Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Wonder: "What's your Blush for the Week?"

Blushes --- one thing I almost "never" bothered! I'll go for any blush I find because I know it'll be gone before midday! Why bother right?

But there's one blush that I've used consistently for the whole week! I can't believe I will have my own favorite blush! That makes you wonder right?

Scroll down and you'll know soon!

Natural Flush
Natural Glow

Not an obvious "blush"

My favorite blush for the moment!
Mineraux Beach Tan Bronzer!

Yes, it's a bronzer but I officially made it
My blush for the week!

When swatched,
it doesn't show up much

I like it that I can build the color by dusting it more on my cheeks, I like how subtle it looks and it lasts for half a day! I've tried using this with an angled brush, dome blush brush and even my fan brush, it all works pretty well! Just smile and dust lightly on the apples of your cheeks.....Inner glow.

Mineraux Beach Tan Bronzer
10g - Php330 (approx $7.00)
call or text: 63.917.887.0760

What's your favorite blush/bronzer for the week?
The blush that you're reaching out for the past days!
Spill the beans baby!
I 'd like to know! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I have been using (trying to finish up) a clean & clear moisturizer which has some shimmer, so I am not wearing anything for blush...(I don't like having too many things going on my face)

    But benefit thrrrob is the blush I always reach for if I want some color on my's very hard to go wrong with the color.

  2. My blush/bronzer for the week is CARGO Medium bronzer! I'm almost hitting pan yayy :)

  3. I almost use a different blush every day, cause I have quite many, and I don't want them just lay on my vanity. :p

    But one blush I think I could use everyday would be the CLINIQUE fresh bloom allover colour ~ 02 posy.

  4. i normally use a different blush everyday. one week is too much for me. :P

    hey that's a pretty colour on you!

  5. my constant go to is MAC mineralize in dainty - i don't even know why i have other blushes lol

  6. ellana's mineral blush powder in happinness! but i am lemming on that fetish variant....will buy soon! ;)

  7. I love blush! I think every girl should have some sort of blush on them!!..

    my blush for the week is always MAC Nuance

  8. O it looks so good on you!! Very soft and pretty~ I agree with jojoba, I gotta use all different things everyday, hahaha.

  9. I love blushes and right now I find myself loving cream blushes. I am using Clinique's cream blush in Rosy. I also like NYX cream blush in Glow and Rimmel's cream blush in Iced Raspberry (I'm not sure of the exact name).

    I also love MAC Dainty and Pleasantry.

  10. i like this post. i love love blushes and i have way too many! haha. but for now, i've been reaching for my nars orgasm because it's been sitting and collecting dust so i thought it's time to give it some love. haha.

  11. ooh i also love using bronzer as my blush lol. my fav of all time is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep. RAAAWWRRR! LOL

  12. ooh I don't own many blushes in my stash 'cause for me, it's really hard to use them up.

    my favorite ones include MAC Eversun and NYX Paradise!

  13. i don't use blushes everyday.. i would get rashes if i do.. but my fave for the week is dreamgirl 4u2 blush the hot pink one i think it is no. 4.. :D nice pink flush.. :D your blush look so natural.. :D

  14. I've been using Chanel duo tweed effect blush in tweed corail as my primary blush lately :) I love how versatile it can be and I can layer it until I get the desired finish.
    Sometimes I use MAC Tenderling too, and it gives me very subtle glow and I still look as if I am not wearing any blush lol
    Your blush looks so pretty! :D

  15. Citrine, wow Clean & Clear shimmer? is that a tinted moisturizer? that sounds really nice!Benefit, sad to say we don't have the brand down here, it's kinda good too! Coz lesser evil! hahaha

    Audrie, must be really good if you're hitting the pan!

    Jess,I usually use different blushes everyday too, only this whole week, I've been reaching out for this particular one! Thanks for sharing! I've read and heard about the goodness of Clinique's POSY!

  16. Jojoba, I know what you mean!!! thanks for appreciating the blush on me! I love how natural it looks!! Wearing it now actually! :D

    Miss Yaya, mineralized products from MAC looks subtle, I like it too!

