Friday, June 5, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC Grand Duo Light Over Dark

When MAC came up with a mineralized blush duo collection, I told myself I have to check it out because it looks really pretty!!! I want to have at least one in my collection!

Choosing only 1 is difficult, am I going for peach? pinks? The answer can be made if it's tested on my cheeks! And I chose none of the above!

I went for MAC Grand Duo Light Over Dark, it's a nice "bronzey" duo that gives me a healthy and natural flush.

Dome shaped
Mineralized Blush

MAC Grand Duo Blush says ---

A Mineralize Blush featuring soft-shimmer super-shine pearl in pretty tricolor veining to enhance and glorify cheekbones, followed with the pop and dimension of solid color shimmer without an overly frosted look.

Askmewhats says ---

  • can create 3 different shades as compared to a regular mono blush
  • gives out a healthy glow due to it's pretty sheen
  • very pigmented
  • lasts long
  • a great everyday color
  • pricey
  • if not careful, this can be shattered easily if dropped

I admit, I had big regrets after I purchase this because I felt that I got sidetracked by the SA of MAC. I went there originally thinking about a Pinkish shade and felt bad that I left in a different blush color.

When I got home, I tested it on my cheeks and feel that it is indeed pretty but a bronzer from different brands can do the same job! I even plan to return it the next day but the lazyness in me stopped me from doing so.

Now that it's been with me for quite some time, I found that even though there's a lot of dupes out there, this blush does give me a healthy glow when needed.

Yes, this is a good buy but I won't say this is the best buy, again there's always different brands out there that gives out the same shade and glow I want.

But I am not complaining....this looks ok on my skin!

  • use this as an eyeshadow as well
  • try on different sides and see which one would work best for you
  • tap the brush to remove excess
  • start applying less, adding as you go on
  • Stila bronzer is a good dupe!
  • for the blush not to come out too strong, use a big fluffy brush or stippling brush to applyl
Will I repurchase?

Not this shade, this will last me a lifetime!

Where can you purchase and how much?

Not available anymore, can purchase online (be careful though)
Bought this at MAC Shangri-la for Php1,500 (approx $32.00)


1. Melange side - more shimmery

2. Mono side - has shimmer but less

3. combination

Here's how it looks on my cheeks
Using a slanted blush brush

Own any MAC mineralized Grand Duo Blush?
What color did you get?
Did you like it?
Happy Friday everyone!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Oh, thanks for this post! This blush looks so pretty and natural on your skin.

    Now, you made me wana go to the MAC counter and check it out, hehe... but, I said no more hauling for the rest of this month. :p

  2. the color looks great on u though :)

  3. Light over dark was the shade that caught my eyes when I was there...but I was so determined to get the love rock (1 month before it was released) so I went home with it...and trying very hard to like it (reads: hate it up till this very day)

    It was pink and pink and can be used only on cheeks...(Your SA was actually quite helpful...)

  4. ooohhh! thats a very nice color, Nikki! esp. on YOU! LOVEY! <3

  5. it gives glow to your face Nikki! and i love that!

  6. even if i say i can't afford mac i think i would be buying this blush because of the color. gorgeous shade~

  7. Awe! Really amazing shin to it! Very pretty stuff! It'll be looks very great on the face!

  8. this looks wonderful on you! indeed healthy :)

    but i skip this colour because it looks muddy brown. and my skin colour don't take brown/ oranges tones that well :(

  9. Ahh, it looks amazing on you!! Don't regret buying it!! :D

    i decided to skip this collection because they look a little too shimmery... and also because this collection will not be available here in India! :(

  10. Jess , oh I'm not sure if they still have it available? Maybe at CCO?

    aquaracer, thank you! :)

    Citrine , oh really? You bought Love Rock and you didn't like it? Wow...thanks! Now I'm feeling way better!!!! I know, I thought he was just trying to sell to me "what's on stock" :D

    Ai, thank you!!!

  11. Nehs, there is a certain glow you're right!!!

    Gia, thanks for sharing your thoughts dear!

    my_makeup_mania, thanks dear!

    Fuz, thanks!

  12. Khymm, thanks for the compliment!

    Plue, hahaha healthy looking skin? That's great to know!!! I wonder why your skin tone cannot take browns! Hmm..maybe not the "muddy" kind!

    Jenn, thank you!!!! Now I don't regret buying it after looking at the photos!

  13. i love the glow!!! and ahhhhh your skin looks so flawless!

  14. the colors r soo pretty on you.. i really like it on ur cheeks...

  15. that shade is too dark on me but looks great on you! I ended up returning all the grand duo blushes i purchased, the colors didn't work well for some reason

  16. your skin looks so flawless!!!

  17. That blush looks very pretty!! It seems like it will be wonderful to use for the summer!! :) I should look for it at CCO :)

  18. oooh i love the glow! i want a grand duo too but im broke. huhu plus i checked in the mac counter, and they only have a few left. huhu

  19. The colours make your skin glow so beautifully!

  20. pretty! i love it on your skin. for me the grand duos didn't cut out for me. i personally love the msf's better because they show up on me better. but on you it's so pretty and natural.

  21. Nice~ ^^ the color looks really good on your skin! i wonder how it works as eyeshadow~~ :D

  22. It looks so pretty on you! I really like those compacts that offer more than 1 color, makes them so much versatile and easy to carry. Good for indecisive girls like me, hahaha :p
    Thanks for your compliments on my jewelries!

  23. prettybeautiful , wow thanks for saying so..but hey my skin isn't that flawless, I had mineral foundation on :D

    FuN and MakeUp, thanks :)

    M, yeah? it is dark but I use a really fluffy brush to apply it. I am sorry it doesn't work well for you!

    yumyumsushi , thank you!

  24. prettybeautiful , wow thanks for saying so..but hey my skin isn't that flawless, I had mineral foundation on :D

    FuN and MakeUp, thanks :)

    M, yeah? it is dark but I use a really fluffy brush to apply it. I am sorry it doesn't work well for you!

    yumyumsushi , thank you!

  25. Iyah, goodluck, I was going to say check it out at CCO on your side hope you'll find it!

    Steph, yeah they don't have a lot of it left! And you can always skip it, I'm sure with other collections, they will come back with something similar to this and by the time comes, you have money already :D

    Jamilla Camel, thank you!

    Jensmakeupbag hmm I haven't used any MSF , the only MSF I have is the light..and if it's colored, I have a feeling it'll work for me too! :) Thank you!

    Miracle, ooohhh you can check it out the same FOTD with the blush, check out the e/s i had on? it's from the same Grand Duo! :)

    Lulu, hahahah Indecisive? Me too!!! So I like it when a product is multi tasking!

  26. that does look pretty but you know what, i've been trying to stay away from any of the mineralize products of MAC because of the hefty price tags. hehe.

  27. Crystal, you are right, the price is too much, that's why it's my ONLY one :)

  28. it's indeed more copper than pink. But you look good nonetheless! and check out that flawless baby smooth skin!

  29. Connie, hahahahah thanks sweetie! *smacks on cheek* you are too nice!

  30. Thank you for this post :)

    I was looking for swatches and this post is very helpful!


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