Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Recent HongKong Trip

Hello everyone!!!!
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU and I'm giving everyone a "virtual hug!!!!" I've reached 300+ followers and gosh! Our family is growing! Thank you so much for all the support and love..and no..this is not taken from the Oscars' speech! LOL It's just heartwarming to see such great responses, communication, comments, here...when I started blogging, I've always wanted Askmewhats to be a place where people chill and talk about what's on their mind!!! And looks like it's happening!!! THANK YOU so much!!!!


I know a lot of you have been asking me about the HK trip. It wasn't really a trip meant for sightseeing or shopping, it's actually a trip meant to just be there with the hubby as we don't want to be away from each other for 8 days! I've booked my trip in a whim for 4 days and we stayed at the nearby Regal Airport Hotel.

One thing I learned on this trip, it really isn't fun SHOPPING and traveling alone! As I spent most of the mornings and afternoons wandering the streets of HK alone as the hubby has to work! And it's really difficult to stay in a hotel near the airport, if you want to take a rest midday or take a can't!!! As the Airport hotel is located really far from the city center!

Before I go further, the hotel is great though! It's the best place to stay if you just plan to stay overnight as it's just 10 minutes walk away from the Airport, there's a bridge connecting the airport to this hotel!!!

Regal Airport Hotel, HK

I love to rest my legs
on this glass table!

Yes, I did take the photo of the washroom

I like how simple their toiletries are

The overall experience of Regal Airport Hotel is wonderful. Their staffs are friendly and nice! The hotel is quite huge and the swine flu scare didn't even bother me because they've been diligent in checking your temperature everytime you pass through the hotel entrance!

How's HK you say? Gosh!!! It was the weekend of Dragon Boat Festival so the streets are jampacked and sales are almost everywhere!!! Sogo mall also celebrates it's 24th year anniversary so the whole mall is on sale!!!!

People....I am the queen of walk, the queen of shopping, but gosh!!! I nearly lost the senses on my legs and feet from all the walking!!! You have to line up and wait for your table even at Starbucks!!!!
Scene at Causeway Bay

The hubby and I are standing right in front of Sogo Mall
Resting and taking shots :)

Here's the busy MAC store
at Sogo Branch
Love their friendly staffs!

And yes, I shopped here... twice!

And here are some ninja shots
(inspired by Yumeko dear)
from a huge Sasa store
(sorry photos are not too clear,
I'm using cellphone camera)

Random sponges and applicators

Here you can purchase
samples from different skincare or cosmetics

You'd think I shopped a lot? No, I shopped mostly for gifts, friends and family gifts so I won't post it here as it's meant to be given to them! :) I will post what I bought for myself..or shall I say, for my collection. I've bought a dark and light MAC SF Liquid Foundation. NC50 and NC20. I also bought SELECT Sheer Pressed powder and MAC Blot powder. Yes, they're all going straight to the traincase! :)

Bought a couple of face masks!
I've seen lovely Yumeko's post
about the Kose mask, I chose Collagen
for my super dry skin! :)
And I also included random masks!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Back up

Lancome Bifacil <-- finally!

Lancome Magnifique travel scent :)

A lot of Korean lashes!

I love how close they look like
The Face Shop XLH falsies

I should have bought more!!!!!

What do I do if I miss the hubby? We chat!!! Thanks to technology we were able to see each other no matter how far apart we are!

I have a reader asking me to write about HK, if you have any questions, I'm in no way an expert in this place but I do know some!!! Shoot me an email or comment for questions if you have any.

But my dear friend Paris B. wrote a wonderful post on shopping in HK. Smile and click HERE to go to her site! :)

Thanks for reading my short travel experience!
Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. How fun!! Oh shopping heaven!!!

  2. Ahh, Hong Kong! I haven been there only for one night about 9 years ago.

    HK must be a gorgeous city for shopaholics, huh? ;)

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention the delicious cantonese cuisine... love roasted ducks and dim sum so much! Yummy!

    Did you have yummy food there? ;)

  4. wow, your trip to HK seems lovely. I would love to visit their someday!

  5. i have used the kose mask before :( sadly it's not very good.. it's very dry :( and the mask can't even stick to the face :(

  6. soo crowded! bet you had fun with the hubby, right? aaww the last pic is sooo cute!

  7. i totally know how you feel. last year, I went on a trip to Cali with the hubby on his business trip. I spent the whole week by myself all i went shopping all over Los Angeles..I guess it's fun too, because he's not hovering over what I buy...LOL..

    Looks like fun...!

  8. hongkong is really nice place,looked like you had so much fun those korean lashes are freakin gorgeous .

