Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tip for the Day: Base Makeup/Primers

Hello Askmewhats Readers!

I have a very good question asked by my reader a couple of weeks ago and I do apologize for taking such a long time to answer it. I tried putting it up on my "Reader's Corner" episode but the answer gets longer and longer so I've decided to make this a series.

I will answer the question in mini series so we tackle as much as we can! :) Yay?

Here's the question:

"What do I need to purchase to start up my make-up collection?"

Now you know why it took me weeks or months to answer this!!! This is one question that has so many answers!

Before I get to answer, here's a question that I need to ask YOU!

"Are you collecting makeup for yourself?
Or are you planning to be a professional make-up artist someday?"
When I told myself I will start to spend my hard earn money on make-up, I knew I wanted to be a make-up artist so I made sure to buy the best of the best on what's out there, at the same time, making sure not to over spend. Here are just some of the tips at the back of my head, there's always a different version out there, but this is my version, I'm sure there's gazillions out there so feel free to share yours ok?

Today, I will start with

Base Makeup/Primers

Foundation can be included under base makeup, but in this post, I will be mainly focusing on pre-foundation products. What must you purchase for yourself or others?
Before you purchase any makeup base/primer, you have to evaluate your skin or your clients' skin!

Dry Skin
  • Sunblock
  • a moisturizer meant for dry skin
  • Primer: this may be skipped, if you have combination skin, you can applly primer only on areas that are oilier
Oily Skin
  • Sunblock
  • Moisturizer - yes you still need them, apply a thin layer of moisturizer on oily areas and more on the less oily areas
  • Oil control primer - to prevent the oilies
Wrinkly Skin
  • Sunblock - blocking the sun to prevent further wrinkles
  • Moisturizer - meant for aged skin
  • Primer - to fill in the lines to have a good canvass to start up with your foundation
Blemished Skin
  • Sunblock
  • Moisturizer - you can check with your dermathologist for a good moisturizer meant for your sensitive skin. Better to use light and oil free moisturizer
  • Treatment cream - from your dermatologist
  • Corrective Primer (only if needed) - try not to use primers as much as possible, try to stay away from putting more products on to your skin especially if it's on treatment
Uneven Skin Tone
  • Sunblock
  • Moisturizer
  • Primer that has shade
The tips above are just basic! Rule of the thumb, try to use the least product as possible. Be sensitive on your skin's reaction to each product you've applied.

If you are doing base makeup/primers to a client, do communicate with them and ask them if they have any allergic reactions to certain ingreidents or brands.

Here's a photo on the primers I currently own. I don't use them all on myself, but I use them on clients who are comfortable with primers.

Left to Right

Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum (from Gracie)
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light
Lancome Pure Focus T-zone (from Gracie)
P&J Protective Foundation Primer UV
Bare Naturals Make It Last Makeup Primer (from Shen)
P&J Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03

Below are the photo of BB Creams I currently own. Because of the craze, BB creams are considered as base makeup worldwide. Here's what I own, not a lot! But I'm happy with all of them!

Left to Right

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream (from Zyra)
Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super BB Cream
L'egere White Multi BB cream
BRTC Cover BB Cream

Do you use primers/makeup base everyday?
I don't! I let my skin breathe on most days! :)
I use primers on special occasions!
Share your thoughts my friends!

Keep smilin!
Stay Happy!


  1. YAY! thnx for the useful tip, Nikki :) i rarely use primers tho. special occasions only. i'll be waiting for your next tip woo-hoooo! have a lovely weekend :)

  2. I agree that skin can't breathe with those primers on everyday. I have the same smashbox primer as yours, and only I use it during special occasions (like weddings and stuff). Idk, but I always seem to have a heavy feeling on my skin when using primer + foundation. :-/

  3. I dnt wear primers all the time. The current one i have is not that good. So i was searching for a new make up primer.. I think I may get bb cream on.

    But overall i dont wear make up all the time so on most days ill just go makeupless.

    Thanks for the recommendations and tips

  4. nice entry!
    very informative..
    will be looking forward for the other series as well

    i've only used one primer...

    & im thinking of trying out others if im finished with that gal

  5. How about primers for sensitive skin?

  6. love the l'egere bb cream.. using it as my face primer and my foundation doesn't cake anymore.

  7. OH! I'm really excited with this series! I can't wait to see what the next one will be. ^_^

    As for primers, I tried the Monistat Chafing gel, and I broke out with mountains and hills! Even on the bridge of my nose! I didn't even know that was possible! Ever since then, I don't dare try face primers. High end or low end. learned the hard way that my skin just loves breathing. lol.

  8. I use kaolin powder as primer but I think I am going to skip this step next time because I don't want to load so many stuffs on my acne prone skin. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Ai , yay to both of us! We both use primers only on special occasions! That is great news for our skin! :)

    Roanne @ All the Vanity, Yup it really felt different having lesser product on no matter how "light" it says you'll feel :)

    KawaiiFallenStar, goodluck on finding the right BB cream for you! :) you are welcome, and thanks for the comments!

  10. ~tHiAmErE~ , my pleasure, I enjoy writing this entry and the next one will come up soon, hope it won't be too long ! :P

    Fabuless Beauty, primers for sensitive skin? hahah I do have sensitive skin and I would say better not use primers when you have sensitive skin! :) Only if needed

    *Nehs*, I know L'egere is wonderful!

  11. My-My, foundation would be next dear :D Good thing I didn't purchase Monistat Chaffing gel...I have sensitive skin and it could make my skin worst!