    Abby, wow, I am a constant user of Ellana Foundation, haven't really thought about their blushes, thanks!

  17. Mary,you are right, a blush makes the whole outlook brighter and daintier! :)

    Fuz,hahahha I know you do!!! I can imagine your blush collection!!!

    LT, cream blush, hmm..I should try it too on daily basis! maybe next week! :D Oooohh I've been eyeing Pleasantry for the longest but when I've told myself I'll go for's sold out! LOL

  18. Aquaracer.NARS Orgasm, I've passed the stage of reaching out for it..I think I've had that NARS Orgasm stage last month :D

    Ai, me too, I find that bronzing powder works really well as blush on my skin tone, more natural looking! :)

    Fifi, MAC eversun, is that a regular line?

    Donnarence, oh yeah, if you have rashes on the cheeks, it is difficult to use blushes everyday!

    Shu, what shades are they of? MAC Tenderling..I am trying to imagine the shade on top of my head :) Gotta google it!thanks!

  19. right now my favorite blush is the TBS Cheek Bloom in Dune Pink!!! You looked great with that blush!

  20. I don't use blush everyday, but when I do, I use Annu Sui cream blush in Dolly Red =) It's so cute it comes in a locket! You can even us eit as a bag accesory =)

    PS: Nice natural look, Nikki =)

  21. i use nars laguna and then revlon's matte blush in 'perfectly peach' :)

  22. ooooops! i have not used any blusher at all this week! no makeup at all! *sigh* some sudden break outs broke my heart

  23. This blush looks really nice on you!! It made you look so glowy!! :D

    Hmmm... i don't think i can stick to one blush for one whole week too!! hehehe!! :D

  24. I'm completely opposite from you dear. I choose my blush FIRST and coordinate everything else to go with it! =P

    Today it's MAC's Gentle, tomorrow it may be Benefit's Coralista, or perhaps SN Stardust.... each blush colour holds a different mood for me!

  25. i love using blush. current blush of the moment: shu uemura vicious apricot

  26. Hi Nikki! Nice shot in there. ^_^
    I don't have a lot of makeup stuff but my favorite blush is MAC Emanuel Ungaro cream colour base- crushed bougainvillea and to add a nice pretty glow I use MAC mineralize skinfinish refined.

  27. not much of a blush user either..but in my case, im beginning to like Nichido Mineral Blush..

    i just saw it when i was about to pay something & the lady behind me is holding that...i got intrigued & also bought it...

    & im quite surprised that the color is great!

  28. I don't have a fav blush yet :-( I use different blush almost everyday hehe

  29. Recently I've been using my YOJIYA blush's japanese brand that unfortunately pretty hard to obtain outside japan. Btw I never notice that blush on fade after couple of hours lolz I'm so ignorant :p I will test mine!

  30. Hey! so pretty blush color you like! Actually I've my favorite blush for all time too! It's Tony Moly in Pink Flower I gues it's called, using every time since got it :)

  31. The blush looks so pretty! You look so flushed :) I love it :D

  32. the shade is sooo prettyyyy..glowing

  33. i used to not wear blush but then i realised it makes such a difference

    my fave is jill stuart 4 quad blush

  34. I'm still in that grab whatever is close to me phase. lol. but my favorite is Milani in Mai Tai. . . but I can't find it. hence the "grab whatever. . ." at this point.

  35. Your blush/bronzer of the week looks a lot like my mineral fave blush/bronzer (always dependable) MeowCosmetics mineral bronzer sunsplash in Siamese medium. I love, love the subtile glow it gives me.

  36. That blush looks very pretty. I don't have a blush of the week, I use a different one every day.

  37. My Fave Blusher is Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P Peach 47, recommended by Old Cow!

  38. i think i shall do one blush of the week too! :D

    my skin been a little naughty lately like i told you, but once it gets better, i shall do this!

    tee hee!

    i like the blush on you, very natural!

