've been very busy with a lot of things so I haven't really been wearing much makeup lately. But how long does it really take to create a daytime smokey look? Not that long! :)

Here's my final look
And yes, you can work this out
on daytime!

Askmewhats' Diagram

Step 1:

Prior to e/s application, I drew MAC's Sharkskin Shadestick on the crease area as base.

Pat on Urban Decay's e/s in Last Call using a flat shader brush.

Step 2:

Using a blending brush, apply Urban Decay's e/s in perversion on the outer v and blend well. Making sure there's no harsh lines.

Step 3:

Using a bigger blending brush, apply any neutral e/s color on the brow bone area. I am using Bourjois' Beige Rose.

Step 4:

To make the eyes pop, apply a shimmery white e/s on the inner corner of the eyes. I am using Kate's Gradical eyes palette.

Step 5:

Tightline with Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, apply the black liner all over the outer upper lashline and lower lashline.

Step 6:

Line the inner lower waterline with Urban Decay's Yeyo or any white eyeliner.

Apply 2 coats of your favorite mascara
I use both Cover girl Lash Blast
and Paul & Joe Curly Mascara
curled with Shu Uemura Eyelash curler

Final look :)

For the Face

Mineraux premium concealer Green Corrector
Mineraux Premium Foundation in Neutral Medium

I use my EDM Flat Top brush to lightly apply the green corrector all over the cheeks and forehead where redness are visible. Then buff on the foundation.

For the Cheeks

Mineraux Premium Bronzer in Beach Tan
Using my Charm blusher brush

For the Lips

Clinique Soft Shine Lipstick in Creamy Nude
Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazement in Toast-ed

And I'm ready
to face the world! :)

Smiles to everyone! :)
Have a wonderful day!
keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. very pretty! you have such perfect teeth, hehe. :)

  2. This smokey purple look flatters you a lot, Nikki! Very pretty!

    I love how shimmery it is, and how well you blended of course! ;)

  3. super pretty! yep, i think i can carry this on daytime. :)

  4. Wow! I love how your eyes look. Random question, I'm looking for a new camera to buy. What is the brand of your camera?

  5. OMG greaaatttt look, Nikki!!
    I just have to try this!!

  6. great look!

    i always love your tutorials!

  7. It really really suits you :D!

  8. this is a gorgeous one! lovely... is the UD black u used matte or shimmer? cuz i have the other purple palette itz zero n its shimmers i think.. i need a matte shadow!

  9. This is so weird Nikki, this morning, on my way to work, I was thinking of surfing the net for smokey eyes tutorial (I've always had a hard time on this!, then whoala, saw your post, delivered on my doorstep! =) Thanks a lot, I'll try this soon! Hope I can pull it off though =)

  10. loving the look, Nikki! such a pretty purple color! smokey makes it sexier :D

  11. Maggie , thanks sweet maggie! hahah I don't have perfect teeth! My teeth are too small! its like kindergarten teeth!

    Jess, Thank you for saying so! It's such a nice non-overpowering shimmer! :)

    Nehs, yes you can! you can carry on those wonderful loud colors!

  12. Y, I am using Canon, both SLR and regular are from Canon! :)

    Shuu,Thanks ! Are you into smokey look?

    Fifi, thank you sweetie! Yes, do try it and show it to us! :)

    Thiamere, thank you!

  13. Cris, thanks for saying so , warms my heart to be appreciated! :D

    FuN and MakeUp, the UD has a bit of shimmer, the UD Box of Shadows contain mostly shimmery stuffs!!!! :)

    neurochiq, wow! I'm glad to have read your mind! Girl! I woke up late today so not much time for smokey eyes! LOL

    Ai, thank you, sexy is never part of my vocabulary, but thanks for saying so!!!!

