Monday, June 15, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Sliced Watermelon" Nails

Happy Monday!!!

I start off the week with a nail art tutorial! Although it's June and we had series of strong rains a couple of days ago, it's still summer as it's blazing hot down here!!!

That's where I thought of a Watermelon nails! I've seen a couple of watermelon nails and I wanted something different! I wanted slices of watermelon coming from all directions of my nails! It is fun to get out of dainty nails and go for fun nails!!! Hope you like my work of art...nah! :D

Step 1:
Protect your nails with a coat of base coat. Apply 2 coats of ELF Light Pink polish and let dry.

Step 2:

Draw a green curve line using a thin brush or the brush from the 2-way nail art pen. Go for different directions just like photo below :)

Step 3:

Draw a same thin white line on top of the green line. I am using L.A. Colors Art Deco Polish in white.

Step 4:

Using a pink/ reddish thin brush polish from the 2 way nail art pen collection. Draw a thicker curve
(this will serve as the watermelon). Though this came out looking like candy canes!

Step 5:
Draw seed shape using black 2 way nail art pen.

Step 6:
Top with a thin glitter polish

Step 7:

Finish your work of art with your choice of top coat.

Summery Slices
of Fresh watermelon!
Ready for you to bite!

Hope this refreshes your week!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. haha this is so cute lol it makes me smile

  2. weeeeeee one of my favorite fruit :D

    gusto ko tuloy ng pakwan

  3. That is too cute!!! I wish I could do designs on my own nails. ....

  4. waaaaahh.. ang cute nikki,, :D super talaga..

  5. it really looked liked watermelon slices nikki!!! mouthwatering!!!!!

  6. yumyumsushi, hahah thanks!

    Aika, really? My favorite fruit would be Mangoes! :) Yum!!! But watermelon is great din especially the sweet one!

    Kendall, yes you can! it just takes time but you'll get the hang of it! Look at how imperfect my drawings are..but it'll work still!

    Donnarence, awww thank you honey!

    Nehs, thanks!

    I am me, really? that's nice of you to say!

  7. ahahaha these are WAY TOO CUTE!
    love it :P
    and I like that they are all in varied places~
    nicely done nikki~ love that you can keep coming up with these!

  8. Aww.. adorable! If I did that to my nails I'd just sit around staring at the fun yummies! Kudos on dreaming this one up. =D

  9. watermelon!
    one of my favorite fruit

    this look so cute!

  10. haha thats so cute!

  11. This one's soo adorable Nikki!! I love the fresh scent of watermelons!! hehehe!! :D

  12. awww, so cute! i love watermelon, so juicy!

    PS, i tagged you!

  13. now i'm drooling! LOL soo cuuttee, Nikki! too cute for words!

  14. that's cute nikki! such a great idea :)

  15. so cute and Yummy!!!!
    in step4 I thought you are going to do Italian flag. LOL, watermelon is very lovely.

  16. This is so cool!! You are just too creative! At 1st I thought, "oohhh pepermint candies" hahaha! But it turned out so nice :)

  17. Thanks for the tut! The colors are so yummy :3 It just so happens that my boyfriend has been eating watermelons like a nut, he bought 4-5 of them at one time. We always have 2 watermelons around the apartment at any given time. So many watermelons! xD

  18. so creative! <3 watermelon is my fav <3

  19. That is so cute!!! I really want to try it now :D!

  20. This is CUTE! I'm sold. Time to invest in Nail Pens.

  21. oh wow! that is just too cute! :)

  22. Rasilla, hahah I"m glad you like it! Gosh, it's so funny, I seldom like it in one directly, if you notice, I love having nail art on various location! And girl!!! LOL can you just imagine how I turn my head doing this?? hahaha To be honest, I don't know how long I could keep on doing these! LOL

    Lily, thanks!

    Kahani, hahahah thank you!!!! I'll do your nails I swear if we meet!!!

  23. ~tHiAmErE~, wow, I guess there's a lot of watermelon lovers out there!

    Female_intuition, thank you!