  39. oooh what a nice bronzer! anyways, ive been using MAC in eversun. gives a natural sun-kissed look :)

  40. Nikki! Try Fashion 21's #1 blush-on. You'll like it for sure. Plus, it's not expensive at all =)

  41. My "default" blush is Ellana's also a bronzer..I always reach for this one if I don't know what shade of blush would match my eye look..this just gives me a natural flush :)

  42. I Am Me, ooh TBS Cheek Bloom, they look gorgeous!

    Dang, awww Anna Sui makes gorgeous packaging, I could just stare at them! :) I don't even care about the quality lol thanks!

    Jo, NARS laguna is quite famous aside from the Orgasm, it's more on a bronzer right?

    prettybeautiful, hahah don't worry, your skin is thanking you for the break :)

    Jenn, thank you!!! :) This is the first time I've used one blush in a week! :)

    Kahani, are definitely the BLUSH PRINCESS! LOL

    Shopn'Chomp, I don't own any Shu blush, can you believe that? LOL

    nvr_dare_me, ooohhh Emmanuel Ungaro, we don't have that collection here, they didn't arrive :(

    ~tHiAmErE~, Nichido blush is wonderful! I love PEACH GLOW!!!!

    Kim, kaw pa! hahahaha salawahan :P Joking aside, you look great whatever blush you use sweetie!

    Hana aka acutelife, hahaha do test yours, if yours last for the whole day, I gotta buy what you're using! LOL

    my_makeup_mania, Tony Moly! I didn't know they make blushes, I do know they make skin care and bb creams right?

    Iyah, thank you!

  43. Shobe, thank you shobe!

    Yumeko, I don't wear much blushes too! just recently and I am starting to purchase more to add up my collection :)

    My-My, oohh Milani Mai Tai the dupe of Nars orgasm right?

    birkinbagbeauty, i guess we're both the same, this type of shade makes us glow more! :)

    Gio, I knew it! I knew you would say that! LOL

    Jamilla Camel , wow! Better take a look at it if it's strongly recommended by you! :)

    Plue, give it a try, but hey! Knowing you, you'll probably get bored! LOL

    Steph, awww I guess with our weather, and our skin tone, bronzers really work well as blushes right?

    Gem, ooohhh I have a feeling Fashion 21 is somewhat like that of Nichido! I love Nichido! I've seen their packaging almost the same as Fashion 21. But I will take a look at it :)

    Crystal Gale, thanks for the additional info :)

  44. Hello Nikki :) I agree, that blush is lovely! Definitely a way to perk up the Philippine weather, no? :)

    My fave blush is NARS oasis. As in, till now. I don't think I'll ever switch. hehe.

  45. yep nars laguna is a bronzer. i pretty much use it for most of my face haha and just dust some revlon matte blush over my cheeks :)

  46. Hahahahahahaha! sis, I do the same with my bronzer! I use them as blushers specially when I wear neutral make up. I can't wear bronzer all over my face as it makes me look like I've just been tangoed ;) My blusher of the week is MAC Dollymix

  47. I bought my MAC Emanuel Ungaro cream colour base at Mall of Asia here in the Philippines last month. If you buy worth PHP2,500 of their Mineralize limited edition (don't know exactly what it is called) you can get a (1) free gift from MAC Emanuel Ungaro collection and I chose the cream colour base. This is actually my first purchase of MAC and I love it ^_^

  48. teeyah, NARS oasis, what shade is that? more on brownish? Pinkish? Peachy??? I am seeing a lot of NARS as favorite here in the comment area :D thanks for sharing yours!

    Jo, aww, thanks for sharing! I've seen other artists use it as contouring powder :)

    Gracie, hahahah I know what you mean about wearing bronzers all over face, it's not for me too! :) Dollymix, a pinkish shade, yum!

    nvr_dare_me, really? hmmm I have to take a look at it, thanks dear!!!

  49. yeh i am THAT dark I can put it all over my face lols

  50. Jo, you don't look dark at all!!!!! Really!!!!

  51. my blush of choice this moment is mac's flirt and tease. it used to be sincere or harmony... LOVE!

  52. Yummy411, thanks for sharing, I like it when people share their favorite stuffs, easier for me to trim down the choices when i go to the counters :D

  53. i'm not big on bronzer but as the summer approaches its time for use a little bit :P


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