Friday, July 3, 2009

Browhaus Greenbelt Visit

Welcome back to me!!! :D

Thank you again to all the wonderful messages!!! It really uplifts me during the worst moment of my life!!! I never thought I'll be able to blog again after what happened! Thank God everything is fine and thank you all!!!! MUWAH :x

A couple of weeks ago before my mom went for check-ups and scheduling of operations. I visited Browhaus Greenbelt 5 as I've got a reader's query about brows! I strongly believe in brows being a make or break of your overall look!

I've done writing this post and I guess this is a perfect timing to go back to blogging! Reporting about something new and something interesting! :D

Who wouldn't stop with this super cute poster??? Reminds me of my own hairdo when I was younger! lol This is the advertising photo they use on magazines! I love it!!! I was told these are all originally from Singapore.

which brow-do
interests you?

Thanks to Ms. Monique Jamlang, The Head of Operations for Strip and Browhaus. She took time to tour me around the area and patiently answered my queries.

As seen on the photo below, the Strip and Browhaus located at Greenbelt 5 haven't officially launched yet. The big White thing you see in the middle will be an "eyeball"! Can't wait to see its final look.

The Strip
industrial theme

(only at Greenbelt 5 branch)

The Strip is the first concept wax shop and it has been around since 2002. They are voted the Best Brazilian Wax by key magazines in Singapore and voted Fastest Waxer as well.
Submarine Theme

(only at Greenbelt 5 branch)

Here are the services they offer for Browhaus

Brow Construction
Recontruct your brow to its rightful shape. In their quest for the perfect arch, they have found the way to construct every individual's best brow --- from angle to peak, root to tip.

Classic threading Php580 (approx $12.30)
modern tweezing Php580 (approx $12.30)

Add color tweaking to your thread or tweeze for a full browgraphy. In addition to shaping, brows are also lightened or darkened a notch to achieve perfect harmony.

with threading Php1,280
(approx $27.25)
with tweezing Php1,280 (approx $27.25)

Color Tweak
(approx $19.10)
If your bros demand an extra boost of color, they have vegetable-based dyes in their arsenal of tools to give you that brow je ne sais quoi. Soften featuers with a lighter shade or darken your brows with added definition. For the true perfectionist, there is no perfect brow without the perfect color.

Brow Resurrection ver. 2.3
An advanced technicque that is light years ahead Brow resurrection constructs true, lifelike design, strand by strand. A semi-permanent solution for the brows you never had. Using handcrafted tools and 100% non toxic dyes, choose from a variety of needlepoints of the most natural brows that brow embroidery can't hack.

full brows Php35,000 (approx $745.00)
lengthening Php25,000 (approx $530.00)

Brow Tuning ver. 2.3
(approx $95.00)
Maintain the perfection of your Brow resureection job with Brow Tuning. this new and improved version ensures that your brow's color,, shape and arch retain their original magnificence.

(approx $21.00)
Sometimes, feminine wiles call for a deeper gaze. Unleash the full power of your sexy, fluttering lashes by tinting them a shade darker for more dramatic mysterious look.

Lash Curl Up ver. 2.1
(approx $47.00)
When you need something more advanced - a lash curl that goes all the way. Opt for the advanced lash curl, an avant-garde Browhaus technology that curls your lashes faster with a more natural touch.

Lash in Bloom ver. 2.1
(approx $80.85)
Dreaming of lush, voluptuous lashes that spell seductive? Go for Lash in Bloom ver. 2.1. Highest quality lash follicles are individually tabbed onto your lashes, following the curvature of your lids with true precision - leaving you with lashes that look lush, natural and oh-so-sexy.

Sideway thread Php900 (approx $19.10)
Overworked hormones tend to result in unwanted furry action where there shouldn't - the face. They give you stroke- worthy cheeks and chin with this smooth solution.

Complete Workout
(approx $34.00)
A full face treatment: Brow Construction, Upper Smooth, Face and Forehead threading for the ultimate refined look.

I love how hip yet cozy the store is!
They attached magazine articles

both locally and internationally

on both Strip and Browhaus


I guess everyone went "What the?????" with the price of the Brow Resurrection! Yes, it is expensive but if you're a lazy bone who hates to fill in your brows, or you don't have brows at all --- this is the answer to your BROW prayers!

Thanks to this wonderful model in this photo for letting me take a shot of her resurrected brows! :) Yes, she's a walking Php35,000 (approx $745.00) eyebrows!

Browhaus Serendra
2nd Floor Serendra, Bonifacio Highh Street,

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines

tel: (632) 856.9140
m: (63917) 577.1352
Store hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

Browhaus Greenbelt 5

4th Floor, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street,

Ayala Center, Makati City, Phlippines

tel: (632) 501.3998

m: (63908) 860.6115

Store hours: Sun-Thurs: 11am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am to 10pm

I will probably be setting up a schedule with them soon!!!
I have to, my brows are going crazy!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Keep smilin!
Stay Happy!
Start hugging your moms today!


  1. wow this is pretty cool. im adding this to my "must see" list when i come home on december.

  2. Oh wow! The place looks posh! But, oh wow din sa price! O.O

  3. wow..
    i never knew there was even a place exclusive for brow services..

    but man..i think that's too!

    but i think its a fine place

  4. I'm very very relieved that you're mom's condition has gotten better. I hope she continues to recover rapidly and smoothly. This reminds me to really stop taking all the people around me for granted >_<.