    Jenn,wow fresh scent? I wish my nails have fresh scent! hahah have you tried hand wash with watermelon scent? ooh lala!

  24. Maggie, thank you for thinking about me and the tag!

    Ai, hahah drooling over my nails? You sure? hahhahaha I'll let you taste it when we meet..ewww..that doesnt' sound right! hahaha

    Jo, thank you!

    Miemiemie,thanks dear!

    PinkyKathy , hahahah in step 4, there's so many ideas coming out ha? Candy canes would be one of them for sure! Gosh Italian flag??? hahahhaha I should have made Philippine flag but I don't know what the loyalist would say, I'll probably be in jail and do nail art to my fellow inmates and jail guards! LOL

    Iyah, hahah peppermint candies, yes, that's one thing I thought too! on step 3!!!!

    INnerchild, it's ok because watermelons are refreshing and healthy!!!!

    Khymm, :) I'm glad you like the idea, I find it a bit ridiculous sometimes, you just don't know what's coming up on top of my head!

    Vanessa M, thank you!

    Prettybeautiful, thank you sweetie! How's your nails nowadays?? Enjoying the stickers?

    Ndoodles, goodluck, you can do it!!!

    My-My, hahahah :) Goodluck!

    Steph I'm glad you like this, I am surprised people like this! Hahah I'm sure a lot of others would find this childish! :)

  25. I missed your nails, Nikki! And that one looks too cute! thanq for the tutorial, looks very fun!

  26. I love it! So cute and summery!

  27. Lolz your watermelon is very fresh!suitable for the hot days ;) I noticed you used a lot of elf nailpolishes.are they your fave??

  28. Oh so cute!! So summer-y! =D

    Wish I could my nails like that.

  29. my_makeup_mania , aww thanks for missing my nails, i've missed them too! hahhaha

    Gio, thank you for always leaving such great sunshiney comments :D

    Hana aka acutelife, actually I got them from a dear from Toma of she sent me all the colors and I love it so I kept on using them although I have other polishes! LOL I guess what I like from ELF polishes is that they are quick to dry!!!

  30. * Jen *, why not give it a try? You can always start with simple dots and you'll go from there!

    Liza, sis! it's been awhile, nice to read from you sis! how have you been? how's your health? Hope everything is good!

  31. OMG! This is awesome!!!
    You come up with the craziest ideas?
    Where do yo get the inspirations?

    If you're feeling a little playful come play with us for Monday Matters at hope to hear from you!

  32. Youre nails look like yummy peppermint sticks!

  33. Ohmigooooodness!! That is beautiful!!

  34. :D now im a huge fan of stickers already!!! lazy to draw :P

  35. Wow..awesome! nail art design...It's look like a fruit, it's just like a watermelon..hahaha! I really like this page...I had grateful time visiting this. More Nail Art design and arts here.

  36. ♡ Nic Nic ♡, thank you!

    mixxxandmatch, thanks for finding the nail art as unique, I find it a bit childish! hahaha

    Mrs.Zeus, it really depends, most of the time, I do look around and at times, I do checkout booklets..nail art booklet that I own (only 1!!!) lol I do wonder why they don't sell a lot of nail art books!

    Jamilla Camel, hahahah thanks!

    B, thank you sweetie!

    Prettybeautiful, sorry I made you lazy! Get out of that lazy bum woman!!! Start drawing your nails NOW!! LOL

    redhotchilly12, thanks for the link :)

  37. that would look perfect with my watermelon make-up hihihi i absolutely love it <3

  38. how cute! watermelons! you're so creative.

  39. Miss yaya, glad you liked the idea :)

    kamyara kay make-up , yes! Watermelon nails and makeup, that's fab!

    Crystal, thanks dear

    Nail Art, hey! thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

  40. hello sis..! i so envy you! i love you cute simple design...BTW, where did you get that art deco nail polish with thin brush? cant find one eh..please help me..this is my eadd..

    TIA! ^_^

  41. Hi Cassey, I purchased this from Makeup Mix Shop. You can click this link to order


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