Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Safe" Neutral Look

Are you off for an important meeting?
Going for a first date?
Meeting the 'rents?

Those are the moments you would like to sport a very nice neutral eye makeup that does not take a lot of time! You want to look great but not too made up! I've always tried on different colors for eye makeup but if an occasion calls for a natural prim and proper look, there's always one look that comes into my mind! Of course it's neutral. But I call it my "safe" neutral.

A "safe" neutral is a neutral look that you know it's fool proof and mistakes free! You've been doing this look forever and you get compliments each time you create this look.

So, what's my "safe" kind of neutral? You'll know as you read on!

Here's my final eye shot!

Askmewhats' Diagram

Step 1:

Prior to eye makeup application, I applied a layer of MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot.
Using any flat shader brush, pat on Joppa Pearl eyeshadow on the inner center of the lid as shown on diagram.

Step 2:

Apply brown eyeshadow, in my case, I am using STAGE e/s from the So Loverly girls. Lightly swipe it on the outer crease to create a depth.

Step 3:

Highlight with Bonjour Rose Beige e/s

Step 4:

Line the upper lashline with MM Cocoa Gel Liner using my Ecotools Eyeliner brush.

Tightline with Urban Decay 24/7 Bourbon eyeliner, line the waterline as well and use Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Ye-Yo on the inner corner of the eyes to make the eyes pop.

I added natural falsies, curl my lashes and added 2 coats of mascara!

Natural looking eyes
that pops! :)

If you girls have the time, show me your version of a safe neutral! Neutrals are neutrals but I'm sure there's one neutral look that's safe to sport anytime of the day! I think I know the reason why I love this look! My mom always compliment me if I sport this eye makeup! Coming from my mom! Who loves her daughter free of makeup! It's a HUGE compliment! LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Keep smilin!
Stay Happy!


  1. neutral elegant look... gosh i like how you curled your lashes is that fanny serrano lash curler?

  2. really a safe neutral look. very pretty!

  3. Wonderful! :) This is definitely something one can sport long did this take you? n.n Oh...and if you don't mind me asking, how long does it usually take you to put on make-up? :D Thanks!

  4. as always, GORGEOUS, Nikki! :)

  5. Lovin your safe look nikki!my safe look usually only involves eyeliner,mascara, and blush lolz :p

  6. Mrs.Zeus , thank you! :)

    Chulalouise, no, that's the Shu Uemura lash curler! I curled it together with my falsies so my lashes look really nice, they aren't mine! LOL

    Nehs, thank you sis!

    gingerbee, this look took me less than 5 min! :P LOL Sorry you'd think I'd spend a lot of time, but added the falsies, I would say 10min? But on regular days, every morning, the whole makeup routine falls between 10-15min (that's max) yes, I don't do a lot every morning as I'm always in a hurry :) How about you?

    Ai,thanks! Nice to see you back!!!!

    Hana aka acutelife, true on eyeliner and blush, on regular days, I am tooooo lazy to even put on mascara lol I am giving up on my super short non existent lashes!

  7. Hehe I love this look!! I can understand why your mom loves it! :D

  8. wow natural looking eyes that pops really do pop and I love it! SO pretty!
    haha yea I was scared that it'd burn my eyelid or eyelashes too, but they actually don't get that hot, and it feels kinda good next to my eyes, lol...but yea def doesn't burn. If you are scared of damage, try a mascara primer first. I should probably look into that too. I don't use the heated lash curler everyday though, cuz most of the time I'm running outta door and no time to use that (you have to let it sit and heat up for a while before you can use it). And I only use it when I have waterproof mascara on, otherwise my regular masacara would melt away upon the heat.

  9. nice :) i wonder if the urban decay liners ever cause any problems throughout the day when used on the waterline?

  10. nikki,,really nice.. i want to wear this look to school sometime,, :D what falsies are you wearing? tia

  11. great tutorial. i like your eye map

  12. i love this look nikki! my mom loves simple looks on me as well. hahah! miss you!

  13. ooh nice! i love the pearl eyeshadow! i actually were neutral looks a lot since in my line of work, bright makeup is very rare :P

  14. So cute!!! Like this make-up, Nikki!

  15. What a lovely look Nikki!! Nowonder your mum loved it!! :D

  16. Sis, I love this neautral EMU! I would have loved to see a full face shoot though :) Muah!

  17. fuzkittie, aww thanks Fuz! :)

    ning * star, thanks for leaving a sweet comment to jumpstart my day!

    Lulu, hey thanks for the information, I do feel bad I came back home without purchasing the eyelash heater! :) Thanks for the tip :)

  18. Gel, Urban Decay eyeliners or even Makeup Forever or whatever eyeliners used on waterline will definitely smudge! I was told by my teacher at Basement Academy that a Sealant is needed to let the liner stay :) If you use eyeliners on waterline, make sure you're in an airconditioned room at all times! :)

    Donnarence, this is an inexpensive falsies from Landmark! It's called natural!

    M, thanks! I'm glad you liked the eye map! :)

  19. Sabby, moms do love simple makeup! They'd go crazy if we have all those wild colors!

    Crystal, yes, you do need to put on neutral makeup!!! :)but you look good in both anyways

    my_makeup_mania , thank you!

    Jenn , thank you! My mom do love this look! :) I am surprised!

    Gracie, I knew you will ask for it! well when I've done this look I didn't wear any makeup on the rest of my time then! :) HOw are you??????

  20. now tats a totally wearable look too
    i love it

  21. absolutely love this look... is not only 'safe' but also elegant...

  22. so pretty and natural. i love it.

  23. This looks like a beautiful flower painting! I love it--it is so delicate!

  24. Yumeko, thanks! I'm always leaning into this look :)

    Syn@3sTh3sI@ , glad you find this elegant

    Jensmakeupbag, thanks

    Jamilla Camel, wow! that's one description I won't forget! thanks

  25. I love this look. It's natural but very elegant.

  26. sis I always do this style ever since BA hehe

  27. You gave practical tips. At least we can see the end results in the photos.

  28. Gio, thanks

    Kim, I know! You do look great in neutrals sis!

    WeaklingNoMore, thank you! I'm glad you like it!

  29. simple and pretty!! ^^
    love the natural falsies too~ :D

  30. Very beautiful, elegant look. Love it ^-^
    My safe look and the one I usually wear to work is a combination of Blanc Type, Wedge and Girlie eyeshadows, all by MAC.

  31. Love the neutral look. This is really nice. But it's soooo hard for me to do make-up! :(

  32. miRaCLe, thank you dear

    Thepunkcat, thanks for sharing your neutral look, sounds wonderful :)

    Vanessa M, lol girlfriend! you are too funny!

    Christie, i'm sure it's not that hard if you practice girl! :) i can show it to you :D

  33. ate , i really love this look .. so much ! i am new to make up and i want to learn more .. please continue your beautiful great job ! i'm your biggest fan :)

  34. Aubrey, thank you!!! Do take time to practice, and thanks for the message :D


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