Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since my last episode of Q&A. I hope my answers are not too late! :)


"Which one is better? Ecotools Brush set or Charm Travel Set?"

Askmewhats Answers:

If given the sufficient funds, both are useful! Both brush sets are different from each other. The Ecotools Brush set is perfect for natural loving makeup person while the Charm Travel Set is great for someone who really wants to fill in the brows, put on eye makeup, blush, eyeliner, etc! In short Charm travel set is more complete. I love both! :)


"How do you feel about studying at Basement Academy (BA)? Is it worth it? How's the experience? I really wanted to study makeup in beauty school"

Askmewhats Answers:

Update (May 2012): A lot of you have been asking about my makeup teacher, her name is Cheryl Cabanos and she now owns her own makeup school called CCMA (Cheryl Cabanos Makeup Academy), feel free to contact her in this number 0905-358-8009.  Trust me, she's the best teacher I've ever encountered and she shares a lot of her experiences as a professional makeup artist and wouldn't mind sharing a lot of her tips and tricks to her students!  If you're a professional MUA, don't fret!  She offers Advanced classes as well! :)


Studying at the Basement Academy (BA) is the best decision I've made. I chose the school not because of the schedule, I chose the school because of their friendliness, their passion for producing wonderful talents after the course. I will list down advantages and disadvantage...

  • the school provides you models.
  • you have chances to practice on different looks with different features, skin color, etc..
  • friendly staffs
  • the school interior is warm and cozy, great lighting suitable for makeup application.
  • you can go back anytime for practice, you just have to pay for the models' fee.
  • the teacher Ms. Cheryl Cabanos is the best teacher I've met! She gives honest feedback.
  • the class is not time pressured, classes can go beyond schedule as long as the students understand the lesson for that day. My class starts at 6pm and supposed to end at 10pm but there were days we left the school at 12midnight!!!
  • definitely not focused on lectures, there's a lot of practice going on!
  • maximum number of students - 9.  Teacher can focus on each student.
  • location, not everybody is near Ortigas area
  • finals, you don't have the chance to do 3-4 looks for finals due to time constraint! But again, you can always go back and request for a portfolio shot! (so this ain't a problem at all)


"How much cheaper is Shu Uemura in Hong Kong?"

Askmewhats Answers:

Depending on the product you want to purchase, Shu Uemura products in HK are around Php50-100 cheaper, the Cleansing Oils area definitely a couple of hundred bucks cheaper.


"Is it ok to apply nail polish on top of rhinestones?"

Askmewhats Answers:

Yes, it is actually better to apply CLEAR polish on top of rhinestones to make the rhinestones stay put! :D My rhinestones lasts for weeks!!! Or even months (if I don't remove them)


"Do we have NYX Cosmetics in the Philippines?"

Askmewhats Answers:

We don't have NYX cosmetics available like Maybelline, L'oreal, Revlon booths. What we have are online resellers from Multiply who sells NYX best selling products.


"Can you recommend online sites for makeup who ships to the Philippines?"

Askmewhats Answers:

You can check out the list on the lower right hand side of my blog called ASKMEWHATS SHOPPING. Those are some of the online sites I've shopped and had great experience with them. You have to keep in mind though that shopping online takes a lot of patience, most of the shipped items arrive really late due to our slow local post office, you also have to pick up the products yourself on most times and pay Php35.00 for it. There are moments where packages are lost or stolen. I am not stopping you from shopping online but I am giving you some hard facts so you won't feel disappointed with this whole online shopping experience :)


So sorry for the super late responses!
Thanks for the queries! :) I do appreciate receiving them
as I'll know how much you trust me! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. thank for all of the informative answers
    i haven't tried charm brushes for im satisfied with the Ecotools
    & when im done with my nails i usually top it with a clear polish then a top coat

    Hope you'll have a nice saturday,nikki!

  2. since I am new in makeup, I find these helpful :) thankx

  3. You're so nice to give detailed answers to all of these, especially the beauty school one! I'm sure they'll be very helpful :).

  4. thank you very much, Nikki! you always have great information to share! :D

  5. ~tHiAmErE~ , being satisfied with one brush set is actually enough! :) I'm glad you like your ecotools brush set as much as I do :)

    Sherry, I'm glad you find this place helpful, see you around!

    my_makeup_mania,I am so happy to be back too

  6. Cris, hahaha I really enjoyed the questions too, I'm glad you appreciate the answers! I learn so much online too from fellow beauty bloggers so it's nice to give back! :)

    Ai, I'm glad you find this as good information! I'm glad to be of service as always!

  7. hey nikki, do u have problems removing rhinestones? sometimes i had to cover my nail with soaked remover cotton pad for really some time to remove the stone without peeling my nail. u have any better ways?

  8. Prettybeautiful, no, I don't have problems removing them, but if you find it hard to remove them, you should use a cuticle pusher to remove the stones first before you use an acetone to remove the rest of the polish

  9. I've always wondered about polish on top of rhinestones. You cleared that up. You rock, lady! :)

  10. cuticle pusher? do i need to dip in anything first? i tried to use toothpick/cottonbud/tweezer, none worked!

  11. B thanks baby!!! :)

    Eenah, thank you

    Prettybeautiful, yes, just use acetone to remove the "top coat" then whatever's left on your nail like the rhinestones, use the pusher to push it away! It works that way :) If possible, use the metal one, not the wooden one :)


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