Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ELF Polishes at Makeup Mix Shop

I am excited when I saw Makeup Mix Shop added ELF products on her site. We do have ELF locally but we definitely do not have $1.00 worth of ELF Polishes!!!

Here are some ELF swatches I've used in my past NOTDs! :)

ELF Pearl Pink

ELF Champagne

ELF Black

Head on to the Makeup Mix Shop to shop ELF Polishes! Smile and click here!

Enjoy shopping! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Hey~ nice blog! I actually own some ELF polishes and they work pretty good! Love the colors you got btw!

  2. That champagne color is so pretty!

  3. the pearl pink polish look soo pretty.. i think its better to buy at the makeup mix shop than at local department stores which costs double the price.. :D

  4. is it sad that i didn't even know that elf made polishes!?

  5. haha..
    i also put a post on my blog before too so that we can buy it..

    its definitely better buying from toma instead of buying here in the philippines...lol!

    im excited to get the brushes that ordered from her

  6. ohhhh Champange is really pretty. ^_^

  7. i love the pearl pink!!!!! now waiting for my to-buy-list to grow then i will buy them one shot! :D thanks for updating here

  8. Very nice I really like the black :D

  9. the champagne one looks very pretty! :D:D
    I think I'm gonna order some for my friend xD

  10. Very pretty shades, esp the Champagne!

  11. Love the champagne, definitely getting one. (though I can't put them on myself!)Thanks for the link dear =)

  12. the pink looks beautiful!
    but the colour looks thin
    how many coats required?


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