Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Inuovi Colours D36 in Lollipop

Great day everyone! How's the middle part of the week treating you? Me, I've been looking stressed the past few weeks because of some challenges that came my way, though I survived it, my face is still recovering and getting back to its LIFE! In times like these, the least cosmetics used on the face is the best option! So I've been using mostly blushes and lipsticks the past few days just to give myself a temporary face lift! Getting the right kind of "blush" and "glow" helps a lot!

I have been using iNuovi Colours D36 in Lollipop the past few days! So it's time for me to share what's on my mind for this "space aged" looking product :D

Inuovi Colours D36 says ---

Our top selling range of pressed pigment blusher that applies silky soft onto the skin for a beautiful and even finish. Enriched with natural UV filters and anti-ageing agents to protect the skin. Can be used as both blusher and eyeshadow. Available in an array of matte, shimmery and sparkling shades.

Net weight 3gms

Shades available in 24 shades

Talc, Mica, Nylon-12, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Lauroyl Lysine, Bis-diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Cetyl Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Preservative, Colourant

How to apply

Swirl a brush across the color pan to pick up colors and apply to face or eye area

Askmewhats says ---


  • pigmented
  • natural looking
  • multi-functional, can be used as eyeshadow and blush
  • can be depotted and can fit an ELIANTO e/s palette
  • color looks very natural on cheeks
  • lasts quite sometime, no need to retouch too much
  • very soft on skin when applied, the pressed pigment is finely milled
  • I like it that this blush is not too matte and not too shimmery
  • not readily available locally! iNuovi, come to the Philippines please! :P
  • packaging! I had a hard time putting this inside the traincase! Too bulky


I love blush colors that looks natural! I like the "inner glow" instead of the "POW! Look at me! I'm wearing a blush" kind of cheeks!

Lollipop is such a sweet color, it's a peachy color with a very tiny hint of "shimmer" that's almost invisible to the eye but came out really soft and natural on photos!

  • apply this using a big fan brush for lighter glow and a blush brush for a nice "blush" on the apples of the cheeks
  • swirl once or twice, do not swirl too much as you don't need that much of a blusher!
  • depot this if you may to save up storage space
  • always make sure to apply powder or foundation all over face before applying blush to make the overall look neat
  • for fairer skin: Apply sparingly for a natural look, apply more to get a more dramatic blush
  • for darker skin: Apply more for the Lollipop shade to show up.
Will I repurchase?

YES! If I chance up their store again, I will definitely repurchase!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Sasa Stores in other countries.
On Inuovi Professional E-shop for $19.50 (approx Php900) Shipping not included.

Shade: Lollipop

Dipped the brush
2x on the blush

and blended well
You can see the nice healthy glow it creates

Just to give you an overall look
for the Lollipop blush color

I only applied iNuovi Litebase foundation
all over
and iNuovi Colours D36 in Lollipop

Tell me what's your favorite makeup item this week?
Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. you look pretty and glowing, Nikki dear! "POW! Look at me! I'm wearing a blush" LOL you crack me up!

  2. Shopn'Chomp, thank you!

    Ai, hahahah you are too cute!!! I'm glad I'm making you crack up! Imagine if we meet in person :D

  3. pretty! I get a similar effect with Chiffon too :) You should try their cheekblush (cream blush). It's amazing stuff. I personally like that more than the D36. The glow is superb!

  4. You look so fresh and pretty yet natural with this blush Nikki!! :D

    I still haven't tried any products from this brand yet!! :P

  5. I'm getting more and more curious with your INuovi because of your posts! :D I do hope they come here -- I'm not so much into purchasing online. Hehe!

  6. Reckon it's not going to show on my skin though, but it looks good on you :)

  7. Inuovi was already available before in the First Aid in Greenbelt. I don't know if they already discontinued it. I used the brand way back in college! Their blushes are very pretty, I remember Kinny Salas posting an article about it. :)

  8. u look so fresh with the blusher! :D

    ah! pretty pretty!

  9. pretty! I love how natural it looks too =]

  10. omg sister guess what? i got an inuovi blush too! that i forgot. LOL. thank u for reminding me :P

  11. wow it does look natural on your face. it looks like you have it on but at the same time you dont. you know what i mean? it looks really nice on you.

    also, its an interesting packaging lol.