    The Browhaus places seem pretty interesting!

  5. I know I might sound like a jerk/bitch, I wouldn't want to have that kind of overly shaped/filled eyebrow even if I were paid a few hundreds dollars, it has nothing to do with the model...The style is just not my thing. )

  6. glad to have you back, Nikki! and i hope your mom will get better and better :) $745??? *faint* i'm speechless lol. i think we have Browhaus as well here but i never really checked the price. maybe i will soon. just crossing fingers they'd be much much cheaper haahaaa

  7. another brand will be opening at Megamall this July :) Glad you're back sis

  8. Yay you're back!!! =) the place looks nice & cozy but WTH, so expensive!!! hahahaha but I guess I know some people who's obsessed with their eyebrows so it makes sense to have that kind of place. Anyway, glad to hear you mom's fine now, stay happy, Nik.

  9. GAHH! I am dying to go there! I got a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo a year ago in Dubai, and it was the best beauty investment I've ever made (besides sunscreen!).

    It's pretty much faded away now, but I'd love to get another tattoo job!

  10. becky, yes, I love the place, really nice and cozy and modern at the same time! I'd love to go for a brow service for my next visit! Let me know when you come back home!

    Gingerbee, yup the price is WOW! but I guess there's really care and quality they do to each and every brows. I had a chat with them and it's nice to know that all the staffs working there have been trained so well, they have 2 months vigorous training seeing nothing but brows! So you know your brows are in good hands! LOL

    Thiamere, I didn't know until I saw their ads in a magazine!

    Puffcake, thank you so much for the sweet message, so true about taking people for granted, we should always spend time with people we love!!!

    Citrine, no, its ok, you don't sound like a jerk/bitch, you are just sharing your opinion and i like it! :) I have certain want for my brows too and I am not into permanent brows but cleaning and shaping them in a way that i like is something I go for :)

    Jaimie, yeah, they're so cute!

    Ai, hahahah not everyone would go for that service so close your mouth girl! hahhhahah I'd love to have some special beauty service quality time with you girl! you are such a cool girl!

    Kim, I guess brows are the "in" thing now!!! I think the concept was there years ago and it's only recently available to us down here, I have a feeling it'll be getting popular! You know how girls are!

    Nanzy, yes, this is a great place for people who are really into their brows! But I do believe that a great brows does help in the overall look!

    JC, yay!!! I guess this service is for you!!!! I like it that they have Brow Tuning,coz I do know it fades after years :)

  11. The most I've paid to get my brows done was roughly US$100 when I had 'em embroidered. Eyebrow grooming is expensive in Australia, so for very-low maintenance brows, I opted to get mine embroidered. Very natural-looking :)

  12. love the model's brow! so defined. we have strip here too, but so far i only know they are famous for waxing, they have mani-pedi too, but i nv heard of brow-job there before.

  13. would love to have those brows! mine's sparse in certain places. but the price tag is too steep for me.

  14. Tine, wow..that is expensive too but I haven't really heard about embroidered eyebrows! how does it look like???

    Prettybeautiful, I was surprised when she told me it's not her original brows, they do look natural in person. It is pricey but if you love your brows so much, I guess some people will go for it! I've heard the Browhaus branches in Singapore are always packed!

    Gel, you can probably go for the browgraphy or something! :) But I know what you mean about the price!

  15. wow welcome back sis! anyways, were you able to try any of their services? well i was already expecting the high price tag based on their advertisement. but the place is just too lovely. i like the fact that it comes in themes too :)

  16. Oh! I really need that kind of Brow service! My parents have blessed me with half-filled wedges that barely pass for eyebrows. No amount of tweezing of shaping that I've done can maintain something natural.
    We have Strip here in M'sia and I must say, the service is excellent. I make my pilgrimage once a month to the outlet nearest to me for an underarm job. Sometimes when I feel particularly lazy I let them wax my eyebrows. It's a treat cos I never liked doing these at home ^^

  17. hehe...I tried Browhaus in Spore just last week! they're not bad, although the ladies at the Raffles City branch I went to were rather stuck up. other than that, loving my threaded eyebrows - so neat! :D

  18. Wow! How exactly does the brow ressurection work? It looks so natural! THat would be amazing for me lol xD

  19. Steph , I will be going there for my next brow visit, when I visited them, I just had my brows done somewhere so I need to grow them ! :)

    Vanessa M., the place does look too cool to be true!

    saintangelius, I believe you'll have Browhaus there in Malaysia too, I believe I saw their branches in Singapore so hopefully you'll find them there! let me know how it goes!!

  20. Bee, yes, they're really nice and so far, I'm lucky the staffs down here are really friendly and nice! :)

    e.motion in motion, it's like tattoo but they use a needle that has multiple small needles, so each press gives out a lot of hair like shape! Its hard to explain but it's a cool procedure!!!

    crizon , THANK YOU! I'm glad to be back too! thanks to readers like you who are too sweet!

  21. Hmm..I had mine done yesterday, I think they did it too thinly sister also agrees that it's kinda thin.

    I'll see if I can get more honest feedbacks on the coming days haha!

  22. Its good information for ladies to improve your look.We have different videos for Browhaus Singapore. You mus watch it.


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