Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Modern Toilet Restaurant

You read it right!!! Toilet and Restaurant goes in one sentence! LOL
We've seen about this toilet restaurant over email, I think they have it in Japan? Not sure. But when we were in HK, we were handed out a tissue pack advertising the Modern Toilet Restaurant! We were so intrigued we have to look for it! :)

It isn't hard to find the restaurant, it's located at Causeway Bay at the 4th floor of the same building as the biggest Watson's Store in that area. They have a total of 2 branches in Hong Kong. Causeway Bay and Mongkok Branch. I love how cute the ambiance is, yes, it should be gross but I find it super cute!

Our seats
Table has a basin
Shower and even shampoos!
Look at our seats! I love it!
They use real toilets!

Closeup on our toilet seats
The seat cover is removable!
You can really do your thing there

They also have Sauna seats
Imagine your first date?
and you're both inside a Sauna?
Don't tell your mom!! lol

Cute decorations!
Sad to say, they don't sell these!
They should...cause,
"I want to buy SHIT!" :P

Here's a cute table setting
that greets us!

And let's talk about our orders!
I love the presentation
Gave us the kicks and laughs!

Stone Grill Chicken
HKD58 / Php370 / USD8.25

Braised Pork Ball
HKD55 / Php357 / USD7.80

Sliced Beef and Mushroom
in Kimchee Soup
HKD50 / Php325 / USD6.90

Marton No. 5 Ice Cream
HKD18 / Php117 / USD2.50

Overall experience? WONDERFUL! We had a blast laughing and talking about how cute the place is, how cute the presentation is, great customer service!

But how about the taste of the food?

BLAHHHHH!!!! It lacks taste and it's actually not that good! LOL We were joking around that since we're eating in a toilet, we're eating crap! LOL To be honest, it's worth the experience, first timers would enjoy this but I would say I'm not dining there again because the food is not great! But I'm only joking about eating the CRAP. The food tastes like food but nothing outstanding!

You know what I've realized about HK after staying there for 4 days? It's not easy to look for places to eat! Since HK is such a small place, restaurants are jampacked in one building and there's so many people eating at the same time, you really have to line up! Gosh! I've never felt so hungry in my life when I was in HK! LOL When it's time to eat, the restaurants are just hidden, nowhere to be found!

Anyways, it was a great dining experience! It'll be fun to see such cute themed restaurant down here! I'm sure everyone would want to have the experience on eating in a Moderm Toilet Restaurant! :D

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Are you still hungry with my food post?
Or have you lost your appetite?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. OMG This is unreal!!! I have never seen anything like it, how crazy and cute!! We don't have anything like that in Australia, our restaurants are mainly all about good aussie tucker (food) and grog (alcohol) -- some aussie slag for you lol-- more than cutesy themes!!! The dessert cracked me up lol aw thankyou for your kind comment too, you are a sweetheart :)

  2. How cool! I saw this on a program about the most interesting restaurants in the world.

  3. Nikki, you had the heart to eat them all? LOL! ooohhh they are CUUUTTEE! and super big, aren't they? maybe when you go to Tokyo someday, you must try the restaurant called "Alcatraz E.R" creeeppyyyy!

  4. Haha. This is just adorable. I just can't see myself sitting on a seat like that. I would look totally grossed out. hehe

  5. hahaha.. made me laugh when i saw this. :DD specially the chicken and the dessert presentaton. chicken looks yummy but the ice cream looks like....

    thanks for sharing this Nikki! :)

  6. Haha... I'd read about this one and I'm gratified to know that the food fails to live up to hype. Most of these places tend to be like that. :)

  7. How exciting... Looks really funny!
    BI hink, I couldn't eat in same places LOL:

  8. OMG! this is so cute!!!!! (and hilarious at the same time) :D

  9. HAHHAHAH This is suuuper cool. Im writing down all the restaurants youve feautured on you blog so when i come to visit home this december I'll have my own reference lol.

  10. that's weird haha...but i'd like to visit that place when I visit HK. It's just a little disappointing that they focused too much on the concept and not of the quality of their food noh?

  11. LOL. I don't think I can ever eat there. Hehehe.. =)

  12. OW HK, isnt it the sale time now there?lolz I like the poo shaped ice cream XD It cracks me up

  13. LOL! I'm putting this on my to-do list the next time I'm in HK...

  14. Aww, I've never seen this in Causeway, sayang! Super LOL!

  15. what the!!!? that was gross but very CREATIVE and FUNNY huh hahaha.. what a good idea - the owner is really smart and gross LOL!?. I hope we have that kind of unique restaurant here.

  16. I think we have a restaurant like that in Penang too!! They serve their food in tiny white toiletbowls!! Sad to say, i heard the food is not that great either!! Maybe they're from the same company!! haha!! :D

    Honestly i can't bring myself to eat there... >.<

  17. Thank you for the pics!! This restaurant has been in all the UK papers but they never showed photos!

    I'm not sure I could handle the dessert, though!

  18. wonderful concept. haha! i don't think i could eat the dessert though heehee. enjoy your stay in HK! :)

  19. LOL!!
    so CUTE!!! :D
    thx for sharing~~

  20. Oh I went to the Mongkok one and I also found one toilet restaurant in Taiwan. Only the one in Taiwan is more kawaii for the decorations :D. Again, the food doesn't taste that great.. Nevertheless, I agree on getting the experience part ^^ It was fun!

