Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Askmewhats Reports: A Mission... Accomplished!

I got a mission:

"Be Stunning for a Steal"

It's a mission I don't say NO to. I may not be Tyra Banks "Queen of Cheap" but I'm definitely a PRO-saver! If I can purchase a product that really works for the least amount of money? Count me in!!!

Scroll down as you see me acquiring my targets! :)

First Stop:
Facials by Garnier

Whatever makeup you had on, you will be stripped off to a nude face! eeeeekkk! lol Started out cleansing my face with Garnier Brightening Scrub Wash, toned with Garnier Milky Lightening Dew, had a face mask called Whitening infusion tissue mask then lastly, moisturized my face with Garnier whitening peel cream. I am not fond of whitening products but since I'm there, I enjoyed the "me" time of relaxing facial :)

a photo of "someone" having her facial
Photo blurred to protect her identity
FYI: That's not me! You know who you are girl!
I can blackmail you :P

I also had the chance to chat with
Garnier's Marketing Manager Ms. Barbara Ramos
Thanks for the warm welcome

Next stop?
*Looks left and right*

Goes for hair? Or makeover?

It's not even hard to choose!
I'll definitely go for the makeover!

Second stop:
Makeup by Maybelline

3 makeup stations with 3 Maybelline makeup artists line up for you to sit back, relax and be beautified!

Perfect timing!

Mr. Jim Ryan is open
to do my makeup!

Check out the
Maybelline products used

I like how he explained each and every step!
I opted for natural daytime look!

Sue me, but I love my daytime look! lol

*stop groaning!*

Jim with his light hands put on Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation with a stippling brush, and applied Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Concealer on my undereyes and sides of the nose. Set it with a sponge using Clear Smooth Pressed powder.

The eyes, as I said earlier, I opted for a daytime look with the Glam! He used a blonde eyebrow pencil (too bad it's not available locally). We discussed about what's in for brows and it's definitely thick brows that's light in shade! Imagine Judy Ann Santos, Kris Aquino, Bea Alonzo eyebrows!

Using the eyestudio e/s quad, he wet the brush and applied using light strokes neutral shades! What makes my eyes pop is the new Vivid & Smooth Black Liner as he applied it all over the shape of my eyes and feather it out for smoked effect. Lashes....ahhh..what can you do with it? Jim used 2 mascaras and explained to me why they are saleable in our market! The Volum' Express Cat Eyes mascara is perfect for thin and sparse lashes like mine, use it to coat your lashes and finish up by applying another coat just the tips of the lashes with Unstoppable curly lash extension mascara to give out a vavoom effect! It works! I am starting to see my lashes!

The great thing? Maybelline's Sr. Product Manager, Ms. Michelle Fernandez, explained to me that Maybelline has lowered their prices but maintained the quality of each product sold in the market. I checked out the prices and I was amazed how affordable they are! Must purchase??? Mascara and their vivid eyeliners!

(And you think I would insert a final shot? Sorry I don't have any close up shots! Was too excited chatting with people!!!)

Third stop:
Hair by Matrix

I was able to meet Jr. Product Manager of Matrix, Mr. Dax Ocheda, and learned so much about the Matrix line! The Matrix line also includes my favorite BIOLAGE hair products. I am seriously glad we finally have Biolage here in our country. The first time I've tried Biolage, was from my friend in Canada. I had her purchase it for me and now, I don't need to! I can easily to go salons and purchase it! And the best thing? It's affordable! :)

George Aliben, did my hair using Matrix products. I've requested for a natural curl and leave everything up to him! :) I love surprises!

Here's my hair after 4 hours

eye makeup removed

Love how the curl lasted

Doesn't my hair remind you of ABBA?
I can't stop singing....
"Dancing queen, young and sweet
only seventeen...." lol

Optional stop:
Nails by Nail Spa

They do nail art!!! But I was told by Ms. Barbara to skip it as I have my nail art done already by myself! And they only do your finger nails, and since the line was quite long, I gave it a skip and went for snacks! :)

The snacks consists of some entrees
and loads of sweets from
Christine's Kitchen

Final stop:
Photo by Fabfoto

(you can click to enlarge)

I love how the event includes FabPhotos!
cheers to my blogger friends Shen and Kim!
Roanne was also there but didn't have the chance to chat with her!
*waves* Hi Roanne!