    Cyndi, oohh is it a mineral primer? I've tried mineral primers and there's one that made my skin itch, forgot the brand :(

  12. heya nikki! wow thanks for the tips. your post is really informative. actually, what i love about your blog entries is that you are able to communicate both to non-makeup and makeup users. you are able to simplify everything for better understanding. you'll make a good makeup guru! haha. props to you! i'm excited to read the succeeding entries of this series. :)

  13. thanks for the info!! :D i usually dont use make up primer/base, but I once used the face shop base make up and i quite like it. but I stopped because I dont really like having too many layers on my face :P now I use base makeup only for big party

  14. i like primers but oh i havent found one tat i dont break out from T-T

  15. great tips! i never used to wear "base" that much until i got the Diorsnow, which is just doesn't block my pores and it makes my makeup application even smoother :)

  16. nice post! how about for sensitive skin? i really wanted the smashbox photofinish primer in light cuz i heard its good for sensitive skin BUT i also heard it will clog pores, since it contains silcon? i realy dont need that cuz my pores r really bad n cuz i have sensitive skin too so not good! wut do u recommend for my sensitive skin? like sometimes i put on powder on my face n u can see the extra flakes even wit moisteruzier too...

  17. Hi Nikki! nice post! I don't use base makeup..the only primers I use are mineral powder primers to help control my oilies :)

    by the way, how do you find the L'egere White Multi? I want to try that too coz Missha is too thick :)

  18. I always thought a primer is a must in our make up routine :(
    i have oily and acne prone skin!
    recently i start on a new primer with spf50 and pa+++.. it break me up like crazy (i supposed it's that product. coz that's the only one new product i add into my routine before this major break up) :(

    thanks for sharing the great tips sis! :D

  19. Steph, wow! thanks for such wonderful comment, I am glad to read such sweet compliment from you, thank you!!!!

    Hana aka acutelife, true, if you really don't need the extra layer on regular day, you can just skip it :)

    Yumeko, I know! I hope you find a good one, how about bb cream? Found a good bb cream for you already?

  20. ♡ Nic Nic ♡ , wow really? That I have to check out :) Thanks for the tip!

    FuN and MakeUp, if you have sensitive skin, it really depends, as some primers are ok for sensitive skin while others give out a bad reaction. Try to take a look at ingredients :) If you have extra flakes after putting on a powder, try to steer away from it...if I'm allergic to a powder, I do have flakiness on my skin too!!!

    Teeyah, thanks!

    Crystal Gale, L'egere works good on me, you can check out my review, I did a review on it, due to my dry skin, my number one primer is still the Skin 79 VIP gold one because it's meant for dry skin! :)

    miRaCLe, oh no on primers breaking you out, check out he ingredients and try to pinpoint the main ingredient that usually makes your skin breaks out...if you have other products that you're breaking out on, try to compare that with the primer! :)

  21. What a great post, thanks for sharing!! :)

  22. I have smashbox and P&J but I use my bb cream more often =) wow you have a lot nikki!

  23. great tips Nikki :) Thank you!
    I don't wear primer everyday too.. I agree we gotta let the skin to "breathe" :) I never skipped my moisturizer and sunblock though, they're compulsory :D

  24. Totally agree with you..what a great post! I've got the P&J foundation primer 01 and the L'egere BB cream and they are both fantastic!!

  25. thanks for sharing the useful tip :)
    hehe yea HK makes me happy :p

  26. Thanks for this post. It was really helpful. I never thought about primers for different skin types. It is important to consider this esp when your doing other people's makeup. Thanks girl!

  27. am so waiting to have l'egere bb cream. thnx for posting this!

  28. Pop Champagne, it's my pleasure to share!

    Kim, hahaha you know I don't have a lot compared to others but for someone who doesn't use much primer, it is a lot no? haha

    Shuu, thanks for agreeing with me! *high five* sweetheart!

    Jamilla Camel, L'egere works really good , so does P&J :)

  29. Lulu, no worries, my pleasure!

    Becky, I'm glad you learned something here, i appreciate it!

    chulalouise , you ordered from ebay? goodluck hope you get it soon!

  30. I do wear primer everytime I put makeup on (except when practicing.) since the humid here in the Phi makes my foundation slid off. and I usually have rough skin and primers help a lot to give me that smooth canvas. :) I use Smashbox Photofinish Primer, the regular one. It doesn't break me out. :)

  31. Care G, i'm glad Smashbox works for yoU :D

  32. this is an excellent series! Very helpful to anyone who need help starting their own collection. Looking forward to more. keep it up!

  33. Connie, I'm glad to have your thumbs up on this! I have a hard time answering the query from my reader, so I thought this is a better way :)

  34. Hi Nikki, thanks for answering my question, now I have to search for good Sunblocks, Moisturizers and Primers, haha, I need to get started. Thank you so much. :)

    What brand of Sunblock do you use? :)

  35. I am using The Face Shop's Natural Intensive SUnblock SPF50
    please copy and paste the link below:

  36. Hi Nikki, I have super oily skin, that I always have to bring around blotting sheets. Geesh. Any advise which primer is the best for ultra oily skin like mine that can probably hold my make up longer without looking all buttered? :-p

  37. this is such a great post!! me likey :)

    have u already reviewed lancome pure tzone primer?? if not, can u please do? THANK YOU! :)

  38. Neurochiq, my friend has the oiliest skin EVER..and I've used Smashbox Photo Finish Primer light and it does help! and for mini oilies that still came out, she uses those oil blotting sheets..and that's the only way we can handle oilies! :) You have any nice finishing powder too? You can always include that! :)

    Aquaracer, Not yet, haven't reviewed that yet, coz the funny part? I have dry T zone! LOL But I'll try to look for someone to test it and see how it goes :D Please bear with me :)

  39. hi nikki,

    you've tried both barenaturals and ellana primers right? which one do u prefer?


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