  21. I don't think I can eat here! But the place is really cute.

  22. hey i've read about this restaurant in a comiczine before. OMG just coz the food look like shit doesnt mean they taste should too. well at least u had a fun experience!

    But I pass, no way im gonna have my food served in a toilet bowl! Toilet restaurant is an oxymoron. Period.

    btw, the cute poop reminds me of Arale in Dr. Slupmp. ;)

  23. lol at least you've experience the cool ambience! hehe.too bad the food was crappy!

  24. Sarah , lol i am glad this is something new to see for yoU! I know, i am cracking up myself when I saw this restaurant! it's really worth the expereince!

    Nessa, I know, I saw it on a magazine at Philippine Airlines and we swore to look for it :D

    Ai, I must try the Tokyo one, me and the hubby really wanted to go to Tokyo, someday :D

    Shobe,LOL it's not that gross as it seems :D

    Tish, hahaha you wouldn't gross out, you'll have a laugh! I'm sure :D

  25. *Nehs*, lol chicken inside the toilet? can you imagine that? hahaha

    Paris B, yeah, looking at photos are good enough, it's not really that good! they really need to fix their cooking or they won't last long :D

    my_makeup_mania, it is fun! :)

    Maggie , imagine saying.."Hey, let's meet up at the Modern Toilet" LOL!

  26. becky , hahahaha let me know we can meet up :D

    *KiM*, true, I'm sure they can do something about the quality of the food! Such a waste to have such great concept!

    Jen, lol it is CUTE I swear, its not as gross as you think it is LOL

    Hana aka acutelife, the weekend I was there was the "Dragon Boat Festival" holiday so there's a lot of sales going on,especially at the SOGO mall for their 24th year anniversary :)

    Shopn'Chomp, you have to check this out! :)

  27. Teeyah, I'm sure you'll have a blast, I think they serve beer, that's a great drink to flush out the

    chulalouise , lol definitely a bit of a twisted mind would think of this, LOL

    Jenn, really?? I guess they do franchise? Hmm..I hope they'll ahve it here in Manila, but have to cook the meals better!

    Jamilla Camel, hahaha the dessert is actually the cutest LOL

    Ida, thank you

  28. miRaCLe, it's my pleasure to share, I had to share such wonderful concept!

    Shuu, oohh Taiwan has it too? Wow I should have looked for it when I went to Taiwan!

    Christie, yes you can, but I'm sure you'll lose appetite!

    HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo , the experience is definitely 100% great, the food..well i'll give it 50%

    ♥Leigh♥ , though food isn't that great, we didn't feel bad, we stayed there chatting for more than an hour, imagine that? hahah

  29. this place looks like fun haha! disappointing that the food isn't great. i take your word on that one nikki!

  30. i dont think i could eat at this place haha
    but its nice to see pics!

  31. OMG!!!! I've heard of a place (or, maybe it's the same place) like this but I've never seen the food before!!! That's amazing, you would never see anything like that here in the US. I would totally go, just to say I went- but I would take your advice and just go for the fun factor, not particularly the food :)

  32. No, they did not! I am quite obnoxious when it comes to bizarre restaurants, ex, toilet is on the top list. Yeah, I go washroom everyday and remember the stuff when I flush them down.... Not to gross you out. :) However, since the food is average, I think teh theme is more appealing. I would never go there to eat as I really would throw up since I regard toilet as a gross place.. haha

  33. ugh! the ice cream looked really gross!

    very challenging to dig into:p

  34. Jo, aww thanks for trusting me when I say it doesn't work!

    Yumeko, yes you can! LOL I will take you there if we have the chance to visit HK together! :)

    Tanya, lol yup, and to be honest, it doesn't look that gross as we imagine, but gosh, they should have done something about the quality of food!

    Vivian, lol I am laughing at your comment, you feel strongly about the concept of this restaurant~

    jillsabs, hahaha I am having a laugh at the reactions of my dearies!!! At least I don't make my readers feel hungry in this post!

  35. that crap ice cream is too cute!! haha

  36. How bizarre! I'm adventurous when it comes to dining out but I'll draw the line on this one hahahahahaha! You're brave though sis and I salute you on this one hahahahahaha!

  37. Connie!!! I never intended to order any ice cream! I have a feeling that it won't be amazing in taste after the main dish, but I have to! It's too funny and cute! LOL

    Gracie, hahahhaa I am adventurous, as long as it's not about eating insects or whatever that thanks for saluting, but I"m not that brave..really! LOL

  38. this place looks neat!! ahaha! look at the food and the seats, really cute! thanks for sharing this, nikki.

  39. Hahaha, I remember seeing a photo of the toilet restaurant that's in Taiwan! Too cute... for some reason crap is cute?! :P

  40. o.m.g thats pretty bizarre :P glad you had a good exp... i cracked when you commented on the food!!

  41. Aquaracer, only weird individual like you and me would appreciate this! hahhaha I think most of the people find this gross! hahhaha

    Fuz, I find crap cute, but not the real one ok?? hahaha

    nicNic, I'm glad this post made you smile!!!! :) I believe they have this in Japan too? You care to try?

  42. so disgustingly adorable!
    too bad they dont have this in malaysia
    it would have been a good experience

  43. LyNn, hahahhahah everyone says it's disgusting, but there's a bit of adorableness right ? lol

  44. My friend was telling me about a toilet themed restaurant so we had to look it op. Thanks for sharing... wow, can't imagine eating there. Definitely a "guy's restaurant"!! LOL


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