  14. I love smokey look, it's just I still need to practice more :P Coz so far I haven't been able to bring up smokey look without looking weird/funny. I haven't given up just yet *grins*
    I love how last call looks on you :) It's a pretty purple-maroon ^^

  15. Totally wearable look! I love it!! So cute shadows!!! I'll try to do it for myself! Thanq for the tutorial, Nikki!

  16. love this smokey!! very pretty and not too dramatic at all :D

  17. Nice look! I'll try this one of these days. Thanks for the tutorial Nikki

  18. you have such a beautiful smile! and very pretty look too

  19. Awww.. you have a smile that melts people's hearts! :D

    I love this look!! Soooo pretty and you carry it off really well!! :D

  20. you're so pretty! you suit the smokey eye look. i still havent found a smokey eye look that doesnt make me look bruised lol

  21. So beautiful Nikki! :D I love the look! :D

  22. I reeaaaallly love it! It looks pretty on you :)

  23. This is a pretty look.

  24. omg so pretttyyy! The depth, shading, contour...

    I want UD Book of Shadows so much it's ridiculous. The colour I covet most is Smog.

  25. Oh nikki,you look prettyy!! I like your daytime smokey :) it doesn't look heavy at all :D

  26. I like how you do your eye makeup diagram! =) It really helps.

    Love the daytime smokey look,too!Ü

  27. love the look! i still can't get myself to wear dark or bright colors for everyday. i'm just stuck wearing pink looks hahah!

  28. oh wow! great tut and FOTD. :) love the smile, kapatid. its so radiating! :) not in a cancerous way of course. :) love the smokey look on you. :)

  29. This look is so pretty! It really suits you!

  30. PinkyKathy , thank you sweetie for saying so! :)

    Shuu, hahaha I guess it's not just about the application but the e/s color as well, I do know what kind of e/s that makes me look that I've been hit by a 10wheeler truck :)

    my_makeup_mania, no worries and I saw your FOTD and I love it! so bright!

  31. ♡ Nic Nic ♡ , that's my kind of day time smokey look!

    Aika sis, thank yoU!!!

    tish, show to us if you've managed to do one of the look! :) Thanks for the comment!

    Connie De Alwis , thank you!!!! Wow beautiful smile! Thank you!!!

  32. Jenn, I wish I could melt people's heart for real! THANK YOU FOR SAYING SO!!!!

    Khymm, I guess I am now going ok with purples, it was a bit hard to wear purples to start with but as we kept on practicing, we do find the right shades! :)

    Jo,I've seen you with a smokey eye look that doesn't look bruised, I love the way you put your makeup jo! :)

  33. Pang, Becky dear!thank you!

    Kim, I saw you sport somewhat a purple look and you look great in it too!

    Christie, thank yoU!

  34. Kahani, Oooohhh the UD Book of shadows are very pigmented but I have to say not all the colors would be the same texture, there are some with bigger shimmer which isn't wearable in my dictionary! Hey, I'm just trying to kill your lemmings! LOL

    Hana aka acutelife, thanks for liking my daytime smokey version!

    ♥Leigh♥ , I'm glad the diagram help!!!

    Crystal , you do look HOT in dark smokey look and you know that!!!

    Shen, thanks sis! Haven't seen you for quite some time na! I do miss you!

    Gio, thank you dear!

  35. That UD palette is such aweseomeness. I think I need to go take a look at that baby.

    And I agree with you---this is totally wearable for work. Beautiful job, darling!

  36. You look chic and kawaii at the same time! What a wonderful look!

  37. I love the blush on you! Very elgant!!

  38. B the UD palette wins when it comes to prettiness and pigmentation department! :) thank you sweetie!

    Jamilla Camel, hahah chic and kawaii!! THANK YOU!!!

    Fuz, I love the blush too! it's my ultimate fave for the week!

  39. Pretty and foxy :) I hope you don't mind I replicate this one of these days. I super like it! :)

  40. Eye lovett! That look really suits you well Nikki. :)

  41. a beautiful look blended to perfection!

  42. Teeyah, I don't mind! GO FOR IT! I want to see it!

    Roanne, awww thank you!!!

    M, thank you sweet!


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