Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Lancome's Genifique Event

(thanks to the commenter for clarifying the price for me! The price of Lancome Genifique has been corrected! Even better now for us to give this product a try as it's lower than the "launching day" amount)

"Youth is in your genes and we can reactive it."

After 10 years of research with 7 international patents. Lancome Paris invents the first youth activator reviving genes activity that stimulates the production of youth proteins. I learned about the wonderful effects of Lancome's Genifique last July 24th at the Lancome Boutique Greenbelt 5.

Ms. Khristine Dy and Ms. Cary Co, both from the L'oreal group, expressed that Genifique is incredibly simple to incorporate into any skincare regimen as Genifique is the ideal layering product. It's lightweight texture absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it very soft and velvety to touch. I like what I heard! I like it when a new product is launched and I don't need to purchase their full line!

Visibly younger skin can be seen in 7 days
  • drop by drop, skin is infused with life
  • vibrant with youth, skin looks as if lit from within - breatakingly radiant
  • skin's youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch
  • skin's tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined

To make the event more fun! We were given a Lancome version of Amazing Race! Each of us were divided into teams in threes or fours. I was lucky enough to be grouped with Shen, Ellaine and Hershey. Girls in heels? No worries! We're all up for the challenge!

We were given a letter with instructions and the first 3 to be able to reach the "pit stop" will be given a blue pebble, the more blue pebbles you get, you'll get a chance to win a door prize!

Though we came in second! I still call ourselves winners! We got into the top 3 for every pit stop! Hey ho!!!! 5 blue pebbles in the house!!! We've scored ourselves a lovely white purse and a full size Hypnose perfume!

Thanks to the Lancome people for coming up with crazy ideas and for making this event memorable! My body got the workout it deserves!

Thanks to Bambi for this photo
I can still manage to smile after all the running!
(L-R Me, Emily Koa of L'oreal Group and Shen)

Other beauty bloggers who graced the event
Thanks Shen for the photo :)

Coming from a wonderful source (aka Ms. Khristine Dy), after Lancome Genifique opened its doors to the public last Friday, all the bottles are sold out and they are accepting reservations!

Reserve by calling the Lancome boutique
tel no: 729.9394 or

visit: Lancome boutique Greenbelt 5
Price: Php5,300 (approx $110)

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Wow... sounds like a really fun event ya!! You girls must be really good runners to win 2nd place!! hehehe!! :D

    Can't wait for your review on the actual product!! :D

  2. Yay that sounds like fun though running in heels doesn't :P I'd like to hear what you think of Genifique since it broke me out a little.

  3. Nice giveaways! Still sold out even at that price? Amazing!

  4. That sounds like a fun event! Can't wait for your review of Genifique.

  5. wow tats a fun fun fun event
    miss u!

  6. hello! just called Lancome Boutique in GB5, they have stocks of Genefique. And its not P6,195, its only P5,300.

    prices are usually higher during the launching...

  7. Yaaaay! A lot of fun! Nice pix!

  8. Jenn, yes we are! hahaha thanks for the congratulations! :) I'll let you know how I feel about the product when I try them! :)

    PB, yes, I've read how you broke out with this, I'm actually doing the "lesser" method! thanks to yoU!

    Nikkiz,yes, I guess it's really something "worth it" :)

    Gio, sure, thanks for the comment!

  9. Yumeko, miss you too ! How have you been! You were sooo busy!

    Thank you Anonymous, I called them up too to confirm, I'm glad you clarified it for me! THANK YOU :) Will change the price now!

    Anastacia,thank yoU :D

  10. Sounds like a great product worths its price tag :)
    Look fwd to your review soon!!

  11. What a fun event and lovely prizes you won! :)

  12. Hana, :) sure! will test it first :)

    Shopn'Chomp, thank you!!!

  13. Lucky you!! You get to go to the best events!

  14. JC , I am lucky to meet new people too! :) thanks!


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