After this experience, I can say, YES at the stage of recession we can still look beautiful without spending so much! :)

Now here's my mission to you!
Try to look fab yourself,

and be stunning..for a steal!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. had I not had my nails done, I would still have chosen snacks :P
    looks like it was a ton of fun!
    Love it when events have photobooths! kk, you get to commemorate the event then :P

  2. Fun fun beauty events. Looks like you had an awesome time. Your brows look gorgeous!

  3. what an awesome experience! you look gorgeous as always

  4. so fun!!!! i lurrrve the one stop head to toe concept! and the curls are so so gorgeuouus! so diff frm the one i did for myself =/

  5. OMGGG! Seems you spent so amazing time!
    Very exciting every "stop"!
    awe! and Mr. Jim Ryan looks so sweet! hehe :)

  6. wow!
    looks like you were in for a treat!

  7. wee, what a beautiful way to spend the day =) I'm an avid fan of Maybelline. How much will it cost to do everything? Love your brows, Nikki =D

  8. Thanks for the comment on the cbox! It's so nice of you to care and comment... hehe~ :)

    It looks like you're enjoying being a makeup artist. I'm happy to see that! :)

  9. rasilla, lol it would be difficult to eat with your nails wet! LOL But if you have company you can ask them to feed you :) Love photobooths too! they're must haves for events! :)

    B, thank you sweetie!

    Jo, thank you sweetheart!

  10. Prettybeautiful,yes, I think he curled it going outwards instead of the usual inward curls! :)

    My makeup mania, hahaha thank you! Yes Jim Ryan is very sweet and kind!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , it's definitely a head to toe relaxation! :)

    neurochiq, I wouldn't know how much will it cost to do everything! I did chat with those people who's in the event, and prices may vary!!!

    Ahleessa, I do wonder how you were..anyways thanks for the comment! Just messaging you to let you know someone wonders how you are :D

  11. Wooow looks like soo much fun!! :D Your hair looks beautiful.

  12. aww..too bad..i wasnt able to join you girls..mwah

  13. Yes I'm a firm believer of beauty is possible within budget too lolz
    Do they have those kind of events often there?you've been to many in less than 6months

  14. aawww i was hoping to see the full close up photo! but i'm SURE that you looked amazing! oh, you always do, Nikki! YAY FOR NIKKI! lol

  15. They rarely have these mega events in London, and the makeover usually has a charge that is credited towards a purchase!

    However, I did notice that department stores in India have similar events, and I had a L'Oreal makeover at the big Lifestyle store in Bangalore!

  16. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Your hair looks great!

  17. fuzkittie, thanks for liking my hair! I find it too curly at first but when it loosen up, I am liking it :D

    Jamie, I was actually looking for you!!!! I thought you'll be there!

    Miss Yaya, awwww

  18. Hana aka acutelife , I can't say often but there's a couple of events out there for half of this year! You know why there's so many events out there? Because I was told that amidst the recession, sales for cosmetics and skincare goes up!!! :)

    Ai, hahahah I tried, but nothing came out, the work of Jim Ryan wasn't shown on cam so i would want to do justice to him so I've decided not to put it up :) but thanks for the loving dear!

    Jamilla Camel, I know what you mean, we have a lot of those too!!! I guess it's an "in" thing now.

    gio thank you sweetie!

  19. I know, dear! :-( I would have gone earlier. Oh well, there's always a next time. So, see ya around! :)

  20. I can imagine you singing nikki haha =)

  21. Yumeko, it'll be even more fun if all the bloggers around the world could meet up!!! YAY!!!

    nicNic, thanks! It is fun!!!

    Roanne, I know! next time! I'm sure I"ll see you again!

    Kim, hahahah hey! that's a secret!!! You've seen me go crazy na no?

  22. that must've been super fun! i wanna gooooo haha

  23. M, yes, if you're living down here, You're definitely invited to go!


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