  12. I'm glad u love I Nuovi products too... I'm so in love with their eyeshadows n concealer... havent try their foundation but definitely will ... and I think that's pretty soon.. hahaha

  13. lovely!!
    my fave prod this week is sunscreen XD cos its sooo warm here in HK! hahah

  14. That blush looks UTTERLY gorgeous on you!!

  15. For some reason I thought it was a lipgloss when I read your title and saw the first picture. It does look pretty on you, a great pigmented blush without looking too obvious.

  16. WOW!! gave you a natural glow! :D

  17. It looks so pretty on you! So fresh and natural!

  18. i like what i saw on your cheeks!!! i agree with you on the packaging but it reminds me a fatter version of Pupa Luminys Baked Blushes. :)

  19. Connie, ooohh yeah i remembered reading your raves about it! :)

    jenn,thank you!!! I think I still look tired lol but I'm glad the blush helps even a bit!

    Gingerbee, hahaha I know what you mean, I just wish they're going to come down here!

  20. Tine, really? So you think these type of shades won't show up on ya?

    Vanity's Corner, really! I should take a look at First Aid again and see if they have any products available here! it would be great if they do!

    Plue, thank you sweet!

  21. Roxy, yes, I am into Au Naturelle blushes!

    prettybeautiful, hahaha what shade did you get??? I want to see it on your wonderful cheeks! :)

    Becky, I know what you mean, that's what i want my blush to be, there, but looks invisible! LOL Now it gets more complicated hahaha

  22. Syn@3sTh3sI@ , I am loving the Litebase foundation too! I find that using it daily doesn't really make my skin bad as it's so light! it finishes like powder!

    Yumeko, ooohh yeah! you needed sunscreen in HK!!! :) Enjoy your trip!!!

    Jamilla Camel. sweetie, thanks for the nice comment! :)

  23. Nanzy, hahaha oh yeah, come to think of it Lollipop does sound like a lipstick shade! they do have unusual names :) I love it!

    Iyah, thanks!

    Gio,I feel the natural blush too! that's why this is my favorite for the week!

    Jojoba, yes! I remembered your pupa post! they do look similar when it comes to packaging!

  24. The packaging pretty cute and looks very natural peach on you! Great stuff!

  25. I have never heard about Inuovi, but it looks really nice. The packaging is also very cute.

    I like the color a lot, since I prefer sheer and bright colors for my cheeks. It looks very nice on your fair skin, Nikki!

    My favorite makeup item this week (and probably for the rest of the coming 2 months that I'm working at the restaurant) are concealer, (cream shadow), mascara, blush and lipstick. :) Because they are the essential makeup items that I'd never skip, hehe...

  26. the blush looks pretty. me likey! i hope it becomes available here in the ph.

    it's good to hear that you are now feeling better about it. :)

  27. definitely looks pretty and very natural-looking!

  28. Anastacia, the packaging actually is very pretty and I love it that you see the color right away, it's just too buly :)

    Jess, I prefer sheer colors too that's why this is a winner on my blush dictionary. Thanks for sharing your favorite makeup item this week! :)

    Pammy, yeah, but who knows It'll be arriving here in the future! Thanks for the well wishes for my mom!

    NicNic, thanks!!!

  29. i love blushes that give a soft glow too! too bad nga it's not available here.

  30. this is really a good color on you. :) looks glowy and natural indeed. :) Mine get washed out on pics! hahaha!!

  31. Crystal, me too! i love blushes that gives me a glow or if its too much< i won't even keep it!

    Shen, i know what you mean, it is a bit washed out at times so have to adjust the flash :)

  32. Inuovi was here before. Yung First Aid at Greenbelt3 used to carry Inuovi. When they were closing out I was able to buy some products at almost 80% off. I still have the eyeliner i bought there and that's one of my favorite pencil liners.

  33. Thanks Anonymous, actually i was able to confirm it with the iNuovi people and you're right, we have a distributor before who distributes iNuovi products but I guess it didn't work out before, they came in at the wrong time! :D


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