Monday, July 27, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: L'oreal Elseve Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Mask

Great day friends!
I had a busy weekend but I'm glad I was able to rest up a bit and have a bit of "me" time. You want to know how my typical Sunday works? If I don't have any makeup gigs, I, as much as possible, stay at home, sleep in, eat anything I want, clean my toenails and fingernails and do some nail art. I also take the chance to take care of my poor "stressed" hair from a week long of blow-drying and styling!

What do I use to take care of my hair? Recently, I have been using

L'oreal Elseve Smooth Intensive
Anti-frizz mask

L'oreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Anti Frizz mask says ---

For dry, frizzy, rebelloius, difficult to manage hair: the new Elseve Smooth-intense Anti-Frizz Mask nourishes and smoothes your hair for maximum manageability.

Directions for use

After shampoo, squeeze out excess moisture.
Apply generously and leave for 1-2 minutes.
Rinses out easily

Askmewhats says ---

  • affordable
  • smells really good
  • works as anti-frizz, my hair feels and looks better after several usage
  • nice mousse-y texture, not too heavy to feel
  • won't do much difference to your hair if you used the product once and left it on display
  • a bit messy for lazy people (not me LOL)

The first time I've used this product, I find there's nothing special with this, I guess I'm never consistent with my hair care regimen. When I had my hair cut from Mr. Jeave Gabiana from the Basement Salon, he told me if I wanted to make the hair care products work, I have to make it consistent and leave it longer than what the product has been instructing. And not to forget, NEVER be stingy with the product application, use as much as your hair needed!

I've made a pact with my hair, I'll take care of it every weekend and I've used the L'oreal Elseve Anti-Frizz mask more than 5 times wrapping it with a cling wrap. My friends are seeing a huge difference! The tiny hair that goes up are now staying at the right places. I don't expect a super shiny hair as those of the shampoo commercial models but the "touch test" really makes a huge difference. My hair is more manageable and I don't use much of my flat iron lately as my hair stays where they belong! :D

Lucky people are born with beautiful hair!
For those unlucky ones like me! Beautiful hair can be achieved..
with perseverance, hardwork and passion!!!
And yes, I'm still talking about hair! :)

Tips (thanks to Mr. Jeave Gabiana from the Basement Salon for the wonderful tips)
  • use spatula so you don't have to dig in your fingers
  • use this every weekend, apply generously over hair including roots down to the tips
  • massage it onto your scalp, be gentle
  • wrap with a shower cap or a cling wrap
  • leave it for at least an hour or even the whole afternoon if you've got nothing to do for the hair to absorb the product well (please read note below)
  • did I say do this regularly??? At least once a week! Make it a habit!

Not all hair masks can be left longer than what the instructions states. If you bought a "professional" formula, PLEASE read and FOLLOW instructions! Salon formulated products are stronger than those for home use. It can burn your scalp so be careful!

Will I repurchase?

I seriously finished 2 tubs and I have 3 on stock!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At leading supermarket, Mercury drugstores for Php375.00 (approx $7.80)

Please click photo to enlarge
on how I use the product

After a month of usage
Used once a week
wrapped in more than 30minutes

Super layered cut done by:
Mr. Jeave Gabiana
from the Basement Salon

Recession really doesn't have to be a cause for us to leave our hair lifeless. There's always alternative to take care of our hair! Everyone, including me, would rather have this done in a salon! But not everyone have the money to spend for hair alone!

So let's kick that lazy butt and start taking some action!
You want better looking hair? You have to work for it :)
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Thanks for the tips Nikki :) My hair is dry and lifeless and I need to give this a try :) And wow, 3 tubs! That's proof that it's working! Have a happy week ahead, sis :)

  2. I'm a fan of the Elseve shampoo & conditioner (but may fave is the Nutri-Gloss in pink bottle), but will kick my lazy butt & will get the masque too =p Thanks for sharing dear! Muah*

  3. Wow... your hair is so shiny and healthy!!! :D

    I love the Elseve anti-breakage one too... i went through countless tubs of that one until they discontinued it!! :(

  4. Wow, that hair is super layered ...(At least it's not those choppy ones you get in America...) I like how Asian stylist razor the hair but at the same time I just like to have a thick bunch...Now I am just having the simple blunt cut.

