Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Frosted Taro" Nails

Happy Tuesday everyone! Monday passed by quickly so I think this week will pass by without any problems! AYE???

Nail art tutorial! Yay!!! I've been lazy with my nails recently as my last nail art as seen here was sported for 2 weeks! Yes it survived 2 weeks with just a small chip on my left pinkie finger! :)

Some of my readers are sweet enough to email to to request for more gradient nails. I am personally fond of gradient nails as I love combining different colors to come out something unique! This isn't very unique but it's something I would sport on a daily basis :) Hope you like this!

Step 1:

Apply a base coat to protect your nails. Apply 2 coats of platinum polish. I am using ELF's.

Step 2:
Drop a thick polish of light purple color, using a brush, brush it downward towards you. Do this as quickly as possible

Step 3:

Drop a darker purple polish color on the tip of your nails and do the same downward strokes.

Step 4:

Drop 2 lines of white dots, do as many dots as you like. You can make this vertical, horizontal, or in my case, slanting.

Step 5:

Draw 5 bigger dots of Pink nail art pen, use a needle method to create a flower

Step 6:

Apply rhinestone in the middle of the flower to create a sparkly flower bud.

Step 7:

Top everything with a silver glitter polish.

Step 8:

Apply top coat, sit back, let dry, and relax :D

Enjoy your "taro" looking nails

If you wonder where I get my rhinestones?
I do have them available in my Prettynails Shop
Thanks so much for being a part of my daily beauty habit! :)
Hope Tuesday treats everyone fine!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. your nails remind me a petals of flowers! looks beautiful!

  2. Nuuuuu! For blending try using a small sponge. Or part of it. So one color for the base and then you apply another color on the sponge and pat it lightly on the tip of the nail. Then re do the last step for a more gradient look. It works perfectoly and you could try it for getting a prettier look :)!

  3. SO CUTE!!!! Love the dark purple.

  4. Wow wow wow, your nails look amazing!

  5. oohh Nikki! i love it! thnx so much for the tutorial ;)

  6. So pretty!! I'll get on practicing.

  7. Love it! I'm crazy for China Glaze right now. Wearing L8R G8R on hands:)

  8. soo preetty.. ahh,, the name reminds me of quickly taro drink!! but the notd is nothing like it!! this is fab.. :D

  9. That's so cute! CAn you use different colors instead?

  10. purple..yay!
    i love that..
    it looks so cute & elegant at the same time


  11. what a good idea for the blending of colour, I used sponge but this one is easier to teach to the staff!! :D thanks nikki!!lovely taro!!makes me hungry though lolz

  12. my_makeup_mania, thank you!!! my mom loves purples and she loves flowers, this is actually dedicated to my mom :)

    Tamara, thanks for your tip! I have known about the sponge but I don't know why I'm too lazy to do so, I may try that in the future, thanks!!!

    Fuz, thank you!

    Female_intuition, thanks for the love!

    Ai, no worries, it's my pleasure!

    Ndoodles, hahah we all need that!!! Me too!!! It's been awhile!!!

    The Home Spa Goddess, wow I have to own myself China glaze polishes too!

    Donnarence, I love Quicly taro drink! LOL

    Y, of course, you can mix and match any colors you want!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , thank you for the comment sweetie!

    Hana aka acutelife , now, I'm still talking about food even on nails eh? LOL

  13. Love purple and the look. Absolutely fab!

  14. Purple....looks so delisioso!!!! hope i can follow and make myself something like that too!!! *wink*

  15. sooo pretty! :D
    A friend of mine loves your nail art and she's excited everytime you posted one ;)

  16. i like all your nail tutorials but LOVE this one the most. :D

  17. nice nikki =) happy tuesday to you as well

  18. cute tut! i never thought of using a white nail colour like that!

  19. nice! i really love the way you draw your flowers :)

  20. I love it! :) It's soooo cute! :)

  21. Tish , thanks for leaving some love!

    I Am Me, give it a try! I strongly urge you to give it a try and you'll find it addicting !LOL

    Shuu, awww, I'm glad they feel excited with my nail art post! :) Thanks for telling me that!

    M, awww thanks M!!!! Wow you found yourself a fave!

    Kim , Happy Tuesday too and it was great to see you!

    NicNic, :) I'm glad there's something new to learn each day! thanks!

    prettybeautiful, hahaha I guess I love flowers so much to draw them on most of my nail art!

    Naomi, thanks darling!

  22. wow, your nails look amazing! I love it!

  23. You are very TALENTED!
    I love-love-love your nail ARTS!

  24. Gosh, I looooove that blended look! So pretty. And I'm lovin' the ring too. :)

  25. Pretty! love the purple n white combo! :D

  26. Gorgeous! And I really like the black colour in your next post!

  27. this is super cute!! i love the color combo too (purple n pink) <33

  28. gio, thanks!

    Mrs.Zeus, thank you for the appreciation!

    B, hahahah I can't seem to find different colors of that ring no more! sad to say!

    miRaCLe, thanks!

    Jamilla Camel, black surprisingly looks ok right?

    aquaracer, :D

  29. Thanks for featuring your nail art here. I love the design here. It looks great...keep it up! You can also visit http://www.nailartblog.com/ for more Nail Art styles and other tips.

  30. I love this tutorial! It's beautiful!!!!


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