  9. Which make up brands are cheaper in HK than in the phils? :)We're going there before June ends. :D Have you bought any brushes in SaSa/Bonjour, What are your thoughts about them? :) thank you! :)

  10. Awe! Nice travel pics!
    And so cool new stuffies!

  11. nice many goodies.. sasa looked awesome!! those falsies are really nice i think am beginning to be addicted to them.. you and your hubby looks really sweet chatting while he was away.. :D godbless nikki..

  12. damn a MAC store in HK too? soo lucky!!! i wanna go. =( have a nice fun n safe trip!!

  13. I love HK! Hoping to go there again later this year :)

  14. fuzkittie, :) it's really fun! just like Taiwan! :)

    Jess, awww, you have to book yourself a trip to HK!!!!

    Jess, oooohhhhh, yummy food yes, I'll do a post on that, aside from my Toilet restaurant, I've had a lot of Cantonese Cuisine :D

  15. Female_intuition, yes!!! Make sure to save a lot before you visit! LOL

    Bubbles, oh no..really? Now I'm not happy now..thanks for letting me know!

    Aiyes, I had fun ! So much fun but got bankrupt! LOL

  16. Mary,aww thanks for sharing, it is ok to shop alone but it gets lonely at certain point! I nearly tripped lol and I've got no one to laugh with! LOL

    chulalouise, yes, I felt bad, I really should have bought MORE MORE MORE!

    Anonymous, definitely Shu Uemura, then what's great in Sasa and Bonjour is that they sell small sized perfume and skincare samples and you can try on different brands at a cheaper price!!! Fragrances are better priced, for MAC, they're cheaper but just a tiny bit, it really depends on the exchange rate :D

  17. my_makeup_mania , thanks

    Donnarence, thanks dear and god bless too! Have a wonderful day!

    FuN and MakeUp, yes...there's a couple of MAC store and staffs are nice and friendly :D

  18. i think this was very helpful nikki since ive never stayed in HK longer than a day lol but i am planning to go there sometime.

  19. I love HK! All the foods and shopping.. lol By the way, the hotel has very cute toiletries :P
    I agree that living nearby the airport takes a long journey to the city. Even I experienced the same thing, although then I stayed at my aunt's place at Sha Tin (I was alone then and no extra $$$) and the journey to the city took sometime, such a waste. :P
    The falsies look great :) Glad that you enjoy your experience in HK ;)

  20. OH! i want to go to the Sa Sa store!

  21. I miss HK! =) nice haul NIkki! How much is the MAC Powder & Foundation in HK?

  22. omg i wanna go to a Sasa store!!!!!!

    were there any english translations in that store at all? or was every product labeled in chinese/korean/japanese?

    glad to see u had a great time! nice hotel too!

  23. I have to agree, HK walking is just too much for me, that when I get bak to my hotel, my feet and legs are almost numb!

    But yeah, shopping haven =)You're so lucky you to be there during great sales! =)

  24. Seems like you had fun!

    can't wait for my own trip to HK... dunno when will it be :P

  25. Shopn'Chomp, if only we can just go there once a year! LOL It's a must!!!

    Jo, thanks for saying so, I'm glad you find this helpful! :)

    Shuu, Ohh Sha Tin is quite far!!! Did you purchase any Tourist 3 days unlimited MTR Octopus card? You save a lot with it! :)

  26. lilluna5416, you'll see Sasa and Bonjour around you ALL THE TIME!!!!

    Khymm, I can't remember but I did calculate on spot and I would say it's almost the same as Manila, but just say less than 50php cheaper or something!

    Ichigobunnie, :) Let's all go together!!! eeeekk it's wonderful! To answer your query, you wouldn't have problems as most of the products have english translation, if not, there's always Sales staffs who can speak great english! :)

    neurochiq, I know!!! It's the worst time for your legs and feet if you shop at HK!

    Plue, gotta do some planning now girl!!! :D

  27. Ahh... i wanna go HK too!! :D It sounds like such a great place to shop!! hehehe!! :D

  28. the hotel looks nice! your pics of hk remind me of new york city here in the states!

  29. awwww nikki! the hotel looks amazing! and all the shoppping! is keith based there now? :(

  30. Lancome bi-facil!! I want that!! :D
    *sigh* I know what you mean, I'll be away from hubby for about 3 months, I dont know how I will survive X((

  31. haha kulit mo talaga Nikki! Been there once and I didn't shop a lot coz everytime I see something I like I convert to peso haha. Is MAC cheaper there? hubby and I are planning to go this January. NC50 is on my next list teehee

  32. Jenn , you should go!!! :) You know my hubby's colleague says she's not going to shop at all! And she ended up shopping the most! You just can't resist if you're seeing 50-70% sales!!!

    Lily, :) I have heard how busy the streets of New York is! :)

    Sabby, Keith is back! It's just 8 days but it felt so long! hahahhaa!

