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Askmewhats Reviews: TBS Cheek Blush Cream

I am so late with this review!!! The Body Shop's Cheek Blush Cream has been around for quite some time. I was in makeup school at that time when we were told to purchase a cream blush for our "wedding makeup" look. Great excuse to shop and what's even better? I bought this on sale!

Told ya I'm a smart shopper! :D

This cream blush from The Body Shop won a spot at the Glamour Magazine UK site's "Top Ten Cream Blush"
Cheek Blush 02 Raspberry Pink

The Body Shop Cheek Blush Cream says ---

This gel-based cream blush is enriched with Community Trade moisturizing marula oil to ensure it glides onto and conditions skin.


Marula Oil - Is a very effective moisturizer that also helps to condition the skin over time. Also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness. Provides women in areas ofte

Light-reflective particles - Instantly brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Spherical powders - Allows the product to smooth onto the skin and blends easily to build colour coverage.

Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate (Emollient), Isododecane (Solvent), Polymethyl Methacrylate (Emollient), Mica (Opacifier), Dextrin Palmitate (Emulsifying Agent), Silica (Absorbent), Myristyl Lactate (Emollient), Cyclomethicone (Emollient), Disteardimonium Hectorite (Suspending Agent), Trimethylsiloxysilicate (Skin Conditioning Agent), Propylene Carbonate (Solvent), Sclerocarya birrea (Marula Oil) (Skin Conditioning Agent), Talc (Absorbent/Bulking Agent), Propylparaben (Preservative), Barium Sulfate (Opacifier), CI 77492 (Colour), CI 77891 (Colour), CI 15850 (Colour), CI 42090 (Colour).

Askmewhats says ---

  • blends easily on cheeks
  • gives a very natural looking flush
  • lasts a long time
  • a little goes a long way
  • consistency is just right, not too thick or runny
  • the color of the tube is the exact color of the cream blush, which I find cute!
  • size is perfect to tote along

  • a bit messy as compared to using a powdered blush
  • pricey for it's original price, wait for sales!

You will be surprised to know that this is my first cream blush ever! I bought this because it's required in school. I am too lazy to put on cream blush! I also have this fear that cream blushes can look uneven on areas if not blended well! Too much work! So little time!

We were taught in school that to make your blush lasts longer, you need to put on cream blush as a base to your powder blush! It makes sense! Now I am glad I bought this because I find myself taking this along with me at work and use this for quick flush in between working ours for a quick "rosy cheeks" look.

Though this is a cream blush, this doesn't last as long as I expected. Well, I was expecting for "no more retouching" for the whole day! (I know, I was expecting so much! LOL My bad!) The texture of this cream blush is on the "gel" side, this lasts a tiny bit longer than regular powder blush! Yes, retouching is still needed.

For it's "SALE" price, I would say it's worth it! If it's on regular price? Hmmm...I'd rather Wait!

  • apply a tiny drop to the apples of your cheeks and smudge and blend until you're happy with the outcome
  • make sure your fingers are clean
  • to make your blush lasts longer, layer a similar shade of powdered blush on top of this cream blush to make the cheek color last longer
  • if you're lazy to use your fingers to blend, you can use a sponge to blend or a brush!
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

At The Body Shop stores for Php695 (approx $14.00)
on sale for Php195 (approx $4.50)
Called in The Body Shop Shangri-La branch, they're still ON SALE!!!!

Up Close and Personal
A tiny squeeze goes a long way
Shade 02 Raspberry Pink
(shimmery pink)

Sheen flush

I love how natural it looks!

It's even more natural on cheeks

I will use this on my next FOTDs!
Sorry no FOTDs for now!
Will be back on track soon! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!!!!

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  1. So using cream blush as a base for powder works :D? Thanks for this - I've been doing this for eye shadows & it's nice to know it also works for blushes ;) :).
    Can't wait for your Korres Body Butter review ;D ^_^.

  2. looks nature, maybe i''ll try them! thanks for the review!=]

  3. oohh i'm waiting to see you apply it on your cheeks! the color's cute so i'm sure it'll make you look cuter :D

  4. Wow, this blush DOES look very pretty! Thank you for all the reviews & tips, they really help a lot :)

  5. awww so sweet of you to link me =) i love the blush! I actually bought 2 of them :D

  6. Thanks for the review!

    I have never bought this cream blush due to the small size. >_< I just find it unjustifiable...

    But now we have sales, maybe I should go check this out :D

  7. Cris! Yes, I learned that in school :) I can't wait to use Korres too! I am finishing up what I'm using at the moment! thank you so much for the wonderful Blind Swap :D

    Sally Rose Mei, you're welcome!

    Ai,yes, next FOTD, I'll use this! :D

    Female_intuition, aaww thanks for the appreciative comments, it really makes me happy!

