Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Hanpao Restaurant

The week flew by pretty quick and Monday is getting nearer!!! ugh... *breathe in and out* Positive energy.... positivity.... :D

I will be off to attend a wedding party early in the morning and will have the reception at 6:00pm, so it'll be a whole day affair! :)

It's another food tripping post, after the Modern Toilet Restaurant post, it's time to go back to yummy looking food again! This is a restaurant not too famous to a lot of people but definitely well known to people within the area. HanPao Restaurant Banawe.

Oh yes, they are famous for the HANPAO NOODLE FEAST, good for 3-4 persons, noodles topped with Chicken, Honeycured Pork, Shrimp dumplings, vegetables served with a sweet sauce and soup! Love it!!! It's only Php220.00 (approx $4.60).

Here are our orders....

Spring rolls

3 pcs for Php65.00 (approx $1.50)

I love spring rolls!
This can be a dish to me!

Spicey Beancurd
Php145.00 (approx $3.00)

Beancurd are staple for me
if I dine in a Chinese Restaurant!

Kutchay Dumpling

Php75.00 (approx $1.60)

I've had crunchy kutchay in the past
and this is something new!

Perfect for vegetarians
as they're filled with veggies!
It's all healthy!

Radish Cake

Php65.00 (approx $1.50)

I am not fond of Radish
But I love love love Radish Cake!

Wanton Noodle Soup
Php85.00 (approx $1.80)

More chili please!

What's best but to finish all the meal
with Sago't Gulaman Drink!

It's authentic Chinese food at an affordable price! If you're within the area, you MUST give it a try! Your tastebuds will thank you for it!

Han Pao Teahouse,
693 Banawe St.,
Brgy. Sienna
Quezon City,
Metro Manila


Reminder: The restaurant do not accept credit card, so be prepared to bring cash with you if you dine in here :D

Have a wonderful weekend!
I will have more exciting post the coming week!
Keep that smile coming!
Stay happy!


  1. Hey, Nikki!
    After viewing your photos I feel a great hunger!
    All the food looks totally delicious!

  2. YUM everything looks delish!
    I want some siomai now with sago't gulaman!!!

  3. i'm not fan of chi food but this post is makin me hungry. hehehe! :)

  4. the spicy tofu dish looks delish

  5. YUMm! The wanton noodle soup looks delish! I want it with more pepper and chili sauce,too.Ü Wow I wonder what the radish cake tastes like..hehe

  6. oh my! those look YUUUMMM! anyway, do you have any recommendation for a great restaurant in Manila? coz maybe i'm going there around November for my dad's graduation ceremony. or maybe we can meet??

  7. is Han Pao open again? i noticed that it closed last April...

  8. OMG! That looks delicious!! I love spring rolls too, and dim sum. =)

    Hope you had a great long weekend Nikki! Even if we had three days off, it still feels kinda "bitin". Hehe..

  9. My stomach growled at those photos :D YUMMMM!

  10. i love hanpao restaurant! my favorite is the noodle feast and the white chicken :p i studied @ the all girl's school located in banawe and whenever i needed to go home late i drop by hanpao first and eat dinner hehe. banawe has lots of restaurants (it really explains my chubby frame)that contributed to my happy dining experiences

  11. Wah this made me hungry! I love love love Chinese food.:D :D

  12. OMG!! I love it all! Thanks so much for the pics--you go to the BEST restaurants!

  13. wantan soup is my fav!!! and the price seems reasonable enough :)

  14. Tish , I'm glad you like what you saw :)

    my_makeup_mania, that's the exact feeling i get everytime I see bloggers post about the food too!

    Mrs. Zeus, Sago't gulaman is the ultimate Filipino drink! love it during the hot season!

  15. Shen, I know, I remembered you telling me you're not into Chinese food!

    Goodfor2, yes!! Thanks for the comment

    Leigh, the radish cake doesn't have a strong radish taste, it's just..yummy for me with hot sauce!!!

  16. Ai, I am game! email me and let me know when you're coming over! What are you looking into? What kind of food?

    Anonymous, yes, it's open again! I just ate there this weekend, so I'm sure it's open, it has been closed due to some internal problems but I guess they're ok now! :)

    Jen, loves dimsum? I love spring rolls!!!! You're right about Bitin, I can't believe we have to go back to work after long weekend!

  17. Teeyah, hahahahah better eat up!

    Gia, wow, you're a fan too!!!! *high five* we might bump into each other!

    Soapaholic, :)

    JC, awwwww I'm glad you enjoyed my food posts!

    Prettybeautiful, wanton Soup is my hubby's fave, I am more into tasting everything!!!!

  18. oh yummy! i always enjoy your food post Nikki! always making me hungry, really!! :)

  19. yeah the prices are incredibly affordable. I miss the authentic taste of sagot gulaman. its not the same over here :/

  20. O everything looks sooo good! The bean curd makes me drool!!! xP....

  21. Nehs, I'm glad you like my food posts!

    Becky, but at least they sell sago't gulaman there! :) And be ready when you come back home!

    Fuz, yay for beancurd lovers!!!!

  22. Hanpao is one of our faves for the noodle feast too!!!

  23. ooohh banawe has the best chinese restaurants. im craving for sago't gulaman tuloy haha

  24. Nikkiz, awwww, it's such a great and simple place right? You sit down, enjoy tea and food! then off you go! :)

    Steph, hahaha sorry!!! Hey have you heard about SNG ??? The sago't gulaman drink? I'm hoping it'll be sold at Ministop, I want to try it :)

  25. mmm i miss dim sum!! :( looks yummy there!

  26. no. is that a brand? where can i buy it? haha

  27. NicNic, I'm sure you can have some dimsum in Japan! How do they taste like?

    Steph, hahaha

    M, through FEDEX?? Are you ready to receive spoiled food? hahahah


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