    I have stopped using conditioner (I didn't use it all that often before by now I stopped it altogether because of laziness ) and for some reason it's looks shinier and healthier than before...I am guessing because all the silicone I use (found in conditioner) kind of dull my hair...

  5. An HOUR?! I feel like I have slacking off. But L'oreal Elseve hair masks were surprisingly pleasant to use. My hair is addicted.

    Just revamped my hair routine last night. I am trying to cultivate my waves and curls which means no SLS, no silicones, no shampoos... This is going to make one interesting blog post.

  6. I love that mask too,. a staple one in my hair care.. and yah, you've got nice hair evev in person,. tehee.. lovely girl..

  7. i have got this too sister!!!! u know what? i was despo and used this everyday as conditioner for about 2 weeks, and i have lively hair again! sometimes i feel that when my ends are so dry and bristled, using hair mask everyday as SOS really helps alot

  8. tee hee! me used this too and i love it! loreal elseve hair care range works pretty well for me most of the time :D

    and ur hair is so shiny!!!

  9. i love the scent of this line, even the shampoo and conditioner...luv, luv, luv!!

  10. I have always been wanting to try this, but between getting my face smooth and getting my hair perfect, I chose my face firsrt. x.x I really should look into this, thank you!

  11. I didn't realize that your hair was so long! thanks for the review :D good hair needs work! just too bad that I'm so lazy with my hair

  12. teeyah, hahaha I know, I think I am just getting myself into hair care nowadays :)

    Neurochiq, I think I'm more of a mask fan from their line :) no worries, its my pleasure to share!

    Jenn, thanks for the compliment, glad you like my hair!

  13. Citrine, oohhh I actually had a hard time the first time it was cut, but I'm glad it's more manageable now :) Definitely asian hair ha? hahahah Lucky you to have shinier hair without doing much work :)

    Eli, hahaha, yes, Iam that crazy and I actually sometimes leave it more than an hour!

    shatzlaine, awww thank you for saying so! :) I hope to see you again!

  14. Prettybeautiful, yes, my hair turned crazy a couple of weeks ago too! So i told myself I have to take care of it! Can't leave it that way!

    plue, I'm glad it works for you! :)

    ilee, so true, their hair care products smell soooo good! :)

  15. Chrissy, hahahah so true, I'd choose skincare too! But if we can choose both, why not? :)

    Connie, I knew a lot of you didn't realize how long my hair is! LOL As I've got it all layered out looking shoulder length on photos :)

  16. I am a fan of this line, the products usually work very well for me.

    Your hair looks so shiny!

  17. heya nikki
    i was just looking for an affortable hair mask
    just wondering if this would be your favourite affordable hair mask since you've finished 2 tubs
    thanks :)

  18. Gio, yay! I guess this product line works for a lot of people! thanks for letting me know it works for yoU! :)

    LyNn, so far, this is doing great! i can't say favorite as this is the first product I've been totally consistent, we'll see :)

  19. WOOOOOOOW! After using this mask your hair looks so amazing! Looks very soft and smooth! Awwww! Just like how it looks!

  20. Anastacia, thank you!!!! What hair care product are you using at the moment? You have great hair yourself!

  21. Hi Nikki! Nice to know that you're also using Loreal Elseve. I like their new range also, the one with royal jelly. Though I havent tried the mask of that line. Only their shampoo and cond. Whoaa you have long hair! Didnt know that. :)

  22. Your hair looks great and I love reading the advice and reviews you have to give, thanks!

  23. Justine Biance, I have the Royal Jelly one! But I'm finishing up the Anti Frizz first!!! :) I didn't look like I have long hair no? hahahha

    Emily, thank you!!! Glad you enjoyed my blog!

  24. This is really great stuff! I use it when my hair has had too much sea and salt.

  25. JC, you use the same one from Elseve line too? I'm glad you like it

  26. I do love this product too :)

  27. I buy the sachet so it won't be so messy. It works great!


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