    Prettybeautiful, no worries! I read your post about this in the past and I'm sure people would benefit from reading your reviews too :)

  8. *jaw drops*

    just 195?!

    i need to go buy one now!

    thanks for the great review & the nice info..

  9. Thanks for the review! I'm waiting for the locations here to have sales too, its surprising how much they can mark it down by. I've been trying more gel/cream blushes this year, but I still find it more hassle than regular powder. Using it as a base really does work though like you said :)

  10. Nikki! not bad when it's on sale noh. I'm still thinking if I'll buy. You're right the Elianto that I bought is shimmery but you won't notice it once you put loose powder and powder blush na

  11. i have this one as well! when I went to TBS duty free i was supposed to get the cheek tint which was out of stock and the SA told me that this cream blush has better staying powers and it looks great even when it's covered by my foundation too! my mum told me that when I am wearing this blush I look "tisay" despite my toasty color ^_^

  12. i never look in TBS for makeup often enough
    i shall have to start XD

  13. even though the body shop is accessible to me I never really looked into their makeup line. thanks for the wonderful review!

  14. wow giving a pretty glow!! i would consider that if it was cheaper over here :P

  15. The color looks so sweet!!

    I have never used a cream blush before too!! I always think that they don't last as long as powders! But after reading your post i'm tempted to give it a try! :D

  16. I don't like using cream blush for hassle in putting in on :P
    I'm too clumsy XD but the body shop one is really pretty in colour

  17. Colors is really cute! And the sale! Just wow! SupaH sale!

  18. I have this one! :D and the bronzer type one. heehee :D I actually love it, but it doesn't last as long.

  19. cream blush!! i always afraid to try on some cream blush as they tend to break up on my oily skin :(
    but it always look very nice when i try it on the back of my hands :'(

  20. thanks for the review. The color looks very pretty!

  21. looks so pretty :)
    nice shadeee

  22. That is a very cute shade of blusher! I'll check it the next time I hit TBS ^-^

  23. thank you for informing us about this! i'll go to TBS and check it out.

  24. thank you for telling us about this! i'll go to TBS and check it out.

  25. Plue, if it's on sale, it's worth it :D

    ~tHiAmErE~, yes sis! go and buy now!!!!

    * : . b | u 3 . : * I know, and I believe even if it's marked down, they were able to earn some profit! WOW huh?

    Shopn'Chomp, yup it's definitely natural!

    Kim, I know, it went well as soon as we pat on the finishing powder! it's nice!!!

    Gia, yes! this one really works well ! and very natural! wow tisay looking huh? You must show it to us!

    Yumeko, I hope they have sales over there!

    M, I know what you mean, I haven't been looking at their cosmetics line too, but when they're on sale, its hard not to look!

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡, yes! They should have worldwide sale or something!

    Jenn, it is very pretty! It's so lazy to even think of using cream blush, but its really nice!

    Hana aka acutelife, I know what you mean, I always felt that my cream blush won't be equally the same on both cheeks lol

    Cerise,Thanks, nice to see your comment dear!

    my_makeup_mania, :) yes, sale makes everything much better! :)

  26. gingerbee , hmm, I've seen the bronzer type, I chose this shade because of the "wedding makeup color" :)

    miracle, I know what you mean, it does take practice to use cream blush, in my opinion!

    Gio, you are very much welcome!

    Lynn, yes!!!

    Thepunkcat, yes do check them out while they have sales! :) Its nice to buy stuffs in a very good price!

    Crystal, no worries It's my pleasure to share!

    Fuz, :)

  27. thanks for the review. i am a fan of the TBS lip and cheek tint. unfortunately, when they reformulated it, the cost increaed. not reasonable price anymore, so i switched brands. anyway, since you presented a great review, i'm thinking of trying this one...hmmm...keep posting! ;)

  28. i wish cream blushes and brown spots were friends. i have tried so many but they kept showing my blemishes... :(

    TBS just had its big sale here and I hope some of your readers picked up this product. Sounds great!

  29. such a pretty color!! me likey :)

    oh, i do the same trick with mac's just a pinch. i apply it first and then layer it with a powder blush, it works! :)

  30. Abby, you are welcome on this review, I know what you mean about the price, I think that's why they do have sales once in awhile for us to be able to afford their products and give it a try :D

    Jojoba, ooohh spots! Sorry to read that, but you know what? You look gorgeous even with spots! and that's TRUE BEAUTY girl!

    Aquaracer, I'm glad you "yay" on the piling on cream and blush! :)

  31. I want one! I wonder if they're on sale in Galleria, too. Hmmm... I should get my feet there now.

  32. Tish, go ahead..while the sale is still there, it's worth it

  33. ow! late comment, but I LOVE THIS CREME BLUSH! I have been looking for this in almost every body shop I come across...sadly, I have not found it again :(


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