    Hana aka acutelife , I've been lemming for the Lancome Bifacil for years! LOL I'm glad I finally bought it! :) 3 months away from hubby!!!! Where is he going? Why??? Oh my *hugs*

    Kim, hoy! i'm not makulit! hahhaha well medyo lang! hahaha MAC is just a tiny bit cheaper but it's cheaper a bit because of the exchange rate! You really have to convert! hahhaha to make sure you don't overspend! :)Enjoy HK!!! Naku more shopping!!!!

  33. Shopping at HK! Woohoo!!!!!!!! :) The hotel looks great and super comfy to stay at.Im glad you're back from the trip!Yay for the lashes!! They look really awesome!!!!!

  34. ooh i am loving ur ninja shots heee

  35. Looks like you had so much fun!! The hotel room seems so nice :) and wow at the SASA store!! I would love to visit HK one day :)

  36. my hk trip last year was cancelled *sob sob*

    ahh cant wait for yr review on Lancome Bifacil , everyone is raving abt it!

  37. well, Im the one that will be going actually *giggle* I need to finish my gemology diploma in bangkok -.-" it's been delayed for over a year..argh but still hehe...
    my comfort food used to be instant noodle too!but I tried to steer away from it now due to health reason lolz

  38. great!
    im pretty sure you had a wonderful time spending it with your hubby

    you now have the Lancome Bi-Facil..
    im pretty sure you'' love it!

  39. Ooh, Sasa! :D Too bad I was still a "beauty/skin care noob" when I travelled to HK last year -- I didn't get much out from Sasa shopping trip -.-

  40. Nice pix and great haul! Seems like you had fun! I'd love to visit there too one day!

  41. You did us proud, with the makeup porn and scenic piccies!!

    Can't wait for the reviews!

    BTW, what shades of powder did you buy? I presume that you're going to use the light and dark foundation shades for shading....?

  42. OMG, you’ve got that Bi-Facil. My favoooorite remover EVER. It is the best! I really want to go to Hong Kong. Your trip looked fabulous. I so need to get out of the U.S. and travel more.

  43. Oh wow! You made me miss HK even more Nikki! =)

    I love shopping at SaSa, so many great things there.

  44. Awww you and your hubby are so sweet.:)

    Your hotel room looks nice!!^_^ I love hotel rooms, haha.

  45. awwww, how fun!!! those lashes look so niceeeee!

    i miss shopping in HK, but i miss PI more :( ah, can't wait to go back!!

  46. ♥Leigh♥ , oohhh I have yet to try the lashes, but they are obviously great just by mere looking at them! :)

    Yumeko, hey! it was inspired by you! thanks for your first ninja shots that I've seen! :)

    Iyah, yes, you'll definitely go crazy when you visit HK especially at SASA and Bonjour shops! :)

    prettybeautiful, why cancelled? What happened? I will be reviewing the Lancome Bifacil soon! :)

  47. Hana aka acutelife , i know what you mean, I have to stop eating instant noodles too!!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , I had a wonderful time!!! Yup! I FINALLY have my own Lancome Bifacil!!!

    gingerbee, I know what you mean!!! My first few HK trips, I was into fragrances, I never take a look at cosmetics at that time! LOL

  48. Gio, please do visit there and I'll give you tips when you do! :)

    Jamilla Camel, I am glad to make you proud! I hope I did justice to the unclear ninja shots :) I am using the light and the dark one for clients :) and I bought the medium shade select powder and the blot powder doesn't exude any color :)

    B, wow, now I'm super excited for the Lancome Bifacil, if you said it's the greatest, I have to try!

  49. Jen, awww, when do you plan to travel back to HK?

    Soapaholic, thanks, we do act like bf/gfs! LOL

    aquaracer, when do you plan to visit PI again??? Let me know!

  50. Great, now you make me want to go there :-P.
    One day in my life I probably shall ;)...Thanks for the post :).

  51. Cris, heheh I'm sure you'll go crazy shopping! So many Asian Makeups that you'll love to try :D

  52. i want to travel there just to go makeup shopping lol

    i love how that hotel room looks - almost like home!

  53. my gosh during my last trip to HK i was there for a week and i stopped by sasa everyday! it's like a wonderland. haha. i'm glad you had fun. and congrats on reaching 300!

  54. i'm going to hk next month! only for 3 days, not bad, hopefully its not crowded like hell!

  55. Miss Yaya, the hotel is really cozy and its just 5 minutes walk from the HK Airport! :) But its quite far from the city proper though, I guess you just can't have everything :)

    Cyrstal, I know! Me too! sasa and bonjour! I go to each store like crazy!

    M, yay! I've seen your trips! I love reading your adventure!

  56. Love your make-up haul!
    I should have taken photos inside Sasa that day. good thing you were able to do so.


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